“But sooner or later we’ll have to find out why these Tribe cats have been quite so welcoming. We know there’s something they’re not telling us.”
Stormfur to Brambleclaw in Moonrise, page 134
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Chapter Number: 11 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 129-141

Chapter description

Brambleclaw beckons the Clan cats to talk. He asks them how long they think they should stay with the Tribe. Stormfur and Tawnypelt agree they should leave soon, since leaf-bare is coming shortly. Brambleclaw worries about Tawnypelt’s shoulder, but she insists she is fine. Feathertail warns her that her shoulder will not get better if she doesn’t rest. Squirrelpaw brings up that the two cave-guards near the entrance might not let them leave at all. Brambleclaw decides on a plan to check on Tawnypelt’s shoulder tomorrow, then find out if they can leave.
Stormfur picks one of the sleeping hollows and Brook delivers a wad of feathers to him. The tabby she-cat tells Stormfur Stoneteller wanted to make sure Stormfur was comfortable. He wonders why he is getting special treatment when his friends are all equally exhausted from being swept away by the flood water and he isn’t their leader. Brook asks Stormfur if he would like to go hunting with her tomorrow. Stormfur thinks for a while about how long they will stay, and decides to ask Brook if they are allowed to leave. Before he can ask, Brook tells him she’ll let him rest and leaves him be.
Stormfur wakes in the morning, seeing that Brambleclaw is already up. He informs Stormfur that Tawnypelts shoulder had begun bleeding in the night, so they will have to stay with the Tribe longer.
Stoneteller emerges from one of the tunnels in the cave and pads over to the Clan cats. Brambleclaw tells the Tribes healer they will have to stay longer due to Tawnypelt’s wound opening again. Brambleclaw then asks him if the Clan cats can go hunt. Stoneteller looks hesitant at first, but decides to let them go with the prey-hunters about to leave. They form two groups: Crowpaw and Feathertail join Mist while Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, and Stormfur join Brook.
Squirrelpaw alerts the patrol there is a mouse ahead. She is about to jump at it when Brook tells her to wait. A falcon swoops down and picks the mouse up. Brook and another prey-hunter work together to kill the falcon. The hunting patrol later finds an empty hawk nest aswell. Crag explains to them hawk chicks make good food, plus it means there are less hawks like this one to prey on the cats. He leaps into the air with a powerful jump to drive off a hawk that was swooping towards the patrol. Crag warns the cats to always look up.





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