"The signs from StarClan are not clear. I see a time of great danger and change for the forest. A terrible doom hangs over us all."
Cinderpelt addressing ThunderClan in Moonrise, page 23
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Chapter Number: 2 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 19-32

Chapter description

Leafpaw treats one of Sorreltail's ticks. As she does, she remembers the events of the previous day, of the Twoleg monsters who had felled a tree on ThunderClan's territory. She also thinks of the Fire and Tiger omen Cinderpelt had received, realizing that great trouble was coming to the forest. Leafpaw and Sorreltail go out to wash the mouse bile from their paws, but before they reach the entrance, Firestar and Sandstorm emerge into the clearing. Firestar calls a Clan meeting, and all the cats gather around.
Firestar retells the events that the patrol had witnessed, and explains that one of the big monsters Ravenpaw had mentioned moons ago had come off the Thunderpath and knocked trees over. His words are met with scorn, as Sootfur and Dustpelt pass off the events as another one of Firestar's crazy dreams, but Graystripe defends his leader, stating that he had seen it happen as well. Cinderpelt explains that StarClan's signs were unclear, but that she believes that there will be great danger in the forest.
Mousefur protests that Cinderpelt should have told them before, to which Cloudtail snaps that it would not have done any good, as they couldn't have done anything about it. Sootfur growls that Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw had the right idea, getting out when they did. Cinderpelt attempts to calm the crowd by saying that, while there would be great danger, ThunderClan would not be destroyed. Her words are met with stunned silence, and then the Clan starts yowling again. Firestar also attempts to subdue the cats, pointing out that the Twolegs might not come farther. He states that he will increase the patrols on that border, and meet with ShadowClan.
As the meeting breaks up, Cinderpelt approaches Leafpaw, saying that they are going to meet with ShadowClan immediately. She explains that Firestar wants both medicine cats there, to prove to Blackstar that they aren't looking for a fight. They join Firestar, Graystripe, and Brackenfur and head towards ShadowClan. They pass by the trees that the monster had cut down, and onto ShadowClan territory, where it is discovered that their territory had the same problems with monsters as ThunderClan's.
Firestar leads them towards ShadowClan's camp, where they are met by a ShadowClan patrol, which is led by the ShadowClan deputy, Russetfur. Firestar greets Russetfur, to which the deputy snarls that they are trespassing on ShadowClan territory, and Russetfur's patrol attacks the ThunderClan cats. Firestar climbs onto a tree trunk as the other cats fight and yowls for them to stop.





Important events

  • Firestar announces the beginning of the Twolegs' destruction of ThunderClan's forest territory to the Clan.[4]

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