"Much is to be read stars, in running water, in flash of light on waves. Whole word speaks if ears are open to listen."
Midnight to Stormfur in Moonrise, page 7
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Chapter Number: 1 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 4-18

Chapter description

Stormfur wakes in a strange cave. He wonders for a moment why he isn't in RiverClan camp, then remembers that he is on a journey to find Midnight. He remembers his encounter with Midnight, a badger, and that she had told them that Twolegs were destroying the forest in order to build a new Thunderpath. Stormfur looks around the den, seeing his five sleeping traveling companions: Feathertail, Tawnypelt, Crowpaw, Brambleclaw, and Squirrelpaw. He is jealous as he sees Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw close to each other, as on the journey he had developed some sort of a crush towards the fiery ThunderClan apprentice, but he reminds himself Brambleclaw would make a better mate for Squirrelpaw than him.
Stormfur exits the den to go hunting and instead meets Midnight, who greets him. After thinking a moment, he asks her if she can really read StarClan's signs. She says that the signs are everywhere, and when he asks if the future is dark, she replies that StarClan would help them.
Stormfur begins to ask a question, but is interrupted as the rest of the group joins them outside. Brambleclaw tells them it is time to go, but Squirrelpaw protests that she is hungry and wants to hunt. Brambleclaw decides that they will hunt on the way and the rest of the cats agree. Brambleclaw thanks Midnight, but the badger says she'll accompany them to the trees to make sure they set out going the right way, and starts off, the cats following. Crowpaw sees a rabbit, catching it, and the cats gather around to eat it before setting off again.
They reach the woods and meet Purdy, the old cat who guided them through Twolegplace, almost getting them lost there as well. Purdy sees Midnight and starts to attack, but is stopped and calmed down when he is assured Midnight is a friend. He tells them they need to leave, as there are Upwalkers and dogs all over, but they decide to stay and hunt instead.
Tawnypelt, who is injured because a rat bite goes to the place where they had camped before with Midnight while the rest of the cats hunt. Crowpaw and Feathertail hunt together, angering Stormfur, who hunts by himself, catching two mice and a squirrel. He returns to camp, eating the fresh-kill and grooming his pelt before Brambleclaw bolts up in alarm at the sight of something - two foxes in the bracken.





Important events

  • The journeying cats set off on their return journey back to the forest.[6]

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