"Closing her eyes, she stretched her muzzle forward and touched her nose to the sparkling rock."
— Narrator about Moth Flight in Moth Flight's Vision, page 88
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Chapter Number: 10 (of 37)
Page Numbers: 81-88

Chapter description

To Moth Flight's relief, the moth avoids the Twoleg farm, and goes deeper into the valley. Moth Flight begins to feel cold, and her belly rumbles. Micah pads closer to her and they share each other's warmth as they follow the moth. Moth Flight is tired as they approach Highstones. Micah states that they cannot continue without resting, and adds that the moth will come back in the morning. Moth Flight desperately scans the sheer rock for a path to go up the cliff. Micah observes a hole in the cliff face, and Moth Flight states that it is an entrance. The moth disappears, and Moth Flight states that she thinks she needs to go into the hole. She confesses that she is afraid of the dark, and Micah promises to be with her. Moth Flight tells him that she needs to go alone.
Micah agrees, with the condition that she eats first. Micah kills a mouse and Moth Flight eats the prey. Moth Flight is pleased to see Micah coming back with two more mice. Micah says he will wait for her to come out. He adds that they will find shelter together later. Moth Flight thanks him and eats her second mouse. Micah peers into the cave and warns her to be careful. Moth Flight enters the cave and feels curiously calm, a chill reaching through her pelt. She opens her mouth, tasting the air. Moth Flight hears a drop of water resound on a rock and steps into a cavern. She recognizes the walls, spotting the huge rock at the center. As the moon lifts higher, the rock sparks into light. Moth Flight narrows her eyes against the light and glances around for spirit-cats. Unable to see any other cats, she pads to the stone. Moth Flight closes her eyes and touches her nose to the rock.




  • Gray she-cat (Unnamed)[2]

Notes and references

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