"Tallstar, we promise you that ThunderClan has not lied to you. There will be no fighting now, but if the prey-stealing doesn't stop, you know what to expect."
Firestar to Tallstar in Moonrise, page 125
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Chapter Number: 10 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 122-128

Chapter description

Leafpaw looks at the line of WindClan cats, preparing herself for a fight. Tallstar repeats to Firestar his question, asking why ThunderClan has come to WindClan. Firestar tells the WindClan leader that WindClan has been stealing prey from ThunderClan. The WindClan deputy, Mudclaw, tells Firestar to prove WindClan has stolen prey. Graystripe explains the prey bones with WindClan scent on them in ThunderClan, but Mudclaw says it’s an excuse for ThunderClan to attack them. Graystripe knocks over Mudclaw and they begin to fight. Firestar breaks up the battle and scolds Graystripe for starting the fight. Cinderpelt approaches Tallstar and she confirms the story about the prey bones and that assures him medicine cats do not lie.
The WindClan leader gives in and explains WindClan is short on prey, and one of their elders had died yesterday. Cinderpelt tells Tallstar ThunderClan would be helping, but they are short on prey too. Firestar suggests that ThunderClan and WindClan could work together to find an answer, but Tallstar disagrees. Firestar warns him they will attack if WindClan keeps stealing prey, then turns around and walks away.
On the way back to the ThunderClan camp, Dustpelt asks Firestar why they didn’t fight WindClan. Firestar tells him the clans shouldn’t be turning on each other right now, then suggests to Dustpelt he should go hunt prey for Ferncloud. Dustpelt relaxes and agrees.
Leafpaw thinks about telling Firestar the prophecy, but stops because she doesn’t want to make her father mad at her because she had not told him sooner. Leafpaw sees Cinderpelt in the back of the group, so she decides to tells her in hope that the older medicine cat will tell Firestar. Before Leafpaw can finish, Cinderpelt tells her she has heard nothing from StarClan. Leafpaw suggests StarClan might have sent a message to another cat. Cinderpelt asks her if she had been sent a message. Leafpaw tries to reply but Cinderpelt interrupts again, telling her StarClan must be silent.
Leafpaw feels lonely and confused, so he reaches out for her sister, Squirrelpaw. She senses nothing but darkness and rushing water. Leafpaw is pulled from her thoughts by Cinderpelt asking if she is coming with the rest of the patrol or not.





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