"That is why you must each join a Clan. You are littermates. Your bond is strong. One day, when you are grown up, that bond will make the Clans into one family once more. You are the petals of the blazing star."
Moth Flight to her kits on why she is giving them up in Moth Flight's Vision, page 463
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Chapter Number: 36 (of 37)
Page Numbers: 459-471

Chapter description

Moth Flight has arrived at Fourtrees with her kits; Honey Pelt, Bubbling Stream, Blue Whisker and Spider Paw. While they wait for the four other leaders to appear, Moth Flight explains to her kits that she is going to give one of them to each other Clan. They are dismayed at first, but Moth Flight tells them about the history of the Clans and the prophecy of the Blazing Star. She says that it is StarClan's wish and they will bring peace to the Clans when they are grown. Honey Pelt helps to convince his littermates that it will be fun, to which Moth Flight is grateful for.
Riverstar arrives first. Thunderstar comes next, and Moth Flight says that he will take Blue Whisker. Blue Whisker is concerned about sleeping alone, but Thunderstar reassures her that she can sleep with Milkweed's kits. Shadowstar and Skystar arrive last, and they are given Bubbling Stream and Honey Pelt, respectively.
Bubbling Stream leaves first with Shadowstar, and Moth Flight promises to visit her. Blue Whisker and Thunderstar disappear over the ridge. Riverstar asks who he will be taking to RiverClan. He is pleased to hear he will take Spider Paw, remarking that he'll make a good swimmer. He tells Spider Paw he hasn't lost an apprentice learning to swim yet, and not to worry. Spider Paw and Moth Flight say their goodbyes, and leave the hollow.
Skystar turns to Honey Pelt, asking if he's ready to join SkyClan. Honey Pelt says yes, and tells Moth Flight that if it is StarClan's wish, he is happy to go. Skystar and Honey Pelt leave the hollow, and Moth Flight is alone. She is visited by Micah's spirit, who praises her and tells her she did the right thing. Moth Flight promises to do her best as WindClan's medicine cat.





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