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"I've sensed panic over in WindClan territory. Their scent marks on the border are filled with fear."
Mothwing about WindClan to Leafpaw and Sorreltail in Moonrise, page 57

Below contains in-depth information for chapter four of Moonrise. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 4 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 42-59

Chapter Summary

Leafpaw's PoV

Brackenfur and a gray ShadowClan warrior break apart from combat at Firestar's yowl of command. Graystripe looks up from the tabby he was fighting, but still firmly presses his paw against the tom's neck. Firestar orders Graystripe to let the tabby go, as ThunderClan is not in ShadowClan territory to fight. Graystripe hisses that it is hard to do anything when they jump on ThunderClan like they just did, before releasing the skinny tabby. Leafpaw bounds across the clearing to Cinderpelt, half-afraid Russetfur might still attack the gray she-cat, as the deputy is not likely to take orders from a rival Clan leader.
Russetfur flicks her tail towards Cedarheart, ordering him to warn Blackstar that ShadowClan is getting invaded and to fetch more warriors. Cedarheart then streaks off into the bushes. Firestar points out there is no need to warn the ShadowClan leader, as he is not invading their territory or stealing prey. Russetfur demands to know what ThunderClan wants and asks what she is she is supposed to be thinking when a Clan invades their territory. Firestar apologizes, leaping down the tree and saying that he knows he isn't supposed to be here, but he needs to discuss a topic with Blackstar too urgent to wait for a Gathering.
Russetfur growls, asking what is so urgent. Firestar flicks his tail towards the path of destruction left by a monster on ShadowClan's side of the Thunderpath. He desperately asks if that is enough. Russetfur silences him with a hiss, saying that if he thinks ShadowClan is weakened, before being cut off by Firestar, who protests that he didn't say that. He continues that ThunderClan is having the same trouble in their own territory, then asks if Russetfur will drive his Clan out, or let them speak with Blackstar.
Russetfur narrows her eyes before giving a curt nod and telling the ThunderClan patrol to follow her. She leads the way through bushes, the ThunderClan cats bunched behind her and the tabby ShadowClan warrior following them close behind. Leafpaw's heart begins to pound as unfamiliar scents flow around her and the day grows darker, clouds making shadows in their path. She tries not to jump at every noise something makes or to stare around as if a ShadowClan warrior is lurking behind every tree. Soon Leafpaw becomes aware of a stronger ShadowClan scent in front of her.
The dark ginger she-cat leads them around a thick clump of hazel and Leafpaw stops in her tracks as she sees a line of tense ShadowClan warriors with the light of battle in their eyes. Cinderpelt mutters close to Leafpaw's ear that the place they have entered is the ShadowClan camp and Blackstar looks like he isn't going to invite ThunderClan in. Blackstar is standing in the middle of his warriors and Leafpaw sees his pelt showing multiple scars of battle. As the rest of ThunderClan enters, Blackstar taunts Firestar, asking him if the great Firestar can go anywhere in the forest he wants. Firestar ignores this and instead nods a courteous greeting.
Firestar begins by saying that he has come to talk about the Twolegs and that they have to decide what they will do if it continues. Blackstar retorts that ShadowClan does not talk to ThunderClan and will make its own decisions. Firestar exclaims that the forest is being destroyed and Leafpaw hears the exasperation in his voice, as it was hard for her father to keep calm while the ShadowClan leader insists on them being enemies. Blackstar shrugs his shoulders, saying that the Twolegs have only knocked down a few trees and went away and that Firestar is panicking over nothing. Leafpaw wonders if Blackstar really believes this and can't believe he can be such a fool.
Firestar asks steadily if it continues, what Blackstar will do, as the monsters are frightening the prey. If the Twolegs claw up more territory, Blackstar may not have enough prey to feed his Clan in leaf-bare. A couple of ShadowClan warriors start to look uneasy at Firestar's words, but Blackstar stares definitely at him. The huge white tom retorts that ShadowClan has no reason to fear leaf-bare as they will just eat rats from Carrionplace. Cinderpelt twitches her ear impatiently, stating that the last time ShadowClan tried that, half their Clan died from sickness.
A small tabby crouching at the end of ShadowClan's battle line starts to speak boldly, stating that he was ill himself, and if Cinderpelt hadn't saved him he could have died. Leafpaw recognizes him as Littlecloud, the ShadowClan medicine cat. Blackstar orders Littlecloud to be quiet, as the sickness was a punishment from StarClan because Nightstar was not the proper leader, so there is no harm in eating the prey there now. Cinderpelt retorts tartly that there is a danger if the leader silences his medicine cat. Blackstar glares at the gray she-cat but says nothing. Firestar pleads for Blackstar to listen to him, before stating that he thinks the forest is coming to a great trouble and that they can only survive if they work together.
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