"Calm down. The Moonpool is frozen! That must be what’s keeping StarClan away. But don't worry. Newleaf will come; it always does."
— Mosspelt to the Clans in Lost Stars, page 109

Mosspelt is a tortoiseshell[6]-and-white[4] she-cat[6] with blue eyes[7] and white chest fur.[8]

Mosspelt is an elder of RiverClan under Mistystar's leadership in the lake territories. As Mosspaw, she underwent warrior training and earned her warrior name of Mosspelt. When her Clanmate, Silverstream, died giving birth to her kits, Mosspelt raised them along with their father, Graystripe, a ThunderClan warrior who joined RiverClan to be with his kits. Upon his return to ThunderClan, Mosspelt raised Feathertail and Stormfur as if they were her own. Mosspelt also bore Dawnflower with Frogleap, and Willowshine, who would become RiverClan's medicine cat.


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The Prophecies Begin

"Nothing to be sorry for. And you can be sure that your kits will be well cared for. I’ll keep an eye on them, and Mistyfoot and Stonefur are mentoring them."
—Mosspelt after Graystripe apologizes for returning to ThunderClan. A Dangerous Path, page chapter 22
Mosspelt is a RiverClan queen with a litter of kits, assigned to take in Silverstream's kits after her unfortunate death. She lovingly raises the kits, Stormkit and Featherkit, along with the help of their ThunderClan father, Graystripe. While many of the RiverClan cats are distrusting towards Graystripe, Mosspelt is among the few who befriend the tom. Though Graystripe leaves to return to ThunderClan, Mosspelt remains friendly with him, sharing news with him of his kits' accomplishments.

The New Prophecy

"The whole of RiverClan is in trouble. Mothwing’s den is full of sick cats. None have died yet, but they will die, if we don’t have help."
—Mosspelt seeking ThunderClan's help Twilight, page 149
At some point, she mothers Willowkit. When RiverClan is poisoned by Twolegs in the lake territories, Mosspelt fetches ThunderClan's medicine cat, Leafpool, to help them. Willowkit assists the RiverClan and ThunderClan medicine cats in curing the poison, eventually becoming Mothwing's apprentice.

Power of Three

"Mosspelt. Lionpaw recognized the blue-eyed tortoiseshell from Gatherings. But this wasn’t a Gathering, and he was going to make her sorry she’d ever set paw on his land."
Lionpaw encountering Mosspelt in battle Eclipse, page 215
She receives her first apprentice, Pebblepaw. In the battle of the eclipse, she is nearly killed by Lionpaw, a ThunderClan apprentice, but manages to escape when he is confronted by Firestar.

A Vision of Shadows

"[Mosspelt] came staggering up, with blood smeared over her white chest fur. She halted beside her Clan leader and pressed her nose into Mistystar’s shoulder fur. Violetpaw turned aside, unable to go on witnessing their grief."
—Mosspelt comforting Mistystar after RiverClan's defeat Shattered Sky, page Chapter 9
She has retired to the elder's den. After the secret about SkyClan is revealed, Mosspelt is disdainful, expressing that there are already too many cats around the lake. When the Kin drive RiverClan from their territory, Mosspelt comforts the grieving Mistystar, later putting herself between Darktail and the furious Mistystar when Darktail refuses to let the Clan retrieve their injured. After the Kin are defeated, she rests with the rest of her Clan in the ThunderClan camp. She returns to RiverClans territory with her Clanmates, and falls ill during the watermint shortage. After the RiverClan camp catches fire, she is rescued by Alderheart.

The Broken Code

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  • She was mistakenly called bracken-colored.[9]

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"Not ever, I should hope. There are enough cats around the lake already."
—Mosspelt about finding SkyClan Shattered Sky, page 29

Mosspelt: "Don't. That's what he wants."
Mistystar: "But we can't leave our Clanmates here as if they were pieces of crow-food!"
Mosspelt: "We can sit vigil for them tonight wherever we happen to be. Not even Darktail can stop their spirits from traveling to StarClan."
Mistystar: "You're right. But it breaks my heart."
—Mosspelt and Mistystar about attacking Darktail and leaving the deceased behind Shattered Sky, pages 107-108

"But you brought us here because you believe we can work together. We did it before, didn't we? For the Great Journey? Will you give up so quickly this time?"
—Mosspelt to Firestar The Clans Decide, page 6

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