"Do you remember how scared we were? How lost and cold and alone? I do. I don't want anyone feeling that helpless."
— Moss in Warrior's Refuge, page 33

Moss is a black she-cat with a dark gray muzzle and green eyes.[3]


In Graystripe's Adventure

Warrior's Refuge

Moss is a loner who lives with her mate Husker, and her younger brother, Splash. Moss is mother to Husker's kits: Raindrop, Pad, Little Mew and Birdy. She lives with her family in a barn next to some Twoleg nests.
When Millie and Graystripe stumble into a barn full of corn plants, they get chased by a huge monster which ultimately separates the two from each other. Graystripe wanders into a barn when seeking help, and is attacked by Husker. Graystripe explains what happened, and seeks help finding Millie from Husker who agrees. Moss is worried about him leaving, and tells Husker it's too dangerous, who replies that he will be fine. The cats head off to go look, while Moss stays with her young kits.
When everyone returns with Millie, they find that her eyes were scratched. Moss agrees to let them stay, mentioning how hard it was when she, Husker, and Splash first decided to live in the barn. She shows compassion by persuading Husker to also agree to let them stay, who was at first reluctant about it. Moss tells Millie to add moss soaked in water to her scratched eyes, which proves as helpful advice. The barn cats then tell their story before they lived in the barn, and also introduces Millie and Graystripe to her family. They were cared by an elderly couple when they were kits, but when the couple died, a new family with dogs moved in who chased out the cats and into the barn.
A couple of days later, Millie and Graystripe contemplate how hard it is for the barn cats to struggle with the Twolegs and dogs. When Graystripe attempts hunting for a second time, he gets chased by dogs again, and gets cornered. He discovers that Millie can speak dog when she stops them from attacking Graystripe. Millie then teaches Moss and her kits to speak dog to prevent them from getting attacked in the future. Moss and her kits then warm up to the Twolegs who finally start appreciating the cats after Graystripe saves their daughter.

Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

Moss is indirectly mentioned by Graystripe to Stormfur.

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Husker:[2] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Splash:[2] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Birdy:[2] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Raindrop:[2] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Little Mew:[2] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Pad:[2] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Splash ♂Moss ♀Husker ♂
BirdyPadRaindropLittle Mew

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



"I hate the thought that my kits might never be able to play outside without getting shouted at by an angry Twoleg."
―Moss to Graystripe Warrior's Refuge, page 59

"In many ways you're right, Graystripe. And, truly, I don't know if I'd even want to live in that house again."
―Moss to Graystripe Warrior's Refuge, page 59

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