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"We have no wish for fighting. Your journey has brought you to the Tribe of Rushing Water."
Crag to the Clan cats in Moonrise, page 95

Below contains in-depth information for chapter seven of Moonrise. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 7 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 90-99

Chapter description

Stormfur wakes up on a rock near a pool of water. He remembers how he and the Clan cats got swept away by the flood water. He calls for Feathertail and Squirrelpaw. Squirrelpaw replies, and Stormfur turns his head to see her beside him. The dark ginger she-cat closes her eyes and tries to go back to sleep. Stormfur looks around to see Brambleclaw and Crowpaw are nearby on the rock. He sits up to spot Feathertail helping Tawnypelt onto the rock.
As Stormfur begins to regain his senses, he looks around and sees a flicker of movement. He sees another flicker seconds later. Stormfur whispers for Brambleclaw to look to where he had seen the flickers of movement. The flicker gets closer, and Stormfur knows the group is defenseless. He sees a gray-brown shape start to move toward him from the rocks. He recognizes the shape as a cat. More camouflaged cats move away from the rocks and sit on the edge of the pool. Stormfur whispers to Squirrelpaw to sit up slowly. Squirrelpaw jumps to her paws when she sees the camouflaged cats, causing Brambleclaw to sit up alert. He warns the other traveling cats to group closer.
The first cat Stormfur had seen steps forward. The gray-brown tom examines the group then goes closer to Stormfur. The cat stares at Stormfur much longer than the rest of the cats, until a tabby she-cat asks the camouflaged tom if Stormfur is the one they had been hoping for. The first cat addresses the she-cat as Brook when he tells her to be silent. He asks Stormfur who they are. Tawnypelt challenges the cats, but Brambleclaw tells the gray-brown tom they aren’t looking for trouble. The tom tells Brambleclaw they have come to the Tribe of Rushing Water, and traveling cats are welcome here.
Brook tells Crag, the tom Stormfur had seen first, they should take Stormfur to Stoneteller. Brambleclaw insists they will all go with Stormfur to the Tribe’s leader. Brook and Crag introduce themselves formally, so the Clan cats do the same. Feathertail asks Crag if he can help heal Tawnypelt’s injured shoulder. Crag tells her they will help, and asks them to come with him to his leader.
Near the pool by the waterfall, Crag leaps up the rocks nearby and goes behind the waterfall. The Clan cats follow Crag behind the waterfall, where they see him waiting at a mouth of a cave. Stormfur looks inside the cave, seeing rocky walls about the height of the waterfall and smells other cats in the cave. The group of cats agree to go in with Crag to the cave for the sake of the mission.





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