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"Calm down. The Moonpool is frozen! That must be what's keeping StarClan away. But don't worry. Newleaf will come; it always does."
— Mosspelt to the Clans in Lost Stars, page 109

Mosspelt is a lithe[13] tortoiseshell[14]-and-white[9] she-cat[14] with blue eyes[15] and soft,[16] white chest fur.[17]

Mosspelt is a RiverClan elder under the leaderships of Mistystar, Owlnose, Tigerstar, Duskfur, and Splashtail in the lake territories, previously serving as a warrior under Crookedstar's, Leopardstar's, and Mistystar's leaderships in the forest and lake territories. Mosskit and her sister, Emberkit, were born in RiverClan under Crookedstar's leadership. As an apprentice, Mosspaw trained to earn her warrior name of Mosspelt. She fell in love with Frogleap and gave birth to his kits, Woodkit, Robinkit, and Dawnflower. However, Frogleap, Woodkit, and Robinkit drowned, and after her Clanmate, Silverstream, died giving birth, Mosspelt raised Featherkit and Stormkit as if they were her own, alongside their father, Graystripe, a ThunderClan warrior who joined RiverClan to be with them. Mosspelt later gave birth to Willowkit, who eventually became a medicine cat. She participated in the Great Journey. Throughout her life, Mosspelt mentored Swallowtail, Pebblefoot, and Perchwing. She retired to the elders' den a few moons after the Great Battle. Many moons later, she disagreed with changes being made to the warrior code, believing it would be too much of a change.


In The Prophecies Begin arc[]

Rising Storm[]

Mosspelt is a RiverClan queen caring for Graystripe and Silverstream's kits, Featherkit and Stormkit. She is one of few cats who is friendly towards Graystripe. When Graystripe calls his kits into the clearing of the camp, Mosspelt watches them proudly, as if they were her own. After playing in the clearing with their father, she calls them back into the nursery. Though sulking, they obey her.

A Dangerous Path[]

"Nothing to be sorry for. And you can be sure that your kits will be well cared for. I'll keep an eye on them, and Mistyfoot and Stonefur are mentoring them."
―Mosspelt after Graystripe apologizes for returning to ThunderClan. A Dangerous Path, page 254
When Graystripe is exiled from RiverClan, Mosspelt remains friendly towards him. At a Gathering, Graystripe asks her how his kits are doing, and if they are surprised that he didn't come back. Mosspelt tells him that once they knew he wasn't dead, they coped well. Graystripe kindly thanks her for taking care of his kits. She reveals to him that they are now apprenticed to Mistyfoot and Stonefur. She promises to keep in touch with Graystripe about how his kits are doing, then walks away.

In The New Prophecy arc[]


Mosspelt has returned to her warrior duties.


Mosspelt is once again a queen. She takes part in the Great Journey to the Clans' new home.


"The whole of RiverClan is in trouble. Mothwing's den is full of sick cats. None have died yet, but they will die, if we don't have help."
―Mosspelt seeking ThunderClan's help Twilight, page 149
Mosspelt rushes to the ThunderClan camp to fetch Leafpool. Startled, Leafpool confuses her with Sorreltail. Mosspelt says that there is danger in the RiverClan camp, and they need her help. Leafpool gets there just in time with Mosspelt to help Mothwing save the cats from the Twoleg poison. Mosspelt's daughter is revealed to be Willowkit. Later, Leafpool tells Willowkit to tell her mother what a good job she had done.

In the Power of Three arc[]

The Sight[]

Mosspelt has begun training her second apprentice, Pebblepaw.

Dark River[]

Mosspelt yowls that there is an intruder in RiverClan territory when she spots Hollypaw, a ThunderClan apprentice. She escorts her and Squirrelflight to the border with Beechfur when ThunderClan reclaims their apprentice.


«Mosspelt. Lionpaw recognized the blue-eyed tortoiseshell from Gatherings. But this wasn't a Gathering, and he was going to make her sorry she'd ever set paw on his land.»
—Lionpaw encountering Mosspelt in battle Eclipse, page 215
Mosspelt is heard by Jaypaw sneaking through ThunderClan's territory alongside Reedwhisker during the Battle of the Eclipse. She is almost killed by Lionpaw when he corners her against a tree, but Firestar yells for the apprentice to stop, as the RiverClan cat knows she is beaten.

In the Omen of the Stars arc[]

The Fourth Apprentice[]

Her former apprentice, Pebblepaw, is now a warrior called Pebblefoot. Mosspelt returns to the nursery.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc[]

The Apprentice's Quest[]

Mosspelt's former apprentice, Perchpaw, has become a warrior named Perchwing, and Mosspelt has retired as an elder.

Shattered Sky[]

Mosspelt: "Don't. That's what he wants."
Mistystar: "But we can't leave our Clanmates here as if they were pieces of crow-food!"
Mosspelt: "We can sit vigil for them tonight wherever we happen to be. Not even Darktail can stop their spirits from traveling to StarClan."
Mistystar: "You're right. But it breaks my heart."
—Mosspelt and Mistystar about attacking Darktail and leaving the deceased behind Shattered Sky, pages 107-108
As ThunderClan reveals the secret about SkyClan, Mosspelt grumbles she hopes they never find the lost Clan as there are already enough cats around the lake. After the Kin defeat RiverClan in their camp, Mosspelt explains that Petalfur and Shadepelt are dead, staggering up to Mistystar with blood smearing her chest. She halts beside her leader and presses her nose into her shoulder. Violetpaw cannot watch them and looks away.
Darktail doesn't let the defeated RiverClan take the dead and this angers Mistystar. She nearly attacks the rogue, but Mosspelt steps forward and thrusts herself between the two leaders. The tortoiseshell she-cat insists to Mistystar to not attack. Meow urgent and low, she says that attacking is what he wants. Mistystar states they cannot leave their Clanmates but Mosspelt reassures they are not there. They can sit vigil for them at night where ever their spirits are, as Darktail cannot stop them from reaching StarClan. Mistystar admits that she is right but sadly states to her that it breaks her heart.

Darkest Night[]

Owlnose: "What is Mosspelt supposed to eat?"
Cloudtail: "There's more than enough left for Mosspelt. I don't know why you're making a fuss."
Owlnose: "Have you forgotten the warrior code? The weakest cats eat first. Why do your elders eat while ours goes hungry?"
—Owlnose making a fuss about Mosspelt Darkest Night, pages 14-15
While RiverClan temporarily stays in ThunderClan, Mosspelt sleeps in the elders' den. She is mentioned by Owlnose, who quarrels with Cloudtail, saying that there is nothing for Mosspelt to eat. Cloudtail says that there is more than enough left for her, but Owlnose reminds the white tom that the warrior code says the weakest cats eat first. The RiverClan warrior looks at Graystripe and Millie, who are eating a thrush, and asks why ThunderClan elders eat while theirs go hungry. Meanwhile, Mosspelt sits outside the elders' den, eyes bleary.
Graystripe asks if a cat has gone hungry, and Owlnose replies that Mosspelt has. The gray tom replies that she was sleeping and he didn't want to wake her up, and Millie invites Mosspelt to share the thrush with them. The RiverClan elder heads toward it self-consciously. Just then, a RiverClan patrol including Mistystar comes back, and when the leader sees the argument, she decides that her Clan should go home. Bramblestar invites them to at least eat first, and he glances at Mosspelt, who has just taken her first bite of thrush.

River of Fire[]

"Thank you! I thought we'd burn for sure."
―Mosspelt to Alderheart River of Fire, page 169
When RiverClan is attempting to escape from the fire in their camp, ThunderClan and WindClan move a log so that cats can cross the stream. Alderheart yowls to a group of stranded RiverClan cats, and Mosspelt spots him. She alerts her Clanmates, and one by one they cross the log to safety. Once Mosspelt crosses safely, she thanks Alderheart, saying that she thought they'd burn for sure.
In the bonus scene, Mothwing and Willowshine talk in the medicine den about if Mistystar will opening the borders soon. They hearing a call of distress, and rush outside to see Mosspelt half leap and half fall from a bank above the den. She collapses a tail length away from the stream, and Willowshine rushes to her. The elder is very sick, and the medicine cat mews that this keeps getting worse and worse.
The next day, Willowshine stands in front of the last sprig of watermint, and asks Mothwing if she should give it to Mosspelt. The golden she-cat hesitates to give it to someone so frail, as they might not recover. Willowshine is horrified, and she apologizes, saying she just wants what is best for the Clan. They both agree to go and talk to Mistystar about their dire situation. Both she-cats implore that the border should be reopened, but the leader says no, and reassures Willowshine that Mosspelt will be fine.
Willowshine watches as a storm rages in camp, while sitting next to her mother Mosspelt. She apologizes that she can't help more, but the elder says it's okay. Willowshine promises that she'll find a way, and tells Mothwing that she's going to talk to Mistystar again. She does, but to no avail, and the medicine cat panics that Mosspelt is running out of time. Willowshine says she's going to go to another Clan for help to try to save her mother.

In The Broken Code arc[]

Lost Stars[]

While at the Moonpool, Mosspelt urges her Clanmates to remain calm, as StarClan could very well come back when the ice melts in newleaf. Many cats agree with her, but those who disagree begin to bicker. Later, Mosspelt discusses Shadowpaw's vision with the Clans, noting that many cats don't follow the code. She amends that Bramblestar always has, but that behavior standards have fallen since she was in her youth, and that could be cause for darkness within the Clans. Bramblestar dips his head and agrees with her, saying it's a possibility.

In the A Starless Clan arc[]


"It's a definite risk. What does being a leader even mean anymore, if ordinary Clan cats can take it away? Don't get me started on how the code tells us the leader's word is the warrior code. How is that true if Clan cats can get rid of their leader?"
―Mosspelt about the changes to the warrior code River (book), page 61
Mosspelt and some of her Clanmates disagree with changes being made to the warrior code following Ashfur's defeat. Mosspelt believes it's too much of a change, and wonders how they can follow the warrior code if they can overrule their own leader. After Mistystar's death, Mosspelt congratulates Frostpaw on ensuring that Mistystar made it to StarClan. She later buries Mistystar following her vigil with Duskfur and Mothwing.


Icewing, Graypaw, and Mistpaw clean out the elder's den for Mosspelt, and the elder reminds them to make sure there aren't any thorns in her new bedding.

In the Super Editions[]

Crookedstar's Promise[]

In the comic, Crookedstar gives Mosspaw and Shadepaw fishing lessons. Shadepaw teases and laughs at her for falling into the water, saying that she is supposed to catch fish with her claws and not her teeth. Embarrassed, Mosspaw angrily tells her to be quiet.

Leopardstar's Honor[]

Mosskit is born in RiverClan with her sister, Emberkit. Leopardfur thinks about her when training Whitepaw, believing that she and Emberkit would be getting their warrior names while Whitepaw will still be an apprentice. Later, while Oakheart is getting a battle patrol ready to attack Sunningrocks, Whitepaw asks if he should make sure Mosskit and Emberkit, who are playing with Shadekit and Heavykit, to stay inside until the danger has passed.
Leopardfur and Whitepaw are arguing about getting bedding for Birdsong and Tanglewhisker. Leopardfur then tells Whitepaw to get Emberkit and Mosskit to help him, but Whitepaw points out that they're only kits. Leopardfur says they'll be 'paws any day now and that Whitepaw should show them what it's like to be an apprentice. Later, Leopardfur sees the two kits dragging out old bedding while Shadekit and Heavykit watch jealously, aking why they can't help. Shadekit glowers at Mosskit, and she points out to Emberkit that she doesn't have to help. Birdsong then wraps her tail around her and Emberkit protectively when a large sound comes from the river.
Eventually, Mosskit is made into an apprentice and get's the new name Mosspaw. She also receives either Ottersplash or Owlfur as a mentor. She is mentioned to be sitting nervously with her sister, Emberpaw, as they glance at each other. At the next Gathering, she and Emberpaw dash off to talk to some ShadowClan apprentices. Leopardfur mentions that she'd been checking on Mosspaw's and Emberpaw's training, making sure that Owlfur and Ottersplash did more battle training.

Coming Soon

In the Novellas[]

Mothwing's Secret[]

Mosspelt is mentoring Swallowpaw. She hushes Hawkfrost and Mothwing for talking too loudly in the warriors' den and reminds the two littermates they are warriors now. She, Swallowpaw, Mistyfoot, Hawkfrost and Mothwing search for watermint for Mudfur and Mosspelt sniffs even she knows what that looks like. Mosspelt rushes out of the warriors' den when Leopardstar calls a Clan meeting about Mudfur discovering a sign from StarClan approving of Mothwing's medicine cat training. She stands guard the night of Mothwing's ceremony at the Moonstone and briskly nods at her. Many moons later, Mosspelt paces outside the nursery on the eve of the Great Battle. She is gravely injured while defending the nursery and Mothwing reassures her someone else will protect the kits while she recovers.

Dovewing's Silence[]

Following the Great Battle, Mosspelt is now mentoring Perchpaw.

In the Stand-Alone Manga[]

A Shadow in RiverClan[]

Mosspelt congratulates Feathertail and Stormfur after their warrior ceremonies. While sitting with Sasha and Feathertail, Mosspelt warns two kits who are playing too rough that Tigerstar will get them if they are misbehaving. Later in leaf-bare, Mosspelt tries to break through the ice to catch fish but it is too solid. While standing guard, Mosspelt is attacked by a large and starving fox and her cries wake her Clanmates. In new-leaf, Mosspelt hunts with Feathertail and Hawkfrost.

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Frogleap:[18] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Dawnflower:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Willowshine:[20] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Woodkit:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Robinkit:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member

Foster daughter:

Feathertail:[21] Deceased, verified the Tribe of Endless Hunting and StarClan member

Foster son:

Stormfur:[21] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


Emberdawn:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Pebblefoot:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Minnowtail:[15] Living (As of Wind)
Tumblekit:[22] Deceased, verified StarClan member



    = Tom

    = She-cat

    = Gender unknown


Mosspelt ♀
Feathertail ♀Dawnflower ♀Stormfur ♂

    = Tom

    = She-cat

    = Gender unknown



Interesting Facts[]

  • Mosspelt is currently the oldest known living cat in the Clans, at approximately 13 years old.[23]


  • She was mistakenly called bracken-colored.[24]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In The Clans Decide, Mosspelt asks Firestar to come back to the daylight Gathering he called. Later, she votes for him to become the temporary leader of all the Clans.[25]
  • Mosspelt and Frogleap being mates and their daughter being Dawnflower was first revealed on Su Susann's "Missing Kits" on Vicky's Facebook. Mosspelt and Frogleap later have Willowshine together.[26]


"Not ever, I should hope. There are enough cats around the lake already."
―Mosspelt about finding SkyClan Shattered Sky, page 29

«[Mosspelt] came staggering up, with blood smeared over her white chest fur. She halted beside her Clan leader and pressed her nose into Mistystar's shoulder fur. Violetpaw turned aside, unable to go on witnessing their grief.»
—Mosspelt comforting Mistystar after RiverClan's defeat Shattered Sky, page 105

"But you brought us here because you believe we can work together. We did it before, didn't we? For the Great Journey? Will you give up so quickly this time?"
―Mosspelt to Firestar The Clans Decide, page 6

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