"It's beautiful! Is that the moth you dreamed about?"
Micah about the moth to Moth Flight in Moth Flight's Vision, page 79
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Chapter Number: 9 (of 37)
Page Numbers: 74-80

Chapter summary

Moth Flight sneezes herself awake. Sniffing, she sees towering hay stacks around her. She saw some flattens straw nests, and guessed that Cow, Mouse, and Micah probably slept there. As she wonders where they had gone, she smells rain. Moth Flight thinks about the moth and the gray she-cat from her dreams. She wonders where the moth had been leading her before tumbling down the ladder. Drizzle sprays her face as she enjoys her surroundings. Cow and Mouse meet her and asks if she's hungry. Moth Flight replies that she will catch something on her way. Cow is confused. Moth Flight sees the moth and says that she has somewhere she needs to be. Cow and Mouse block her from leaving. Moth Flight argues with Cow and Mouse, who will not let her leave.
Moth Flight becomes angry and unsheathes her claws. She begs them to let her go. Micah comes out from a sleeping monster and tells his foster parents to let her go if she wants to go. Moth Flight is admired that he wasn't afraid of the monster. Micah soon convinces his foster parents to let her leave. He says that he'll go with her, but Moth Flight argues, saying that she's meant to go alone. Micah reminds her that she's been in his dreams since he could remember. After he finally gets Moth Flight to let him go with her, Cow shows sadness towards Micah leaving, and the yellow tom promises that they'll see each other again.
Moth Flight and Micah start running, following the moth. Micah asks what the rush is. Moth Flight points toward the moth. Micah exclaims that it's beautiful. Joy sparks Moth Flight's pelt knowing that Micah could see it. The moth moves towards the woods, and Moth Flight asks where it's going. Micah says there's a Twoleg barn there, and Moth Flight becomes worried about dogs, later to be reassured by Micah that he could handle them.





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