"You're wrong, Morningstar. Oh, we may be weak, but you should never have let WindClan know. They must be hungry, too, or they wouldn't be stealing our prey. We should strike them by surprise, take the battle right to their camp, and show them that ThunderClan borders are as strong as they ever were."
— Mothwhisker in Battles of the Clans, page 141

Mothwhisker is a gray-and-brown tom with patchy fur.[2]


In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

He is an ancient ThunderClan elder under the leadership of Morningstar. after the Gathering where Morningstar confesses that ThunderClan is too weak go into battle, the rest of the Clan runs back to camp. Morningstar hears a puffing sound from behind him, and sees the elderly Mothwhisker trying to catch up with his fast-moving Clan. He and Morningstar are left behind to talk. When the elder asks if Morningstar meant what he said about ThunderClan being weak, the leader says yes, thinking that Mothwhisker would agree with him.
Instead, Mothwhisker tells him that he was wrong to tell the other Clans that ThunderClan is weak. He adds that he must believe in his Clan, and that ThunderClan should attack WindClan by surprise to prove that ThunderClan isn't weak, and that they can defend their borders. Morningstar argues that he won't lead the Clan into a needless battle, but Mothwhisker tells him that leaders have to be proud of their Clans, not ashamed.
When Morningstar finally agrees to go into battle, he declares Mothwhisker will help the medicine cats, Fallowpaw and Pearnose, with the herbs during the battle, since he knows Mothwhisker would like to serve his Clan one more time. He meets the elder's eyes, and Mothwhisker nods to him.



Mothwhisker: "Thanks. You meant what you said back there, didn't you?"
Morningstar: "Yes. The Clan is too weak to fight right now."
Mothwhisker: "You're wrong, Morningstar."
—Mothwhisker to Morningstar Battles of the Clans, pages 140-141

"Leaders have to be proud of their Clans. Would you rather be ashamed of us? Tell every Clan that we're too feeble to defend our borders anymore?"
—Mothwhisker Battles of the Clans, page 141

"Prepare your supplies. Fallowpaw will help you. So will Mothwhisker. I know he wants to serve his Clan once more."
—Morningstar to Pearnose Battles of the Clans, page 146

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