"I do not know when the silver cat will come, or from where, but we will know it when he arrives."
Stoneteller telling the Tribe of Rushing Water about Feathertail in Moonrise, page 3
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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 24)
Page Numbers: 1-3

Chapter description

Several cats creep into a cave, their fur streaked with mud and their eyes stretched wide with fear. Crouching low to the ground, the cats' gazes flicker from side to side as if they are expecting to see danger from the shadows. Suddenly, a cat steps out from behind one the pointed stones with moonlight cast upon them, his fur completely covered in mud- enough to disguise him as a cat carved in stone. Rasping a welcome, the tom announces that it was time for a Telling, according to the laws of the Tribe's ancestors. A cat creeps forward, dipping his head to the tom and asks if he has had a sign. Another cat speaks, asking if there was hope at last.
Bowing his head, Stoneteller declares that he has seen the words of the Tribe of Endless Hunting, pausing after a minor speech to sweep his gaze over the gathered cats. He concludes that there is hope. A faint murmur passes through the group and their eyes appear to grow brighter while their ears prick. The first cat hesitantly asks Stoneteller if he knows what will rid the danger. Stoneteller replies yes, stating that the Tribe of Endless Hunting has promised a silver cat would arrive and rid Sharptooth, once and for all. There is silence until a voice from the back of the group asks if there are other cats outside of the Tribe of Rushing Water.
Crag states that he has heard stories of strangers, though they have never seen any. Adding desperately, Crag asks when the silver cat will come, causing other mews to rise around him.
Other cats repeat the question, but Stoneteller signals for silence by twitching his tail. Meowing that it is true, Stoneteller states that the Tribe of Endless Hunting has never lied to them and that he has seen the sheen of silver fur in the moonlit pool. Asking when persistently, Crag's question is answered when Stoneteller claims that their ancestors have not showed them when, but that they will know it when he arrives. Raising his head toward the cave roof while his eyes shine like tiny moons, Stoneteller declares that until the silver cat arrives, the Tribe could only wait.





Notes and references

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