These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Mothwing's Secret that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Mothwing is having a hard time sleeping.
  • Mothwing has a dream.
  • Tadpole suggests to hide in a Twolegplace for safety. He assures Moth and Hawk that he would find a way out.
  • It begins raining.
  • Tadpole pulls his siblings onto the ledge.
    • Moth tries to reach for Tadpole but he drowns nevertheless.
  • The next morning, Mothwing returns from a fishing patrol.
  • Hawkfrost tells her about how not everyone in the Clans likes them.
  • Hawkfrost reassures her when he hears Leopardstar and Mistyfoot talking.
    • Mothwing promises to stay with her brother and support him.

  • Mothwing is exhausted as she didn't sleep when she thought about Tadpole's death, lagging behind a patrol.
  • Hawkfrost confronts Mothwing and calls her by her old name, Moth, telling her they need to do better.
  • Mothwing tries to listen.
  • Heavystep dashes into camp, exclaiming Blackclaw is stuck in the mud.
    • They managed to save him.
  • Mothwing asks Mudfur to be his apprentice.
    • Mudfur starts teaching her about StarClan.
  • There still hasn't been a sign from StarClan yet.
    • Mothwing was giving herbs to Blackclaw when he started coughing, and Mudfur gives his approval of becoming a medicine cat.
  • At a Gathering, the other Clans sneers at Mothwing as she was a rogue before.
    • RiverClan defends her.
  • Mothwing wonders if an omen would come, and if it's real or not.

  • Mothwing is sorting out herbs.
    • Mudfur starts speaking to her, but then stops when the medicine den becomes dark.
    • He asks Mothwing to step outside.
    • Mothwing is confused at first, but then obeys.
  • Leopardstar calls a Clan meeting.
    • She says that Mudfur had an omen of a moth's wing outside the medicine den.
    • Mudfur announces that Mothwing will become a medicine cat.
  • Mothwing travels to the Moonstone with Mudfur.
  • When they get back to camp, Hawkfrost reveals he faked the omen.

  • Mothwing counts her herbs.
  • She hears Mudfur in pain.
    • Mothwing makes a poultice for her mentor.
  • Hawkfrost reveals he talked to their mother, Sasha at the border.
  • Mudfur makes a noise, worrying Leopardstar.
    • Mothwing asks if she can go find Cinderpelt for help, and she goes to Leafpaw.
  • She feels StarClan is punishing her for her belief.

  • Heavystep has died of greencough, and Mothwing regrets being unable to save him.
  • Mothwing worries she can't be a proper mentor to Willowpaw due to her lack of belief in StarClan.
    • She sends Willowpaw to collect cobwebs.
  • Mothwing notices an unexplained scratch on Hawkfrost's chest.
  • Hawkfrost questions Stormfur and Brook's loyalty, and Mothwing argues with him.
    • Hawkfrost expresses concerns that Mistyfoot will become leader soon and choose Stormfur as deputy over him.
  • Later, Mothwing treats Hawkfrost's belly wound, and they argue over Mothwing's loyalties. Mothwing insists that she is loyal to RiverClan, and Hawkfrost claims that when he becomes RiverClan's leader, it will be the strongest Clan in the forest.
    • Stormfur and Brook have been banished, and Hawkfrost feels that a threat to RiverClan has been eliminated.

  • Willowpaw visits the Moonpool for the first time.
    • Leafpool has offered to teach Willowpaw about StarClan because Mothwing cannot.
    • Willowpaw receives several signs that may foretell trouble for RiverClan. Mothwing is doubtful of the signs and finds them unnecessary.
  • Mothwing tests Willowpaw on herbs.
  • Voletooth is stung by bees, and worries that he has angered StarClan. He asks Mothwing to apologize to them on his behalf, and Willowpaw realizes that Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan.
    • Mothwing and Blackclaw leave to collect blackberry leaves to treat Voletooth while Willowpaw looks after him.

  • Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Leafpool bring Hawkfrost's body to RiverClan. They claim he was killed by a fox trap.
    • Mothwing has mixed feelings about her brother's death.
  • Leafpool reveals the truth to Mothwing and Willowpaw, explaining how Hawkfrost attempted to kill Firestar.
    • Mothwing collapses as she is overwhelmed with memories of Hawkfrost.
  • Moons later, Mistystar has become leader of RiverClan, and Willowshine is a full medicine cat.
  • Mothwing treats Podkit for a cough and has a discussion about the potential threat of Dark Forest with Duskfur.
    • Mothwing and Willowshine then discuss the Dark Forest, and Willowshine believes that they will attack. Mothwing is unsure.
  • Mothwing notices certain RiverClan cats acting strangely, and that Beetlewhisker has vanished.
    • Jayfeather has told her that some cats are training in the Dark Forest, and that Hawkfrost is among the Dark Forest's residents.
  • Foxleap, Rosepetal, and Toadstep arrive to warn RiverClan that the Dark Forest has begun their attack.

  • Mothwing treats Mosspelt's injured leg during the Great Battle.
  • Mothing sees Minnowtail lying injured on the ground and tries to treat her, but Minnowtail pushes her away and confesses to training in the Dark Forest.
    • Mothwing continues to treat her anyway.
  • Mothwing refuses to believe that the Dark Forest cats are actually there, and blames StarClan for not preventing the battle.
  • Hawkfrost attacks the RiverClan nursery.
    • Mothwing yells at him to stop, and he briefly looks at her before continuing his attack.
  • Mothwing sees many StarClan warriors from RiverClan, including Leopardstar and Mudfur.
    • Mothwing argues with Mudfur over why StarClan didn't prevent the battle, and Mudfur states that StarClan cannot change the future.
    • Mothwing reveals that Hawkfrost faked the moth's wing sign, and Mudfur says that he is glad he was tricked.
  • Mothwing decides that StarClan does not matter to her, and that her Clanmates can only rely on one another.

  • Petalfur is attacked by dogs and is treated by Mothwing and Willowshine.
    • She loses a lot of blood, and Willowshine and Mallownose are worried that she will die, but she wakes up and begins to recover.
    • Mistystar thanks StarClan for Petalfur's survival, irritating Mothwing, but the medicine cat lets it go.
  • Mothwing thinks that she belongs in RiverClan, and she is glad she stayed with Hawkfrost and trained with Mudfur.
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