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Chapter Number: 7 (of 37)
Page Numbers: 58-63

Chapter Summary

Moth Flight's PoV

Moth Flight follows the ditch until she is sure her trail was disguised, before hopping out and shaking the water from her paws. She follows a dirt track until it veers toward a Twoleg nest. She decides to avoid the nest, as it might have dogs, and pushes through a patch of bracken and into a meadow. Moth Flight sniffs at the stems, not recognizing the plants and remarking at how different it was from the sparse moor, and continued to follow the valley.
Moth Flight is wary at how far the journey is going to take her, feeling strange to be away from her Clanmates at the moor. She wonders if the moth simply wanted show her the rich foliage of the valley. At she travels, Moth Flight realizes she is getting hungry and thirsty, tasting the air for water. She finds herself on the edge of a large field, where monsters have left tracks filled with water. Though it tastes bitter, Moth Flight drinks from one of the tracks, avoiding the clumsy sheep grazing.
She spots a mouse and attempts to catch it, thinking of how easy Gorse Fur's training came back to her when Wind Runner wasn't watching, but is distracted as the moth reappears. She gives chase, but it climbs higher in the sky. Moth Flight stops chasing it as she hears a dog's bark, which grows happier as it sees her. The sheep around her begin to run in panic, and she sprints toward the edge of the field as the dog races toward her, aiming for the thick hedge. But the dog is faster that her and she feels its hot breath on her haunches and a nip on her tail.
Moth Flight realizes she'll have to wound it first before she can outrun it, and skids to a halt, lashing out with her forepaws. Before she can land a blow, however, a yellow tom flashes between them and the dog gives chase. Confused, she watches the cat until she is snapped out of her daze by two cats beside her, urging her away. She asks about the yellow tom, and one of the cats, a brown tom, asks her if she means Micah. The black-and-white she-cat tells her that he doesn't need any help, and the brown tom tells her to follow them to safety. They push through the hedge, and Moth Flight hopes that the yellow tom will be safe.





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