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"Neither prophecy is right. And neither is wrong. Everything depends on how cats interpret the prophecy. And whether the prophecy is fulfilled depends on what they decide to do about it. It is up to us to choose the code we live by. Your faith and your courage will tell you what to do."
Talon in Moonrise, page 238

Moonrise is the second book in the The New Prophecy arc.[6] Feathertail is the cat depicted in the center of the original cover.[7] Stormfur is the cat depicted on the reprinted cover.[8] It features Stormfur, Leafpaw, and Feathertail as the main protagonists. It also features the Tribe of Rushing Water in the prologue and Squirrelpaw in the epilogue. In addition, this is the first main series book to feature a non-ThunderClan perspective.


Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together. . . and shake the forest to its roots.
Moons have passed since six cats set out from the forest on a journey to save their Clans. Now they are traveling home again, but on their way through the mountains, they meet a tribe of wild cats with a secret... and their own mysterious prophecy to fulfill. Stormfur can't understand their strange fascination with him, but he knows the danger they face is real.
Meanwhile, back in the forest, Firestar and Leafpaw watch ThunderClan's world crumbling around them. Will the questing cats make it back in time to save the Clans, or will they be too late?

The praise

"Action-packed. Certain to please any young reader who has ever wondered what dreams of grandeur may haunt the family cat."[3]

-Publishers Weekly

"A suspenseful adventure story that urges readers onward."[3]

-ALA Booklist

"This second entry in a cat adventure series has solid plotting and enhanced complexity but is marred by the same preciousness of its predecessor. Six cats are far from home, on a quest for information that may save their forest from destructive Twolegs (humans). Though the cats come from different Clans, they've bonded on the trip, so when they meet an unknown cat Tribe and new dangers, they work together. The strange Tribe has had a vision in which one of the Clan cats is their savior; does this give him a moral obligation to fulfill their prophecy? Meanwhile, back at home, cats desperately watch their forest bulldozed and their prey disappear. Hunter's writing is mundane, the cats' names blend (Leafpaw, Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw), and the replacement of the verb "said" with "meowed" and "mewed" is repeatedly cloying. However, a small plot twist is refreshing and suspense builds steadily towards the final installment, the plot of which is nicely unpredictable. (name chart, maps) (Fantasy. 8-11)"

-Kirkus Reviews[9]

Detailed plot description

Looking for a shorter overview? Find one here!

A new group of cats is introduced, as they creep into a moonlit cave, full of fear. Their leader, Stoneteller says it is time for a Telling, and after some questions, tells them that he has received a prophecy from the Tribe of Endless Hunting, their ancestors, that a silver cat will come and save them from an unspecified threat that has them all living in fear.
Stormfur wakes up in a cave with the six cats he made the journey to the sun-drown place with, Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, Tawnypelt, Crowpaw, and Feathertail. He walks out of the den to find Midnight, the badger StarClan sent them to find. They say goodbye and prepare to begin their journey back to the forest, but Midnight offers to accompany them to the edge of the nearby woods. There, they are reunited with Purdy, the elderly loner who 'guided' them through Twolegplace. Tawnypelt rests as the group hunts in the woods, despite Purdy's concern. Stormfur is irritated that Crowpaw asks Feathertail to hunt with him, and even more so when she agrees, knowing that their relationship will cause trouble when they return to the forest. Returning from their hunt the cats are ambushed by a pair of foxes. The group panics, but bravely crowd around each other in an attempt to protect each other. As they prepare to fight, they are shocked to see Midnight communicating to the foxes. Although they want the territory, they are convinced by the badger to leave.
Midnight explains she can speak fox, but cannot reveal everything. Soon, they debate whether to travel through Twolegplace, or go through the snowy mountains in the distance. On Midnight's suggestion, a small debate from the group, and from fear of the dangers that they encountered on their first journey, they decide to travel through the mountains to return home. Purdy starts to object to their choice but is silenced by Midnight, who seems to know the destinies of all six cats. The say goodbye to Midnight and Purdy and set off for the mountains.
As Leafpaw is about to fetch mouse bile for Sorreltail, Firestar calls a Clan meeting, revealing the event involving a Twoleg monster. Some cats are unconcerned and think Firestar is crazy, though Graystripe believes he's telling the truth. More arguing continues until Firestar decides to lead a delegation to ShadowClan to discuss the Twoleg destruction of the forest, and includes Cinderpelt and Leafpaw to show the patrol is not a threat. On a partly destroyed ShadowClan territory, they are confronted and attacked by a patrol led by Russetfur, but Firestar stops the fight.
Russetfur says Firestar shouldn't be here, accusing him of believing ShadowClan is weak because a few trees are missing. However, she takes them to their camp nonetheless, and the medicine cats feel uncomfortable at ShadowClan's distrustful glares. Firestar explains that Twolegs may destroy the territory, and if the don't work together, no one will survive the upcoming leaf-bare. Blackstar growls they'll eat from Carrionplace, raising concern from Cinderpelt and Littlecloud. Firestar offers to provide Blackstar with the latest news on the Twoleg destruction, but Blackstar disagrees and sends Russetfur to escort the ThunderClan delegation out. Leafpaw tells Cinderpelt that Firestar should instead send a delegation to WindClan, and while Cinderpelt agrees to the idea, she wishes to tell her leader about it later. After returning to camp, Leafpaw asks Sorreltail if she wants to investigate WindClan territory, and she agrees. They find the ground a mess from Twoleg work, and a foul stench lingers in the air. Suddenly, a patrol led by Mudclaw arrives and they chase the she-cats into RiverClan territory.
Upon entering RiverClan territory, they are greeted by Mothwing, who quickly chases Mudclaw and Tornear away. Mothwing says they're fine, and proceeds to fetch them herbs for their shock. Sorreltail recalls that her mother was a rogue, and that Mothwing seems very dismissive of the warrior code, though Leafpaw disputes this. Mothwing returns with herbs, and learns what happened to Sorreltail and Leafpaw. The latter apprentice finishes the story by saying Blackstar refused their help. Mothwing says RiverClan is fine, but knows WindClan's not, and the she-cats agree. Mothwing is about to mention someone ambitious, but stops, causing Leafpaw to wonder if she knows Tigerstar. Suddenly, Mothwing freezes, telling the two a RiverClan patrol is coming and they must leave. Leafpaw finds one of the cats is Mothwing's brother, Hawkfrost, but Sorreltail urges her to leave.
In the mountains, the six traveling cats travel through dangerous rocky terrain and narrowly escape an eagle attack before reaching the top of a cliff with a waterfall flowing down it. Stormfur admits to Feathertail he wants to protect her, though the she-cat feels she's fine. The next day, the group continues traveling, but get swept by a flooded river. Dazed, they are found by strange, mud-streaked cats, who show intense interest in Stormfur. They take them into their cave behind the waterfall, introducing themselves as the Tribe of Rushing Water. They offer the journeying cats shelter, and they decide to stay until Tawnypelt's shoulder heals. They meet many members of the Tribe and watch how they go by their daily life.
Leafpaw swims to the shore and allows Mothwing to give her a fishing lesson, thinking she shouldn't be doing this. As she eats, Mothwing senses Hawkfrost is coming and hides her friend in the river. Hawkfrost boasts RiverClan can rule the forest, but promises not to act like Tigerstar. Mothwing stalls her brother long enough to allow Leafpaw to enter ThunderClan territory, and she tries to remember who Hawkfrost's father is. She runs into Graystripe, who fails to catch a magpie. Graystripe misses the cats who've vanished, and when Leafpaw asks about Hawkfrost's father, he says it was probably a rogue. Firestar arrives on the scene, and is told there are no rogues nearby. Leafpaw tells her father that she senses Squirrelpaw is well when he asks.
The traveling cats talk about when to leave, and make up a plan to do so. Stormfur meets a friendy prey hunter named Brook, and they go on a hunting patrol and learn how to hunt large birds. Later, Stormfur catches a falcon and is praised by a few Tribe cats. He soon returns after scenting something fowl, and gets into an argument with the traveling cats about his relations with the Tribe, but Feathertail calms him down. The arguement upsets the Tribe cats, who block the exit of the cave, but Stoneteller catches their attention by announcing a Telling. He says the silver cat has come to save them from Sharptooth, a creature that feasts on the Tribe cats and stalks them. The silver cat is revealed to be Stormfur, who is kept in the cave while the others are escorted out. He panics, wishing he is home.
Cinderpelt wraps up a battle skill practice with Leafpaw, and are returning to camp when they find a patrol, and Dustpelt reports WindClan has crossed the scent markers. Later, after noticing an empty fresh-kill pile, Firestar calls a Clan meeting. He reveals WindClan's prey theft, shooting down the idea of fighting, and selects a patrol to speak with Tallstar. Firestar approaches Leafpaw, telling her she must be punished for her interaction with Mothwing, but Cinderpelt interjects that she can join the WindClan patrol instead. Firestar agrees, and soon the patrol is heading out toward the WindClan border. However, they are confronted by Mudclaw and Tornear, who demand what they're doing on the moor. Moor WindClan cats join, and Firestar explains they found evidence of WindClan hunting in ThunderClan's forest. Graystripe and Mudclaw attack each other, though the ginger tom breaks it up and scolds his deputy for fighting. Tallstar confesses WindClan is struggling with prey, but refuses to collaborate with ThunderClan. Dustpelt asks why they didn't fight, but Firestar says they must have peace and sends him to hunt for Ferncloud. Leafpaw wishes to inform her father of the prophecy, but instead talks with Cinderpelt, who says StarClan has been silent.
Feathertail begins to panic as the Tribe cats push them out of the cave, pleading with Scree to let Stormfur go, but he refuses. The cave-guard then explains they'll be staying tonight, but must leave tomorrow without him. The next day, the group begins to believe Midnight lured them into a trap, causing a quarrel between Crowpaw and Squirrelpaw that is quickly resolved. Brambleclaw explains that they will leave, but will sneak back later in the night to rescue Stormfur. Despite some hesitation among the group, he says they'll do it together, though Feathertail's doubt stays with her. She hears Tribe cats talk about how Stormfur is destined to save them, but feels it's wrong. Soon, Crag wakes her up and says it's time she and her friends left the cave. Brook apologizes to Feathertail for having their time end on a sour note, as as she leaves, Feathertail vows they will come back for Stormfur. Crag takes the traveling cats to a drinking location before taking them to the edge of Tribe territory. Crag and his patrol leave, but observe from a distance to make sure the cats leave the territory.
Leafpaw, Cinderpelt, and Littlecloud travel to the Moonstone, and Cinderpelt notes the other medicine cats are late. She advises Littlecloud to inform everyone in his Clan not to touch crowfood, causing him to sigh. Mudfur and Mothwing arrive; the latter tells Leafpaw she is progressing in her training. They find more of WindClan's territory torn up by Twolegs, and Barkface appears from a bush. The medicine cats talk about topics related to WindClan, and Mothwing spots a rabbit, but Barkface warns the Twolegs are infecting the prey. They reach the Moonstone, which Leafpaw touches, and she receives a dream about strange cats with bloody pelts. Stars glimmer in the sky as Spottedleaf appears next to Leafpaw, telling her she is eager to teach her more. Leafpaw asks about her sister, and Spottedleaf replies she is in a different sky. Laughing, she adds that StarClan does not control everything, and from now on, she will always be with Leafpaw. She vanishes, her scent hanging around the Moonstone.
Feathertail and the others continue traveling to give the illusion of leaving the Tribe's territory, and arrive at a grassy hollow. Tawnypelt tells the others she'll keep watch in case the cave-guards come back. Feathertail gives Crowpaw a fishing lesson, and talks with him about their relationships, and soon the smoky-gray tom catches a fish. The others return with prey and rotate guard positions until the end of the day. When night falls, Squirrelpaw has the group roll in mud in order for them to blend in with the Tribe, and they head back to the cave. As the traveling cats near the cave, the weather becomes more intense, and lightning flashes overhead. Feathertail and Crowpaw see a huge tawny-colored creature, and are shocked to discover it is Sharptooth. Screeches erupt from the cave immediately, and the cats take the opportunity to rescue Stormfur while the Tribe is distracted. Feathertail rushes into the cave despite her fear, and finds Sharptooth thrashing and attacking every cat in its sight. The scene allows the group to rush past various cats, and they find Stormfur and Stoneteller in the Cave of Pointed Stones.
Leafpaw and Cinderpelt return to the ThunderClan camp and report the recent events in WindClan, along with the tainted rabbits, to Firestar. The leader is shocked, and says they can't eat rabbits from now on. Concerned, Sandstorm takes out a hunting patrol to find more prey. Leafpaw spots a rabbit on the small fresh-kill pile and is ordered to carefully remove it from the premises, but Dappletail stops her and demands what she's doing. Despite being warned it's poisoned, the old elder scoffs it's nonsense and tears into it. Firestar and Cinderpelt quickly take the rabbit away, and warn Dappletail it's for her own good despite her protests. Later, Leafpaw and Cinderpelt are out gathering herbs, and they stop at Sunningrocks to gather chickweed. Leafpaw catches a water vole and encourages Cinderpelt to eat it, as she doesn't want her to fall ill. Just as the gray she-cat does so, Mousefur and Spiderpaw arrive and inform them Dappletail is sick.
Cinderpelt instructs Leafpaw to continue gathering chickweed before she rushes off to camp. Leafpaw hopes StarClan is with them, and that Dappletail will pull through despite her age. Suddenly, she hears a wail coming from the RiverClan bank, and finds a young black cat struggling in the river. Another cat, Mistyfoot, dives in to save the cat. Mistyfoot pulls the tom to the surface, and she invites Leafpaw over to help. Despite falling, she makes it across just as Hawkfrost arrives on the scene and demands what happened to Reedpaw. He asks why Leafpaw is here, but she isn't bothered and examines the apprentice. Since Mothwing is on the scene, she is thought of by the others to help, but she doesn't react. Spottedleaf's voice echoes through Leafpaw's mind, giving her steps on how to help Reedpaw, and soon he is choking out water.
Hawkfrost and Mistyfoot warm Reedpaw up, while Leafpaw and Mothwing question him about his injuries. He says he's fit to walk back to camp, and Leafpaw gives advice to Mistyfoot on how to further treat him. Hawkfrost berates Mothwing for her slow response and lack of knowledge to help Reedpaw. Leafpaw attempts to comfort her friend, but Mothwing still believes she's a failure of a medicine cat and that she let RiverClan down. The golden she-cat is sure Hawkfrost will tell the Clan and Mudfur she failed, shocking Leafpaw at how much her brother sounds like Tigerstar, before Mothwing says Leafpaw is lucky to be Clanborn. The latter crosses the stepping stones and gathers chickweed, but her optimistic mood dampens when she returns to camp. She rushes through many grieving cats, and soon finds out Dappletail has died, and Brightheart and Cloudtail have vanished.
Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, and Crowpaw attack Crag, which allows Tawnypelt and Feathertail to rescue Stormfur. However, Sharptooth blocks the entrance of the cave, carrying kit-mother Star in his jaws. Sharptooth vanishes into the mountains with his prey, and the traveling cats exit the cave, as no Tribe cats attempt to stop them. Disappointed, the group heads back to the grassy hollow as the storm rages on. Stormfur aches as continue, the group confused on what to do, and he feels guilty for building his relationship with the Tribe. Brambleclaw allows Stormfur to take the lead, and he confesses to Feathertail that he feels bad about being friendly with the Tribe, not knowing they'd take him prisoner. His sister comforts him, telling him the Tribe is desperate and not mad. However, he still feels guilty after entering an area of stone precipices. Stormfur hunts a mountain bird and shares prey with his friends as rain continues to fall. He then leads the group to a hole, which leads to a cavern, but a voice questions him as to who he might be.
After Dappletail's vigil, the elders carry her out of camp to be buried. Leafpaw cannot believe they've lost so many cats, wanting StarClan to stop taking them away. She finds Mousefur asking to take a search patrol to find Cloudtail and Brightheart, and a few cats question Cloudtail's loyalty, though they are silenced by Graystripe and Cinderpelt. They then proceed to theorize what could have happened, and Leafpaw looks at Firestar, knowing about the dangerous Twoleg monsters. Firestar tells Mousefur and the others to carry on as usual, and Cinderpelt tells him StarClan has not said anything about the missing cats. Leafpaw is about to talk to Firestar when Brackenfur and Whitepaw interrupt her. Brackenfur explains Whitepaw has been begging him to let her search for her parents, and wonders if she could go. The leader says she cannot risk vanishing, but can keep a lookout on Cloudtail's hunting patrol, much to Whitepaw's delight. Crying breaks out from the nursery; Dustpelt runs out and reveals Larchkit has died. Firestar rushes over to comfort the dark brown tabby, pondering what StarClan will do next.
The traveling cats see the cavern is occupied by three cats named Talon, Bird, and Rock. The cats smell of Tribe, and Talon admits they know about Sharptooth. The three explain that they were former members of the Tribe, but Stoneteller banished them after they failed to kill Sharptooth and bring back his pelt. The traveling cats feel sympathy for the trio and take them out to hunt, where they catch a few mammals and birds. As they eat, Stormfur admits to Talon he doesn't know if he's the silver cat; Talon tells him prophecies are never clear and advises him to have faith. Stormfur then proceeds to sleep, where he awakes in a moonlit forest with a StarClan cat. He is confused on who she is, but realizes she is his mother, Silverstream. He wakes up, knowing what he must do, and tells everyone they have to go back, for he must save the Tribe. Although everyone is hesistant at first, they agree to it. Squirrelpaw believes she knows the answer to defeating Sharptooth, which is having something else kill him.
Leafpaw and Sorreltail are out gathering herbs for Cinderpelt. Suddenly, the latter she-cat sees deathberries and panics. She tells Leafpaw Darkstripe poisoned her with them when she was a kit, but at least Tigerstar's era is over now, though Leafpaw thinks otherwise. They find a pool near a Thunderpath to wash the juice off, but a monster squashes the vegetation near them, casuing the she-cats to flee. Sorreltail begins to think the Twolegs are destroying the entire forest, which makes Leafpaw think of every cat prone to dying. She begins to think the traveling cats aren't coming back. They see a rabbit near RiverClan territory but opt to catch a squirrel to avoid being poisoned. Sorreltail chases the squirrel into the territory, but fails to hear Leafpaw's warning, and Hawkfrost angrily asks why Sorreltail is on RiverClan territory.
Sorreltail flails under the paw of Hawkfrost, and the warrior refuses to free her despite Leafpaw's pleas. Mothwing arrives and demands what her brother is doing, and when she learns what has happened, she pleas alongside Leafpaw but to no avail. Hawkfrost argues with Mothwing about the warrior code, believing himself to be the better deputy over Mistyfoot, who has also vanished. Leafpaw realizes RiverClan is also in trouble, but she and Sorreltail do not reveal anything. Hawkfrost finally decides to let Sorreltail go, and she quickly scrambles across the border. Leafpaw tells Mothwing she will inform Firestar about this, but before she can leave, Mothwing calls her back without Hawkfrost in sight. The she-cats reflect their feelings, and confirm they're still friends. Seeing Hawkfrost on the Twoleg bridge reminds Leafpaw of Tigerstar, and she asks Mothwing if he is their father, which she confirms albeit hesitantly.
As they are walking back to the cave, Stormfur feels troubled as to how he'll save the Tribe, but knows his friends are by his side. They arrive to the cavern to find the Tribe scarred from the attack, and Stoneteller coldly demands why they have returned when they didn't help them kill Sharptooth. Brambleclaw and Brook manage to change the healer's mind, and he asks what their plan is. Squirrelpaw explains they will lure Sharptooth to a deathberry-stuffed hare via the blood of Talon, and the deathberries should be enough to kill the creature. Talon slices his paw open, and soon enough, a screech outside reveals that Sharptooth has arrived. No cat is able to hide, but Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw begin to attack Sharptooth. The creature begins to scratch Crowpaw, and Feathertail tells Stormfur on a ledge the voices are telling her to do this. She proceeds to leap from the ledge, detaching a stalagtite from the cave roof. The stalagtite falls on Sharptooth, killing him, while Feathertail hits the stone floor hard.
Leafpaw wakes up in her nest after a terrible dream, recalling the bloody cats and Spottedleaf telling her StarClan could do nothing. Cinderpelt walks into the den, and explains that Frostfur is not dying, but they must find prey to keep her and the others healthy. Leafpaw is allowed to scout for prey, and while she's leaving, notices cats going about their daily life. She finds many cats looking miserable, noting Ferncloud is just skin and bones. She forces terrifying images away and refuses to tell Firestar his greatest enemy lives on in Hawkfrost. Firestar is talking to Brackenfur when Graystripe and Mousefur rush into camp; according to Graystripe, Mousefur was picked up by a Twoleg and was injured. Leafpaw alerts Cinderpelt, who in turn tells Mousefur her leg is dislocated. She snaps it back into place and tells the warrior to rest, and sends Leafpaw out to hunt.
Leafpaw wishes to instead search for the missing; Cinderpelt allows her to do so but advises her to be careful. Before she leaves, she wishes to update Firestar on the status of the missing cats, but decides to find them first. Sorreltail tags along with her, brightening her mood. When they reach the area Graystripe and Mousefur were in, they find Twolegs are all around the area and have built wooden nests in the place of the forest. She tells Sorreltail she's going to investigate, knowing she can't go back now. She smells food inside of a den, expecting to find Mistyfoot, but only finds a white thing. She finds kittypet food inside the thing and eats it, despite many voices warning her to leave now, including those of Sorreltail and Spottedleaf. Suddenly, the thing slams shut and leaves Leafpaw in darkness.
The traveling cats crowd around Feathertail, and they realize she is dying. Crowpaw begs for her to live, but she says she will always be with him before passing. Brook says the silver cat truly came, though Crowpaw is devastated and thinks he could have spared Feathertail's life by not taking her to the cave. For a moment, Stormfur thinks he sees two silver cats, but they vanish. In the epilogue, Squirrelpaw wakes up from a terrible dream and knows Leafpaw is in trouble. She describes her dream to Tawnypelt, and the she-cat believes it's just an effect after seeing Feathertail die. Squirrelpaw recalls the events from the previous night and how they were escorted out by the Tribe. The group travels through days and nights, and they reach a jagged crest. Tawnypelt realizes the crest is Highstones, and the group knows they're almost home.


Interesting facts

  • When Stoneteller asks Talon, "how do you propose to bring [Sharptooth] here?", the tabby replies, "with blood."[10] Vicky explained that the exchange is inspired by Rambo, and Talon's response was meant to channel Sylvester Stallone.[11]


A compiled list of the errors present in Moonrise can be found here.

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