"Her dreams belonged to StarClan now. Every hair in her pelt, every beat of her heart, every breath belonged to them."
— Moth Flight on being a medicine cat in Moth Flight's Vision, page 479

Mothflight is a graying,[15] snowy[16]-white she-cat with bright green eyes.[17] She has soft,[2] short fur.[18]

She is born to Wind Runner and Gorse Fur, given the name Moth Flight, in Tall Shadow's camp, along with her siblings Emberkit, Dust Muzzle and Morning Whisker. Emberkit dies soon after birth and Morning Whisker passes due to sickness. Wind Runner and Gorse Fur leave Tall Shadow's camp to live solo, taking their remaining kits with them.

As she grows up, Moth Flight struggles to hunt and pay attention, causing Wind Runner to throw fits and making Moth Flight feel she is just a disappointment. On a hunting expedition, Moth Flight sees a moth and feels like she must follow it. She chases it onto the Thunderpath, just as a monster is coming. Gorse Fur pushes her out of the way just in time. Fed up, Wind Runner scolds her daughter harshly, and Moth Flight runs off. She continues to follow the moth, meeting a farm cat named Micah, who claims to have seen her in his dreams and joins her journey. The moth leads her to Highstones and into a cave, where she discovers the Moonstone and meets spirit cats who deem her the first medicine cat.

Micah becomes SkyClan's medicine cat and they become mates, but he dies shortly after, crushed by a falling tree branch. Moth Flight lives with ShadowClan temporarily until she learns she's expecting Micah's kits. She returns to WindClan and she has four kits, Blue Whisker, Bubbling Stream, Honey Pelt and Spider Paw. She struggles to take care of her kits and balance out her duties as medicine cat, and she eventually decides to give the kits up, splitting them so each Clan has one kit. The purpose of her decision was to bring the five Clans closer together by the bond of heritage, like the five petals on a star flower.

At Heatherstar's Leader ceremony, Mothflight appears in StarClan, warning the new leader that there will be a cat, whose loyalty to WindClan wavers, will leave her territory to discover where his heart lies.


In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moth Flight is in the middle of a dream. She is watching a terrible battle, in which one blue-gray she-cat receives a terrible wound. A huge dark tabby and a black-and-white tom fight nearby, and Moth Flight begs them to help the dying she-cat. Moth Flight wonders if this is a battle, but she notices that other cats present are not in the midst of the fight. A tom with ginger fur like flame races over to the dying she-cat as two terrified faces peer over the top of the ditch. She yowls once again at the two fighting toms to stop, but none of them listen to her. Moth Flight pads over to the ginger tom and asks what happened to the dying cat. The ginger tom doesn't answer her. Moth Flight pleads for the cat not to die, and places her paw on her flank, yet it passes through the body like it is mist. Moth Flight realizes that the dark tabby has stopped fighting as he pads past Moth Flight, and she notices that there is no weight that she feels from him, as if she wasn't there. The cats gather around to watch the blue-gray she-cat slowly die. Once the dying she-cat draws her last breath, Moth Flight is traumatized at seeing death happen once again, and begins to tremble.
She remembers the recent death of Gray Wing, and remembers how small and lifeless he looked after death, and remembers how WindClan buried him. Moth Flight breathes shakily and tells the cats that they must bury her, but they once again ignore her. A long time passes, and suddenly the dead she-cat's tail twitches. She raises her head and blearily speaks to the ginger tom, authority in her gaze that reminds Moth Flight of Wind Runner, and she wonders if the cat could possibly be the group's leader. Moth Flight wonders once again how she could be alive, and she notices the other cats' faces shining with relief, although Moth Flight notes that the dark tabby's face shows nothing. Moth Flight runs out of the ditch, and tries to make sense of what she just witnessed. Suddenly, a beautiful moth appears in front of her, and it flies toward Highstones. The moth doesn't slow down, however, and Moth Flight has to sprint to catch up. She wails inwardly as the moth speeds away.
Moth Flight is woken by her brother, Dust Muzzle. He asks her what she was mumbling about, and Moth Flight isn't sure what he means. Dust Muzzle explains that she had muttered that she wanted to go with someone. Spotted Fur then walks in beside Dust Muzzle and states that only old cats slept in the afternoon, and that she had been spending too much time with Rocky. Moth Flight realizes that Slate's kits are missing. Rocky says they're at the stream, so Moth Flight goes to find them, accompanied by Spotted Fur. They meet up with Willow Tail, who joins the search.
They find the kits, Silver Stripe fell into a tunnel, but they rescue her. Black Ear, and White Tail are safe, so they head home. Moth Flight asks Silver Stripe if she's hurt, getting angry with the kits soon afterward for leaving camp. She feels guilty when Willow Tail asks her if she was supposed to be watching them. She admits that she was and is very embarrassed that she let them escape.
As Spotted Fur and Willow Tail head back to camp with the kits, Moth Flight tries to bring one of the plants lining the river. Willow Tail scolds Moth Flight, and she reluctantly leaves her plant behind. On the way, they encounter a SkyClan cat named Red Claw. Willow Tail vigorously tells him to leave WindClan territory. After a few exchange of words, Red Claw heads back to SkyClan camp. Slate meets Spotted Fur, Willow Tail, Moth Flight, and the kits with eyes round with fear. Wind Runner scolds Moth Flight when she tries to go back for her plant. To stop the tension, Gorse Fur asks her to go hunt with him, Wind Runner and Dust Muzzle. They halt at the moortop and Wind Runner surveys the area. Moth Flight gazes past her at the Highstones, and her mother suddenly asks if she heard her, telling her that she said to go with Dust Muzzle and hunt out prey around the gorse patch. Moth Flight and her brother go down the slope. Dust Muzzle spots a shrew and Moth Flight stalks it, but leaps too far. She trips over her brother as he darts past. Dust Muzzle catches the shrew, and she gives him a proud look, saying she wished she was as good at hunting as he is.
Dust Muzzle scoops up the prey and heads back up slope, saying he thinks they've frightened all the prey away around here. Moth Flight follows, thinking she has ruined the hunt. They find their parents who are talking about Moth Flight. Gorse Fur is saying that she is special, while Wind Runner says they don't need special cats, they need hunters and fighters. Moth Flight growls, softly saying they think she's rabbit-brained. Dust Muzzle assures her that Gorse Fur is trying to explain that she's different. Their parents notice them and are surprised that all they caught is a shrew. Moth Flight spots a lapwing and is determined to impress her mother. She drops into a crouch, stalking toward it, but misses. Her father reassures her and she promises she'll get better. Wind Runner is at the entrance of a rabbit burrow and Gorse fur and Moth Flight join her. Moth Flight is distracted as she remembers her dream when Wind Runner calls out to her.
A rabbit pelts past her and they miss the catch. Wind Runner turns on Moth Flight. Gorse Fur joins them, and there is more pity than anger in his mew as he says she has to try paying attention. Wind Runner is about to begin a lecture, but Moth Flight repeats it for her. She is about to apologize once again, stopping when she sees the green wings of the moth fluttering a tail-length away. Her heart soars and is swamped by the same longing to follow it. She pelts after it, faintly hearing her parents yowling after her.
Suddenly, the earth turns to stone beneath her paws and the smell of Thunderpath hits her nose, she pauses. The moth stops too, wheeling in the air and flying back toward her. She realizes the moth is beckoning her. It begins moving again toward the fields beyond the Thunderpath, and Moth Flight leaps, trying to touch its wings, when hard muscles slam into her flank and knocks her across the Thunderpath. A roar explodes in her ears and the stench of monster hits her throat. As its roar fades, Gorse Fur's voice sounds in her ear, saying she could have been killed. Moth Flight struggles to make sense of what happened, explaining that she was chasing the moth. Paws thud across the Thunderpath as Wind Runner and Dust Muzzle race toward them. Moth Flight notices fear in her mother's gaze and stiffens, having never seen her mother frightened before. Dust Muzzle asks if they're okay, and Gorse Fur assures him they're fine, but Wind Runner's gaze burns into her daughter, and Moth Flight backs away, trembling, and apologizes.
Wind Runner sharply says she's always irresponsible, stating she's not just a danger to herself, but she's a danger to her Clan, WindClan would be better off without her. Moth Flight's heart seems to crack and she believes her mother is right. She backs away and her vision blurs, her chest is too tight to breathe. Wind Runner demands where she is going, and Moth Flight replies she needs time to think, wailing to not try and stop her, racing. Moth Flight decides she will not be going back to WindClan, and wonders if they are relieved she is gone. She hunts but cannot find a decent prey source, instead she catches a toad, and is disappointed with it. She hears something coming and thinks it's a fox, but it's only Spotted Fur. He tries to convince Moth Flight to return to the hollow, but she is stubborn with her choice and he decides to stay with her for the night. They share the rest of the toad together and make a nest.
Moth Flight dreams she is a cave of stone with a small opening at the top where starlight pools in. The long-furred she-cat from her previous dream is there, along with a gray tom. The she-cat touches her nose to the stone and goes stiff, while the tom curls up and closes his eyes. More cats appear and Moth Flight realizes they're spirits. She tries speaking to them but is frustrated to learn they can't hear her. She feels very small and alone when the familiar pale green wings of the moth flutter by the tunnel entrance. Moth Flight knows she must follow it and hurries past the cats to the darkness beyond. She blinks her eyes open, back in the nest with Spotted Fur snoring beside her. Moth Flight realizes that the moth is waiting to lead her. She knows she must go right away, but first tells Spotted Fur she must leave. The tom doesn't seem to hear her, but Moth Flight abandons him without pressing and continues on her journey to follow the moth, even though she has no clue where it is.
Moth Flight disguises her trail so no one will follow her, believing this is something she must do alone. She nearly catches a mouse, but stops pursuing it when she spots the moth. It begins heading across the field and Moth Flight follows. The moth starts rising higher into the air when a dog barks. It turns into excited yapping, but Moth Flight can't see where it's at. Sheep are in the field that she stands in and they part as the dog races toward her. She tries to fight it when a yellow tom lures the dog away, while a plump black-and-white she-cat and brown tom lead Moth Flight to their barn to shelter. She learns the yellow tom's name is Micah, and the others are Cow and Mouse. Micah returns, and when he sees Moth Flight, he is surprised and reveals he's seen her in his dreams. Cow weaves between them, mewing they can eat first and talk later. The cats hunt together in the shadows in the back of the barn. As they're eating, Moth Flight talks to Micah discuss their dreams, and Moth Flight wonders if he is part of her journey.
Moth Flight wakes the next morning and spots the moth. She attempts to leave but Cow and Mouse insist she stay for a few days, until Micah speaks up that they should let her go. He offers to join Moth Flight, and together, they set off to follow the moth. They travel all day until the moth leads them to Highstones, where it rests on the lip of an opening in the rock, before disappearing into the sky. Moth Flight thinks whatever the moth wanted to show her lies in the cave. Moth Flight enters the the opening, while Micah waits for her outside. As she goes deeper, she realizes the cave is actually a tunnel. She reaches the end of the tunnel, stepping into a cavern glimmering with starlight, and at once, Moth Flight recognizes the cave from her dream. She looks up to the gap in the roof where the moon is rising, and suddenly the cave bursts with bright light as the moon reflects off of the large stone in the center. She lies down and touches her nose to the stone, just like the she-cat in her dream, and closes her eyes.
Moth Flight opens her eyes and finds spirit-cats all staring at her. The cats all welcome her, saying she's come at last. Half Moon greets her and explains she has strength that no other cat has and the Clans need more than leadership and strength; they need nurture and care too, and she has been chosen to be the first medicine cat, that Moth Flight will learn how to heal her Clanmates when they are wounded or sick and recognize the omens they send her. Moth Flight wonders if she'll have to keep all the Clans safe, when Moon Shadow tells her that each Clan will have a medicine cat and she will be responsible with telling them. Half Moon shows her the chosen cats in a vision on the starlit stone in the center of the cave. The first shape to shimmer into view is Dappled Pelt of RiverClan, then Cloud Spots of ThunderClan and Pebble Heart of ShadowClan. Micah is the next cat to appear, and Petal gives him her blessing. Half Moon tells Moth Flight she must return to the Clans and tell them what the spirits have shown her and goes on that at next half-moon, and every one after, the medicine cats will gather here to speak to the spirit-cats. Moth Flight protests that she needs more time and she says she can't do it.
Morning Whisker and Emberkit reassure their sister and Half Moon promises they will send a sign at the full moon Gathering; we will split the sky, and later, stars will rise. The spirit-cats fade and Moth Flight leaves the cavern and returns to the open. Micah is waiting for her and she explains what happened, and tells him he is destined to be SkyClan's medicine cat. Moth Flight wakes up at the sun is beginning to set the next day. The Gathering is going to start later, and Moth Flight is desperate to tell Wind Runner so she can announce it to the other Clans. The two cats travel, reaching WindClan's camp as the sky is darkening. They are too late; Wind Runner and the cats have already left. Moth Flight hopes to catch up before they reach the fourtrees, but they don't reach them in time. Micah convinces Moth Flight that she must tell them herself and make their way down into the hollow.
Willow Tail is accusing Red Claw of prey-stealing, and Wind Runner and Clear Sky are arguing when Moth Flight pads into the clearing. Wind Runner's eyes are full of dread, as the moonlight shining on Moth Flight's pelt makes her appear to be glowing, and she believes her daughter is dead. Moth Flight assures her she's fine, pressing her muzzle to her cheek. Moth Flight explains that she brings news from the spirit-cats, and most of the cats appear skeptical. The cats don't take her seriously and go back to arguing about prey-stealing. Moth Flight tells them that she has the most important news they'll ever hear, and the future of the Clans depend on it. Before any cat can interrupt, she says she spoke to the spirit-cats and they told her that each Clan will have a medicine cat to care for the sick; Dappled Pelt will be RiverClan's, Pebble Heart will be ShadowClan's, and Cloud Spots' for ThunderClan. She decides to wait to mention Micah, wanting them to first get used to the idea of medicine cats. Tall Shadow wonders why they told Moth Flight this and not them, they're the Clan leaders. Moth Flight tells her that they said they'd speak through her from now on, and Clear Sky splutters that she's hardly more than a kit. Moth Flight ignores him and says they will send omens and that she must tell Wind Runner what they mean. Wind Runner approaches her daughter, gently suggesting they could just be dreams. Moth Flight argues that it was real, she followed a tunnel into Highstones and found a stone filled with moonlight, where she saw spirit-cats.
Clear Sky presses who SkyClan's medicine cat will be. Cats begin calling her a lair, but Pebble Heart steps up and tells them to give her a chance, and asks Moth Flight about SkyClan's medicine cat. The bracken rustles and Micah appears, announcing that the spirit-cats have picked him. Shocked mews rise from the cats. Micah supports Moth Flight. When asked if he knows about healing, Micah says he doesn't, and Moth Flight says they'll all learn, that Half Moon told her the Clans will depend on their medicine cats one day. The cats stiffen at Half Moon's name, and some cats seem to start believing her, but Clear Sky says she probably just heard Gray Wing or Jagged Peak talking about her.
The chosen medicine cats admit they've been having strange dreams and believe they could be signs that Moth Flight is right. Fern Leaf says Moth Flight could be misunderstanding the spirit-cats' message; she can't even tell the difference between plants and prey. Wind Runner defends her daughter, suggesting that maybe Moth Flight brings plants rather than prey because that's what a medicine cat does. The cats begin thinking that they should wait to have the spirit-cats speak to them, and Moth Flight argues, then remembers that Half Moon said they would send a sign, and tells the others. They wait for a long time, and just when Moth Flight is having doubts, a bright flash of lightning blinds the clearing, and on the far side of the hollow, a tree bursts into flames, splitting, and one half falls to the ground, burning.
The cats stare at her in silence once the flames die, and River Ripple pads forward, telling her to come with him. He heads for the great rock and leaps onto it; Moth Flight nervously following. River Ripple announces there can now be no disagreement. Clear Sky is still hesitant with Micah, but when the new cat mentions he had a dream of caring for Clear Sky's kit, the leader of SkyClan decides Micah can be his medicine cat if he can heal Tiny Branch. Tall Shadow officially names Pebble Heart's ShadowClan's medicine cat, while Thunder does the same for Cloud Spots, and River Ripple to Dappled Pelt. Wind Runner announces Moth Flight will be WindClan, her gaze warm. Moth Flight slithers down the rock to her mother, apologizing for spooking her, and Wind Runner tells her she's sorry for being so hard on her. Gorse Fur and Dust Muzzle join them, and Moth Flight tells them that Morning Whisker and Emberkit are happy with the spirit-cats. The cats from the other Clans are heading out and Wind Runner leads WindClan away, while Moth Flight stays back to say good-bye to Micah. After Micah leaves, Moth Flight is alone in the clearing and the moth flutters toward her, settling on her muzzle, before swooping away until it is lost in the branches of the oaks.
Moth Flight is given her own den to sleep and store herbs in, along with enough room for sick cats to stay over in. Rocky has a fever and Moth Flight, Dust Muzzle, and Spotted Fur go to Twolegplace to find him catmint. They cross through Clear Sky's territory. Upon reaching it, the three split up in search for the herb. Moth Flight finds the catmint, and is nearly caught by a Twoleg. She manages to escape and the three head back home. She leaves Spotted Fur and Dust Muzzle to hunt, while she hurries back to camp. Just as she finishes giving Rocky a dose of the herb, Micah arrives at WindClan's camp to see her. They talk about Micah's life in SkyClan, when Wind Runner interrupts. With tensions high between their Clans, she urges him to leave and scolds Moth Flight for going through the forest..
Moth Flight joins the other medicine cats at the first half-moon gathering. She touches her nose to the moonlit stone and finds herself on top of a hill with the others, where they are reunited with the spirit cats who were once their friends and family. Moth Flight speaks with Half Moon, who tells her she did well. Half Moon thanks Micah for joining them. When Micah says he only joined SkyClan, Half Moon replies that he joined the Clans, what are they if not another Clan. Moth Flight's breath catches in her throat, saying that they're StarClan. The starry cats cheer their new name. After the spirit cats leave, the medicine cats decide they will go to each others camps to exchange knowledge. Micah decides he and Moth Flight will travel to RiverClan in a few days. As they leave the tunnel, they discuss coughs and Cloud Spots says there's a tree on SkyClan territory with sap that can cure any cough.
Moth Flight and Micah go to RiverClan's camp to learn from Dappled Pelt. While there, Drizzle falls into the river and Dappled Pelt helps get the water out of her lungs. The next day, they go to ThunderClan's camp where Cloud Spots shares his knowledge with them. Spotted Fur arrives the next morning to fetch Moth Flight to help Rocky. Micah says they need the sap from the tree in SkyClan territory, so the two medicine cats quickly make their journey there. Micah climbs the tree to fetch the sap, but Clear Sky and Red Claw appear. SkyClan's leader demands Moth Flight to leave and orders Red Claw to stop Micah. Willow Tail, who followed Moth Flight's scent, arrives and chases after Red Claw in the tree. Micah returns to the ground with the bark and sap. Red Claw and Willow Tail erupt into fighting in the branches. Micah goes to stop them. The branch below them is rotten and breaks, landing on Micah, crushing his spine and he dies.
The next morning, Micah is buried. Grief clouding her judgement, Moth Flight blames his death on the cats who had been fighting. Pebble Heart, who came to pay his respects, says Micah is safe now. Not wanting to return home, due to the memories of Micah being there, Moth Flight joins Pebble Heart in ShadowClan to have a break. She borrows Sun Shadow's den while at her stay. Sometime passes when Juniper Branch begins kitting early, and the kits get stuck. Moth Flight helps Pebble Heart deliver the kits. The last kit to be born is motionless, and Moth Flight has the idea that the kit might have water in her lungs. She does the same as Dappled Pelt did to help Drizzle and saves the kit.
Moth Flight is gathering herbs with Pebble Heart when Cow and Mouse show up, and they go back to camp, on their way there, Moth Flight tells them of Micah's death and how they were mates. Once at camp, Cow glances at her belly, asking Moth Flight if she will go back to the moor to have her kits. Moth Flight is shocked and overwhelmed, she decides it's time to return to the moor. Upon returning, she soon has four kits, Bubbling Stream, Honey Pelt, Blue Whisker, and Spider Paw. Moth Flight has a dream of Micah and they discuss the kits. Micah says that someone is coming to visit her and she must help her. Moth Flight's kits are playing when Wind Runner and Jagged Peak escort Acorn Fur and Dappeld Pelt into camp. They begin arguing over borders, but in the end decide to save in for another time. Dappled Pelt explains that Acorn Fur has learned everything she can from the other medicine cats and it is now Moth Flight's turn to pass on her knowledge to the SkyClan cat. Acorn Fur says Micah came to her in a dream, telling her to train with Moth Flight. WindClan's medicine cat realizes Acorn Fur is the cat who Micah said would visit, and she agrees to train her every afternoon. Acorn Fur is late one day, so Moth Flight goes to investigate, only to be stopped by Sparrow Fur and is not allowed to continue training Acorn Fur.
At the fullmoon Gathering, SkyClan is late, and with the recent disputes between them and WindClan, Wind Runner is fed up and decides they must exclude SkyClan in order to retain peace. Moth Flight and the other medicine cats call out against it. Sparrow Fur rushes into the clearing, claiming that Tiny Branch got bit by a fox and he needs help. All four medicine cats rush to the kits aid, but it is too late, and Tiny Branch dies.
Slate catches redcough and she needs sap from the tree where Micah died. Moth Flight and Spotted Fur trek into the enemies territory to gather it, but are caught and taken to camp, held as prisoner. Clear Sky orders they will stay until Wind Runner arrives and exiles Willow Tail, whom Red Claw claims has been spreading lies and rumors. Acorn Fur goes to fetch the other Clans medicine cats, in hopes they might be able to sway Clear Sky before a battle between the two Clans starts. Too late, Wind Runner leads a patrol into SkyClan's camp and a battle begins. Wind Runner's is given a nasty neck wound and a broken, and Willow Tail is blinded by Clear Sky. She confesses that she framed SkyClan as prey stealers to cause a battle, revenge to Red Claw, whom she believed to have purposely killed her friend. The other medicine cats arrive, but Willow Tail cannot be saved and dies. Moth Flight helps Pebble Heart with Wind Runner's leg, until she is consumed with worry for her kits and rushes back to them.
Moth Flight has a dream of a brown she-cat receiving some kind of agonizing blessing from StarClan. She wakes, checking on Wind Runner, whose fever has continuously worsened. She checks the wound on her mothers neck, finding it to have the sour stench of infection. Honey Pelt asks if Moth Flight can come play yet, she guilty apologizes that she needs to look after Wind Runner. Gorse Fur comes in and watches over his mate while Moth Flight goes to visit Dappled Pelt to see if she may have herbs to help Wind Runner. When she reaches the river, she finds Spider Paw drowning and the rest of her kits on the shore. After saving Spider Paw, she returns the kits to WindClan and goes back to find Dappled Pelt. Dappled Pelt can't help her and says Wind Runner's fate might be up to StarClan, then Moth Flight spots the green wings of the moth that led her to Highstones. Moth Flight remembers the dreams she'd had of cats going to the Moonstone and knows it must mean something. She realizes it wants her to take Wind Runner to Highstones. She returns to camp to fetch her mother. After arguing with Gorse Fur, Wind Runner, though weak, intervenes and agrees to go. With the help of Spotted Fur and Dust Muzzle, they get Wind Runner to the Moonstone. StarClan comes to them and saves Wind Runner, blessing her with the nine lives of a leader and granting her the new name Windstar. Moth Flight passes on the news to the other leaders, who also receive their nine lives.
At the next halfmoon gathering, Acorn Fur speaks fondly of Red Claw and Cloud Spots says Moth Flight will no longer be the only medicine cat with kits. Moth Flight says no medicine cat should ever take a mate or have kits. Acorn Fur points out that she did, and Moth Flight says she was wrong, she can't be a mother and a medicine cat, it's too hard to concentrate on helping her Clan and being a mother. She decides she will give up her kits, each one going to a different Clan. The next half moon gathering, the medicine cats all agree to never have mates or kits.
In the manga adventure, Moth Flight is treating Drizzle's leg after she hurts it while playing on some ice. She asks Spider Paw if Blue Whisker was at the Gathering, saying her kits are due soon, and he answers that she was, and she was as fat as a badger. Moth Flight decides to visit her daughter, arriving just as Blue Whisker is kitting. ThunderClan's medicine cat is gathering herbs and they can't find him, so Moth Flight helps her, and she soon delivers three kits. Bubbling Steam and Honey Pelt visit too, Honey Pelt cracks a joke about Moth Flight's graying fur. They sit in the nursery with Blue Whisker and Moth Flight reveals she expects to be hunting with StarClan soon, which surprises them. Moth Flight says she doesn't want any of them to get upset over it, she will go to StarClan as a happy cat. Moth Flight stops speaking, seeing the green moth fluttering around the nursery. Her kits ask what she's looking at, and she knows they can't see it, it's only meant for her eyes. Moth Flight tells them no mother could ever be prouder of her kits and she wants them to continue on the paths they've chosen. She leaves the nursery, following the moth. She sees Micah and joins him in StarClan.

Tallstar's Revenge

Shortly after Heatherstar's leader ceremony, Mothflight asks why Heatherstar still lingers when the spirits had gone. The former confesses that she wishes to stay in StarClan for a bit longer, and asks the latter about her identity. Mothflight answers with her name, eyes shining, and Heatherstar notes that she was WindClan's first medicine cat. Mothflight then nods, and Heatherstar adds that she discovered the Moonstone. Mothflight replies that she watched her naming ceremony, and waited for the others to leave, so that they could speak privately.
Heatherstar asks her if she has a prophecy, but Mothflight replies that it is more of a warning than a prophecy. She then tells Heatherstar to listen carefully, and to not demand the loyalty of her Clan. Heatherstar retorts that she would demand it, and Mothflight responds that her warriors should decide where their loyalty is. She hisses that it should lie with their Clan, prompting Mothflight to respond that she can't test it. Heatherstar replies that she is their leader, and Mothflight answers that she is young, and wisdom comes with experience, then asking to let her words guide her.
Heatherstar then snorts that she will make decisions herself, and Mothflight soothes her, stating that she doesn't realize that occasionally, warriors will leave what they love before they understand what they value. Heatherstar asks if she meant their Clan, and Mothflight stares back silently, before the former adds that warriors who left their Clan betrayed them. Mothflight then tells Heatherstar that a cat whose loyalty to WindClan wavers will leave her territory to discover where his heart lies. Heatherstar asks if one of her cats will turn rogue, and Mothflight replies that she must let him stray, as it would be the only way to discover where he truly belonged.
When Talltail returns after his brief time as a rogue, Heatherstar explains to him that she knew he would leave. Talltail asks what she means, and she replies that when she received her nine lives, Mothflight warned that a warrior would leave her Clan. She adds that being headstrong at that point, she denied Mothflight's warning, but realized that she was right. Talltail inquires how she knew the cat was him, and Heatherstar describes his behavior, noting that Mothflight told her to let him go.
During Talltail's nine lives ceremony, Mothflight introduces herself to Talltail, and the latter replies that he is honored to meet her. Her eyes flash, and explains that she is a cat like him, despite walking with StarClan, and their only difference is that she watches all following generations, as he would one day. Talltail asks Mothflight if she watches him, and Mothflight replies that they were always present, but he was not ready to see them, and had to make his choice before he could view them. Mothflight's eyes then shine brighter than her fur, and she adds that he did well, and StarClan is proud of him.
Talltail does not understand her, but Mothflight adds that he would discover something that would bring change to all Clans, and that he must have faith in his destiny, as it would lead his Clan to where it belongs. She reminds him of the time he spent outside of WindClan, and that only he knew that a Clan cat could survive anyplace. Talltail's body then wracks with spasms as Mothflight gives him his fourth life, one for a sense of adventure, so he could embrace the greatest challenge with determination. She then leaves, and Talltail is released from his spasms.

In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The First Battle

She is born to Wind Runner and Gorse Fur, along with her siblings, Emberkit, Morning Whisker, and Dust Muzzle. Shortly after she is born, Dappled Pelt remarks that the kits are all small, but yet they appear to be perfect. Gray Wing visits Wind Runner and her kits and notices that they are nursing. At Emberkit's burial, Wind Runner tells the cats that he can't be buried, and Gorse Fur gently reminds her that she needs to remember her other kits that need her.

The Blazing Star

During Clear Sky's fight with One Eye, though unnamed, she and her brother are mentioned when Thunder realizes her mother must have left them at camp with Slate taking care of them.
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A Forest Divided

When Gray Wing comes to visit Wind Runner's group, Moth Flight races out of her nest to greet him along with her brother, Dust Muzzle. Moth Flight talks to Gray Wing and remembers him for burying Morning Whisker and Emberkit in the hollow when she was still a young kit. Moth Flight wants to help Reed clean up one of Slate's wounds, but Wind Runner tells her to go back to her nest. Even after Wind Runner has told her and Dust Muzzle to go to sleep several times, she is still eager to go out and explore the moor with Minnow and Gorse Fur to track down the fox that had attacked Slate. Wind Runner reluctantly agrees.
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Path of Stars

Moth Flight is first seen on a hunting patrol with Gorse Fur, Wind Runner, Slate, and Gray Wing when Clear Sky comes with Tall Shadow to ask for them to come to the meeting with Slash. She is also mentioned during Clear Sky's meeting by Wind Runner who says that Moth Flight Would do much better at hunting and training in general if she had a mentor. Later in the book, when Fern is attacked by Bee, Moth Flight helps Reed heal Fern's wounds, though Wind Runner initially tries to stop her.
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In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Mothflight is an ancient WindClan cat.
Mothflight is a young cat who is described to be restless, absent-minded, and easily distracted. In the short story, "How the Moonstone Was Discovered", she returns from what is supposed to be a hunting patrol with berries instead of prey for the Clan to eat. When she is asked what the berries are for, she replies that she doesn't know, but she thought they would be useful.
She is often caught by the WindClan deputy, Gorsefur, sniffing at plants on other Clans' territories. Once when the WindClan leader, Wind, leads a patrol near ShadowClan territory, Mothflight follows a moth as it flutters on the breeze, flying closer and closer to the Thunderpath, where a monster approaches them. Gorsefur puts his life at risk, shoving her to the far side of the Thunderpath to avoid the approaching monster, thus saving her life. When Wind asks what she was doing, she claims that she felt the feather was calling to her, telling her to follow it. Wind, who isn't happy with this, exiles her from WindClan. She doesn't exactly exile her, but is sent to follow her "stupid moth". Mothflight, now a loner, walks for the rest of the day, crossing ShadowClan territory in the direction the feather had called her.
As she is licking her grazed paws, she sees a large hole in the ground, which she soon climbs down. She tells Micah to wait. She then sees a shining stone, three tail-lengths tall. She closes her eyes and presses her nose to it. When she opens them again, she is surrounded by shimmering cats. The cats welcome her, and tell her the name of the stone: the Moonstone. She is told to take the knowledge of the sacred stone back to the forest cats, and she replies that she cannot, since she was exiled. StarClan tells her that she was exiled for this reason, so that she would find the Moonstone. She claims that Wind will never let her return, but StarClan brings the dreaming Wind into Mothflight's dream, where they tell her to welcome her new Medicine cat|medicine cat. Wind nods and disappears. She is told to find three other cats, Cloudspots of ThunderClan, Dapplepelt of RiverClan, and Pebbleheart of ShadowClan, Micah, a loner from the barn and friend of Moth Flight becomes the SkyClan medicine cat to become medicine cats as well, and bring them to the Moonstone at the next half-moon, thus being the reason why the Clans have medicine cats.

The Ultimate Guide

Although not mentioned by name, Moth Flight briefly appears on Wind Runner's page. When Wind realized she was expecting kits and asked if she and Gorse could become part of the group, eager for her kits to have the protection of the larger group. After the Great Battle, the family stayed on the moor but separated themselves from most of the mountains cats.
Moth Flight is mentioned to be a soft-furred, white she-cat with green eyes, and one of the first cats to be born to the group of cats living on the moor, being the daughter of Wind Runner and Gorse Fur. She is described as dreamy, restless, and curious, and an unlikely warrior, despite her WindClan abilities. She wanders onto the Thunderpath, and is pushed out of the way by Gorse Fur, which nearly causes his death. She is then exiled from WindClan by Windstar. She follows signs including a moth and a flying bird, arriving at the Moonstone. She is then visited by StarClan and becomes the first true medicine cat, returning to the Clans and spreading the information.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Moth Flight does not formally appear in Thunderstar's Echo, but is listed in the allegiances.


Interesting facts


  • She, Morning Whisker, and Dust Muzzle are accidentally listed under Clear Sky's camp in the allegiances for The Blazing Star,[23] as she and her siblings are shown to be living with their parents in Tall Shadow's camp.[24]
  • In the Ultimate Guide, it says that Moth Flight follows a blue feather, when she followed a green moth instead.[8]
  • She is mistakenly called a rogue despite being a loner at the time.[8]

Character pixels

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Micah (formerly):[25] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Spider Paw:[26] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)
Honey Pelt:[26] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)


Bubbling Stream:[26] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)
Blue Whisker:[26] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)


Windstar:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Gorsestar:[5] Deceased, residence unknown


Emberkit:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Dust Muzzle:[5] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)


Morning Whisker:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member
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Three unnamed kits:[15] Living (As of Moth Flight's Vision)


Unnamed she-cat:[27] Deceased, residence unknown
Unnamed she-cat:[28] Status unknown


Unnamed she-cat:[27] Deceased, residence unknown

Distant descendants:

Morningflower:[29] Living (As of Hollyleaf's Story)
Onestar:[29] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Ashfoot:[30] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Gorsepaw:[31] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Unnnamed kits:[32] Deceased, residence unknown
Darktail:[33] Deceased, residence unknown
Unnamed kits:[34] Deceased, residence unknown
Crowfeather:[35] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Eaglekit:[36] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Two unnamed kits:[37] Status unknown
Smokehaze:[38] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Brindlewing:[38] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Lionblaze:[39] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Jayfeather:[39] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Hollyleaf:[39] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Breezepelt:[40] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Fernsong:[41] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Sorrelstripe:[41] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Hollytuft:[41] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Snappaw:[42] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Spotpaw]:[42] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Flypaw:[42] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Thriftkit:[43] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Bristlekit:[43] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Flipkit:[43] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Morning Whisker
Dust Muzzle
Spider Paw
Honey Pelt
Bubbling Stream
Blue Whisker
Three Kits
Missing Generations
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Unnamed Kits
Unnamed Kits
Two Kits
Unnamed Kits
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Two Kits

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


StarClan: "Welcome, Mothflight. You have found the Moonstone. It is a sacred place. You must take the knowledge of this place back to the forest cats."
Mothflight: "But I can't! I've been exiled."
StarClan: "You were exiled precisely for the strengths we need. Your curiosity, your visions, your openness to the signs in the world. We choose you to be the first medicine cat."
—Mothflight had just found the Moonstone Secrets of the Clans, pages 95-96

"You are young. Wisdom will come with experience. Until then, let my words guide you."
—Mothflight to Heatherstar Tallstar's Revenge, page 5

"I was once a cat just like you. I still am, even though I walk with StarClan. The only difference is that I have watched over all the generations that followed me, as you will one day."
—Mothflight to Talltail Tallstar's Revenge, page 497

"Dust Muzzle will make a fine hunter one day, but Moth Flight is special. Can't you see that?"
—Gorse Fur to Wind Runner about Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 33

"Moth Flight shrugged, wondering what could be better than roaming the moor alone, searching for new plants. She couldn't imagine being responsible for cats too helpless to look after themselves. But isn't that what a medicine cat has to do?'"
—Moth Flight thinking about kits Moth Flight's Vision, page 226

"It's not stealing! Herbs belong to all cats."
—Moth Flight to Clear Sky Moth Flight's Vision, page 247

"May StarClan light your path. May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter when you sleep."
—Moth Flight to Micah during his burial Moth Flight's Vision, page 257

"But you're the cat who went to Highstones and found the Moonstone. You're the bravest cat I know. I think you'd endure anything if StarClan wished it."
—Pebble Heart to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 270

Dew Nose: "Moth Flight was born WindClan and she'll always be WindClan."
Storm Pelt: "She's the one who found the Moonstone. Aren't you proud she's our Clanmate?"
—Dew Nose and Storm Pelt to Jagged Peak and Holly about Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 312

"You don't just care about the wound; you must care about the cat. He said that's why StarClan chose you. Because you always knew that better than anyone."
—Acorn Fur to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 331

"You fought for nothing. Why didn't you let me go home? I could have spoken to Wind Runner. I could have told her what you'd said about Willow Tail and Red Claw. You could have settle this with words. [...] You need to make peace. This must end here."
—Moth Flight to Clear Sky and Wind Runner Moth Flight's Vision, page 398

"I am proud of you, Moth Flight. You are ready to fight for what you believe in."
—Wind Runner to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 426

Moth Flight: "I hope I can be as brave as you one day."
Wind Runner: "You already are."
—Moth Flight and Wind Runner on their journey to the Moonstone Moth Flight's Vision, page 431

Gray Wing: "You are more like your mother than you imagine. It took courage to bring her here. And strength. More than you knew you had. But it also took something even your mother does not share. You are special, Moth Flight. You can see what is hidden from ordinary cats. You can read signs and understand their meaning."
Moth Flight: "Don't waste time!"
Gray Wing: "You must understand the importance of this skill."
Moth Flight: "Any cat can follow a moth."
Gray Wing: "Few cats would understand which moth will lead their Clan to safety."
Moth Flight: "I haven't led my Clan anywhere. I only brought you Wind Runner."
—Gray Wing and Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, pages 439-440

Moth Flight: "I can't do it anymore!"
Pebble Heart: "Are you going to stop being a medicine cat?"
Moth Flight: "No. Being a medicine cat is my destiny. It's what I was always supposed to be. The Clans depend on me. Half Moon told me."
Pebble Heart: "What are you going to do?"
Moth Flight: "I'm going to give up my kits."
—Moth Flight and Pebble Heart Moth Flight's Vision, page 458

Micah: "You have changed the destiny of the Clans. You were always braver and smarter than you thought. It's one of the reasons I loved you, and why I still miss you. But you have so much left to do. Making decisions is easy; living with them is the true courage of test. Only by being true to yourself and becoming the medicine cat you dream will you learn how truly special you are."
Moth Flight: "I will do my best. I will always do my best."
—Micah and Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, pages 470-472

"She was destined to bring the Clans together, one flower made of five petals, just like the Blazing Star flower."
—Narrator about Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 461

"The Clans need more than leadership and strength; they need nurture and care. But it must come from within. We can't guide their paws in everything. That is why we have chosen you to be the first medicine cat."
—Half Moon to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 92

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