"Don't just stand there! Show her some respect! Start digging her grave."
Moth Flight to the cats standing around a blue-gray she cat in Moth Flight's Vision, page 3
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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 37)
Page Numbers: 1-4

Chapter description

Moth Flight yowls at other felines to help an injured blue-gray she cat. She glances at a dark tabby and begs for help, but no cat seemed to hear her. A black-and-white tom scrambles desperately as the tabby pins him down. She wonders if this is a battle. A young ginger tom races towards the blue-gray cat's side, and two other faces stare at the cat in horror.
Moth Flight yells to the fighting toms that the blue-gray cat is dying, but they ignore her. She races towards the injured she-cat, and notes that despite the sun hitting her pelt, there are no shadows. She asks the flame-colored tom what happened to the she-cat. The tom gives no reply and leans over to the dying cat. Moth Flight begs the cat not to die, and tries to put her paw on the body, but it passes through it as if it were mist.
The dark tabby comes over and pushes past her, but she feels nothing. He opens his jaws, as if speaking, but Moth Flight cannot hear him. The young white cat watches the she-cat's death with horror and recalls Gray Wing's recent death and burial ceremony. Moth Flight tells the other felines to bury the dead cat, but no cat listened to her. She tries to persuade them, but all of them ignore her. She wonders if the cats are heartless.
Suddenly, the blue-gray cat's tail twitches and she lifts her head, and starts to talk to the ginger tom. Moth Flight tries to back away in disbelief, as the she-cat had been dead, but mist holds her in place. The young cats move away, relief on their faces as the she-cat gets to her paws; the dark tabby just watches, emotionless. Moth Flight runs away from the scene at last, surprised to see a green moth fluttering toward Highstones, and longs to follow it.





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