"We have give you the gift we will give all leaders: the gift of nine lives. From now on, you shall be known as Windstar."
Half Moon hailing Windstar by her new name in Moth Flight's Vision, page 447
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Chapter Number: 34 (of 37)
Page Numbers: 436-447

Chapter description

Moth Flight, Dust Muzzle, Spotted Fur, and Wind Runner have arrived at the entrance to the Moonstone. Moth Flight tells Dust Muzzle and Spotted Fur they must wait outside, and she alone can take Wind Runner to visit with StarClan. She is hesitant, but reassures herself that her bond with StarClan is special enough to make it through.
Moth Flight begins to drag a feverish Wind Runner down the tunnel, hoping she can hold on until they reach the stone. The tunnel opens up into a cave, and Moth Flight sets Wind Runner down next to the unlit Moonstone. Wind Runner is still, then suddenly, the Moonstone lights up as the moon reaches its peak.
Moth Flight hears Micah's voice telling her that everything will be fine. He appears in spirit form, telling Moth Flight that she has done well, and Wind Runner belongs to StarClan now. He tells her that one day, she will gather the petals of the blazing star, but not yet.
StarClan warriors begin to appear around the Moonstone, one of them Gray Wing. He steps forwards and commends Moth Flight on her courage in bringing Wind Runner here, and reading StarClan's signs from a moth. Moth Flight is impatient and urges StarClan to heal Wind Runner, and Gray Wing responds that they can't save her, but can give her a gift instead.
StarClan performs the first ever leadership ceremony on Wind Runner. She receives lives from Gray Wing, Petal, Turtle Tail, Branch, Willow Tail, Morning Whisker, Emberkit and Half Moon. Half Moon welcomes Wind Runner as the first-ever leader to receive nine lives, and explains she can die eight more times before joining StarClan. Half Moon hails Wind Runner by her new name, Windstar, and StarClan cheers her name.





Important events


Windstar's leader ceremony
Gray Wing: Wind Runner, with this life I give you determination to bring unity to all the Clans.
Petal: With this life may you learn to love friendship and loyalty of all things.
Turtle Tail: Don’t be afraid, Wind Runner. We are giving you a gift. A gift for all the Clans. With this life, I give you stubbornness to keep going in the face of future troubles.
Wind Runner: What are you doing here?
Branch: I know you hate me for leaving you.
Wind Runner: You’re a coward, Branch! You abandoned me before I could hunt properly! There’s nothing I want from you!
Branch: I didn’t mean to leave you.
Wind Runner: Yet you left me all the same! It was the kindest thing you ever did for me. If you hadn’t disappeared, I’ve never met Gorse Fur. He’s a better cat than you could ever be! He has given me love and loyalty, and kits that I’m proud of.
Branch: You deserve a cat like Gorse Fur far more than you deserve me. With this life, I give you the confidence to open your heart to other cats. I give you trust.
Wind Runner: You lied to me.
Willow Tail: I know. I led my Clanmates into battle for no good reason. I’m sorry. With this life, I give your heart the grace to forgive all cats, however weak or wrong they may be.
Wind Runner: Morning Whisker?
Morning Whisker: Hi, Wind Runner. […] Not yet.
Wind Runner: Are you well? Are you happy?
Morning Whisker: Yes. Half Moon and Gray Wing have taught me how to hunt.
Wind Runner: You hunt?
Morning Whisker: We hunt, and warm our pelts in sunshine and share tongues, like you.
Wind Runner: Is Emberkit with you?
Morning Whisker: With this life, I give you resilience, to keep going, whatever troubles life brings.
Wind Runner: Emberkit?
Emberkit: Hello, Wind Runner. I wish I could have stayed with you longer. But I’m happy to be with StarClan. There are moors for me to play on. One day I’ll show them to you. With this life I give you love.
Wind Runner: Who are you?
Half Moon: Half Moon.
Wind Runner: Are you Stoneteller? Gray Wing and Jagged Peak have spoken of you often. Moth Flight too, I am honored to meet you.
Half Moon: You are the first. May you carry StarClan in your heart always.
Wind Runner: The first? […]
Moth Flight: No! You killed her! I brought her here to be saved!
Half Moon: Have faith, Moth Flight.
Moth Flight: [...] I don’t understand.
Half Moon: Remember your dreams. You are the first of the stars that will rise. We have given you the gift we will give all leaders: the gift of nine lives. From now on, you shall be known as Windstar.
StarClan: Windstar! Windstar! Windstar!
Reference: Moth Flight's Vision, pages 440-447

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