"Losing Slate's kits, getting lost when you should have been hunting. We're used to that. But you've never been that reckless. You're not just a danger to yourself! You're a danger to your Clan!"
Wind Runner to Moth Flight about her irresponsibility in Moth Flight's Vision, page 43

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Chapter Number: 4 (of 37)
Page Numbers: 40-43

Chapter description

Moth Flight runs after the moth, ignoring Wind Runner and Gorse Fur, whom are calling her back, as she feels it wants to show her something. She chases it off the moor and into the valley, but pauses when she suddenly feels hard stone under her paws. Moth Flight smells the Thunderpath, but the moth still beckons her, and she follows it.
As she leaps for it, Moth Flight is knocked over and rolls across the Thunderpath and into the grass on the verge. A monster roars by and she is showered in grit. Gorse Fur is beside her as she scrambles to her paws, and he looks shocked. He says that she could have been killed and Moth Flight stares at him. Gorse Fur starts to look angry and tells her that she was standing in the middle of the Thunderpath, and asks if she heard the monster coming. Moth Flight simply replies that she was following the moth.
Wind Runner and Dust Muzzle approach, and her mother is furious. She calls Moth Flight a fool, while Dust Muzzle is horrified. He starts to speak but Wind Runner cuts in, telling Moth Flight she could have been killed. Moth Flight stiffens as she sees the fear in her mother's eyes.
Dust Muzzle asks if they are hurt, and Gorse Fur replies that they are both fine. Wind Runner turns to Moth Flight, and she apologizes. Wind Runner snarls at her that she has always been irresponsible, and that they were used to that, but she had never been so reckless. Wind Runner tells Moth Flight she is a danger to the Clan. Moth Flight tries to say sorry again, overwhelmed with guilt and fear. Wind Runner snaps that she has worn out that word, and that WindClan would be better off without her.
Dust Muzzle gasps and Gorse Fur tries to soothe Wind Runner, but Moth Flight barely hears them. She realizes that Wind Runner is right and wonders what would have happened if they hadn't gotten to Slate's kits in time, or if Gorse Fur had been killed. She starts to back away, and Wind Runner yowls at her to tell her where she is going. Moth Flight replies that she needs to think and be alone, and starts to head for the hedge beyond the Thunderpath. Gorse Fur tells her she can't go off by herself, and as Moth Flight begins to run, Wind Runner calls out that sulking won't help. She ignores them, and thinks that she is a danger to her Clan and doesn't deserve to be with them.





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