"Don't be such a mouse-brain! I'm not putting my apprentice in danger for the sake of crow-food. If they want to eat rotten prey that will give them a bellyache, that's up to them."
— Morningcloud to Acorntail in Code of the Clans, pages 69-70

Morningcloud is a dark gray she-cat.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

When Pebblefur, the WindClan deputy, dies, Morningcloud is one of the popular choices for being the next deputy, but Featherstar appoints Acorntail instead of her. She is very surprised because he is inexperienced, but does not show any envy or anger toward him, and wishes him luck after his ceremony. Her apprentice, Quickpaw, however, displays hostility towards Acorntail and doesn't try to hide his disdain, for he wanted his mentor to be deputy. Acorntail then begins organizing patrols, and he chooses Morningcloud and Quickpaw to go with him on a hunting patrol.
They all decide to split up to hunt, and Morningcloud is seen running after a rabbit. When Acorntail scents a ThunderClan patrol and goes to confront them, Morningcloud and Quickpaw apparently go farther up the border to hunt. They come running back to Acorntail and the ThunderClan cats, saying that they found a dead rabbit that smelled like crow-food. Acorntail gets angry and yowls to attack. He leaps on a ThunderClan warrior, but none of them try to fight back. Morningcloud and Quickpaw don't try to fight either. Acorntail tries to get them to attack again, but Morningcloud tells him that she isn't going to put her apprentice in danger for the sake of crow-food. Acorntail gets angry at her, and she then tells him that the dead rabbit they found was on the ThunderClan side of the border. He asks why she didn't tell him, and she said that she was going to, but he didn't give her the chance. He then returns back to WindClan territory, and all three of them return to the WindClan camp.
Later on, while Acorntail is talking to Featherstar, Acorntail says that Morningcloud would've made a better deputy than him. He states she wouldn't have done as he had, and would have attempted to talk before she resorted to fighting. Featherstar tells him it isn't his fault and that if he had had an apprentice, he would know what giving orders feels like to keep in mind the younger, more vulnerable Clanmates.



Morningcloud: "Good luck, Acorntail."
Acorntail: "Thanks."
Quickpaw: "It should have been you!"
Morningcloud: "Maybe one day."
—Morningcloud and Quickpaw after Acorntail is appointed deputy Code of the Clans, page 69

Acorntail: "Right, okay. Morningcloud, could you and Quickpaw do a hunting patrol instead?"
Morningcloud: "On our own?"
Acorntail: "Er, no. I’ll come with you."
—Morningcloud and Acorntail Code of the Clans, page 70

Quickpaw: "We found a dead rabbit!"
Morningcloud: "With ThunderClan scent on it."
—Morningcloud and Quickpaw Code of the Clans, page 72

Acorntail: "Why didn’t you tell me?"
Morningcloud: "We were going to. You didn’t give us a chance."
—Morningcloud and Acorntail Code of the Clans, page 73

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