"No. He is the cat sent here by the Tribe of Endless Hunting. They told us a silver cat would come."
Scree to Feathertail about Stormfur in Moonrise, page 172
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Chapter Number: 14 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 172-190

Chapter description

Feathertail feels a pain in her heart as the cave-guards shove the Clan cats away from the Cave of Pointed Stones. She pleads with Scree to let Stormfur leave, but he says her brother is the silver cat and he must stay. Crowpaw, angered, tells Feathertail they won't budge and mentions a possible fight. The apprentice is scornful, but doesn't lash out. Brambleclaw asks what's happening, and Scree explains they're staying, but must leave tomorrow night without Stormfur. Some to-bes chat near the traveling cats, but move away to avoid getting in trouble.
Crowpaw refuses to eat the Tribe's falcon given to him, and Squirrelpaw wonders what they will do now. Brambleclaw states they can't fight, then pauses, and Feathertail thinks that they can't save Stormfur if he doesn't have a plan. Tawnypelt and Crowpaw begin to suspect Midnight lured them into a trap, which Feathertail believes, and she replies Purdy must have known too. Brambleclaw recalls the badger saying their destinies were laid out with the Tribe, but his statement nearly causes a fight between Crowpaw and Squirrelpaw. Feathertail and Tawnypelt quickly stop them, and the latter apprentice apologizes. Tawnypelt questions if the Tribe may be right about Stormfur being the silver cat, though Feathertail is doubtful, thinking about the pelt color of her brother being darker than silver.
Brambleclaw remains determined to get Stormfur back, and explains his plan of leaving the next day, but quietly returning back to sneak him out. Feathertail is hopeful the plan will work, and huddles closer with the group to avoid suspicion from cave-guards. Tawnypelt and Squirrelpaw believe the night and waterfall can mask the sound they'll make, but Feathertail and Crowpaw think the Tribe will hear them nonetheless. The she-cat offers to split from the group, much to Crowpaw's ire, but Brambleclaw states they'll be strong if they do it together. Feathertail thinks about her friends in her Clans, wondering how she'll go back to life in the forest without them.
She begins to curl into her nest when she suddenly hears noises near the waterfall. Feathertail curiously listens in, and finds Tribe members talking about how Stormfur will save them from Sharptooth. The silver tabby knows they're wrong, and she feels unnerved for a long time before being lulled into sleep. Later, Crag wakes her up, explaining it's time for them to go, and they'll be shown to the edge of the mountains. Brambleclaw pleads one last time for them to let Stormfur go, but Crag refuses. Feathertail notices Crowpaw is still slightly hurt, but he declares he's fit to travel. Brook approaches Feathertail, and apologizes their time has to end like this. She gazes into the brown tabby's eyes, remembering how Stormfur didn't have many companions due to his half-Clan heritage, thinking he'd probably die saving the Tribe from Sharptooth.
As they leave the cave, Feathertail vows they will come back for her brother, knowing he belongs with them. The cave-guards take them through many parts of the mountains, and she attemps to study landmarks and remember their scent markings in order to find their way back later for the rescue mission. Crag tells the group to drink, stating they're not going to be pushed. After quenching their thirst, the cave-guards take them past steep rocks to the edge of Tribe territory. Crag says this is the edge, and instructs them to travel to a sharp peak until nightfall. Feathertail watches as the cave-guards urge them to move, annoying Crowpaw and Squirrelpaw, though they do not verbally complain. Brambleclaw tells Crag there is no friendship if Stormfur is kept prisoner, but the dark gray tom says it must be that way.
Crag's patrol leaves, but watch from a distance, and Tawnypelt remarks they must be making sure the group leaves the territory for good. Brambleclaw affirms they will not fight, and tells the cats to move in order to make the cave-guards believe they've given up. Squirrelpaw asks to stop at a grassy hollow, and Brambleclaw agrees. Tawnypelt watches from a distance in case the cave-guards come back, while Squirrelpaw tears around the hollow recklessly. She then leaves with Brambleclaw as Feathertail is left behind with Crowpaw. The latter agrees to a fishing lesson and Feathertail looks down into a pool, thinking about her feelings for him, and how it goes against the warrior code. She instructs Crowpaw to move, and strike a fish quickly when he sees one. He settles down, and asks Feathertail if he can still see her when they go back to the Clans.
Feathertail tells Crowpaw to wait and see, and turns his attention back to the fish. Crowpaw hooks out a fish moments later, killing it with a quick bite, and she praises him. Tawnypelt returns, stating the cave-guards have disappeared, but she will remain on watch nonetheless. Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw soon arrive with more prey, and the group frequently sends a cat on watch duty throughout the day. As night falls later on, Brambleclaw declares it's time to return, though Feathertail points out they'll be quickly spotted. Squirrelpaw directs the cats to a pool of mud, which would help them blend in with the Tribe. After rolling in the mud for a period of a time, the group ventures back into Tribe territory, and Feathertail wonders how far the Tribe will go to keep Stormfur.
Feathertail tries to recall their scent trail and landmarks, but the night makes it difficult. Suddenly, Crowpaw signals for the group to hide, and she notices cave-guards returning from a patrol, laden with prey. When they disappear, Brambleclaw continues leading the cats to the cave, and whispers for them to stay silent as they get closer. Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes, and rain begins to fall on the group. Squirrelpaw wishes to move, and as Feathertail peers down, she sees movement. The other cats begin to see what is moving, and see a huge tawny-colored cat disappear behind the waterfall. Much to her horror, Feathertail identifies the creature as Sharptooth.





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