"Micah saved him! [...] He spoke to me and told me what to do. I was frozen with terror! If Micah hadn't told me what to do, I would have watched my kit die. [...] I spend half my time terrified that my kits might die while I'm looking after my Clan, and the other half terrified a Clanmate might die while I'm looking after my kits. StarClan sent me a sign that let me save Windstar. But what if they'd sent it earlier, while I was rescuing Spider Paw? I would have missed it! Windstar could be dead. And we'd have never discovered that leaders should have nine lives."
Moth Flight to Acorn Fur about taking a mate in Moth Flight's Vision, page 457
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Chapter Number: 35 (of 37)
Page Numbers: 448-458

Chapter description

Bubbling Stream tells Moth Flight that White Tail had said that she could go hunting with him and Storm Pelt, and adds they won't let any buzzards get her. She asks how Storm Pelt will protect her while teaching White Tail, and Bubbling Stream stomps away. Blue Whisker tells her that she knew Moth Flight would say no. She looks at Windstar and observes that there is no sign of her injuries. Windstar orders her Clanmates to go hunting and patrolling. Reed Tail questions whether Windstar is all right, and says that it is hard to believe that StarClan has such power. Moth Flight understands his bewilderment, and reflects that the day they had came back to the Clan, Windstar had told Gorse Fur that she now had nine lives, a gift given by StarClan. In the days that followed, they had visited each camp to share the news.
Moth Flight looks up to see Honey Pelt scrambling up the tall rock. Reed Tail reaches up and places the tom-kit back onto the ground. Windstar sternly tells him to play with his littermates, and Honey Pelt obeys. Blue Whisker suggests they play hunting, and asks Moth Flight if any cat has ever caught a buzzard. Moth Flight answers that she doesn't think so, but Gray Wing has told them that in the mountains they had hunted eagles. Rocky offers to watch the kits while Moth Flight gathers herbs. Moth Flight hesitates, feeling an urge to be near her kits. Rocky reminds her that her stock is low. Honey Pelt lands on Moth Flight's back for a badger ride and she pads forward. She is torn between her medicine cat duties and the needs of her kits. Half Moon's words echo in her head; that it is her destiny, whether she wants it or not. Moth Flight winces as Honey Pelt digs his claws into her back, and tells Rocky that she will do it tomorrow, and spend the day with her kits.
Moth Flight follows Pebble Heart through the tunnel to the Moonstone, and she murmurs to herself that Dappled Pelt and Acorn Fur must already be there. Cloud Spots hopes the clouds clear soon, since the moon is rising. Moth Flight steps into the cave and spots the other medicine cats. Acorn Fur says that perhaps StarClan doesn't want to share tonight. The other cats tell each other that each of the leaders have gotten the suffix -star and nine lives. Moth Flight gazes at the Moonstone, wanting to touch the stone. Pebble Heart sadly comments that he wishes Sun Shadow was here, for he has redcough. Pebble Heart asks Moth Flight if her Clan has healed, and she tells him that some cats will secretly be proud of their scars. Acorn Fur states that Red Claw is the same, and purrs that she didn't know he was so kind. Dappled Pelt says it sounds like she is in love.
Moth Flight is surprised at the harshness in her voice as she says no. Acorn Fur asks what's wrong, and asks if Moth Flight is worried that she will also lose her mate. Moth Flight glares at her, stating she doesn't understand. Moth Flight declares that no cat should have kits or take a mate. Acorn Fur stares at her. Moth Flight states that she was wrong to do so. Pebble Heart asks what she means. Moth Flight tells them that she can't be a medicine cat and a mother at the same time. She states that when Spider Paw had almost drowned, she had been frozen in terror, and confesses the only reason she was able to save his life was because Micah had told her what do to. Moth Flight asks what would've happened if she'd missed the sign from StarClan and what would have happened if Windstar had died. The white she-cat glares at Acorn Fur, stating she shouldn't even share nests with Red Claw, and that she must only live for her Clan. Acorn Fur's eyes flash angrily, and she says that it is easy for Moth Flight to say, as she already has kits. Moth Flight says she can't do it anymore. Pebble Heart stiffens, and asks Moth Flight if she will stop being a medicine cat. Moth Flight says that being a medicine cat is her destiny. Pebble Heart asks what she is going to do then. The earth seems to tremble beneath Moth Flight's paws as grief pours out of her, and she says she is going to give up her kits.





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