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In The New Prophecy arc


Mothwing and her brother, Hawkfrost, are announced at a Gathering by Leopardstar as a newly appointed warrior and medicine cat apprentice. Everyone cheers for them, but some cats' uneasiness is sensed by Leafpaw. To calm the tension, Leopardstar proceeds to tell the warriors of the Gathering the truth about the two warriors in order to prevent rumors from spreading. She explains how six moons prior to this Gathering, a rogue named Sasha came to RiverClan with her two surviving kits, seeking help from the Clan. She was weakened by the birth of her kits and requested care for her kits and help with hunting. RiverClan was more than willing to accept her as a warrior, but Sasha left, and her kits Hawkpaw and Mothpaw chose to stay.
After recollecting the story, the other Clans are shocked and outraged that a Clan has taken in a few rogues, but Leopardstar reminds ShadowClan that several of their Clanmates were once rogues themselves, and ThunderClan's leader, Firestar, was once a kittypet. Leopardstar then moves on to announce that Mothwing wishes to follow the path of a medicine cat instead, and has become Mudfur's apprentice, to the other Clans' outrage. As the noise dies down, Mudfur expresses his confidence in his new apprentice, remarking on her talent, but intends to wait for a sign from StarClan. Once the sign is sent, Mudfur will take her to Mothermouth for the official medicine cat apprentice ceremony. After the Gathering, the mood appears to be good-humored despite the fuss over Hawkfrost and Mothwing.
At the half-moon, Leafpaw and Cinderpelt meet up with Littlecloud and the RiverClan medicine cats. Leafpaw starts talking to Mothwing, but Mothwing looks at Leafpaw sourly, as if she is inferior to her. Mothwing apologizes to Leafpaw for her hostile looks; she explains that for a while, there was no sign telling Mudfur that Mothwing the right choice for a medicine cat. Mothwing thought that meant that StarClan had rejected her. Mudfur had told her to be patient, and Hawkfrost told her that she did not have to prove her loyalty to anyone but StarClan. He was right, for two dawns later, Mudfur found a moth's wing outside his den, and he interprets it as an omen that Mothwing was to be the next medicine cat apprentice. She takes the journey with the other medicine cats to become formally accepted as a medicine cat.
After talking, Mothwing becomes more friendly with Leafpaw and as time progresses, they develop a friendship. Once the medicine cats are settled by the Moonstone, Mudfur presents her to StarClan and the medicine cats start to share dreams with StarClan. The cats wake up and leave the Moonstone. Once outside of Mothermouth, Mothwing expresses her excitement to Leafpaw about the ceremony.
At the next Gathering, Leafpaw and Mothwing meet each other. Mothwing seems to be troubled about something, but before she can explain to Leafpaw, the leaders begin the Gathering. During the Gathering, Hawkfrost accuses WindClan of stealing prey. Mothwing immediately defends her brother's claims, but is silenced by Mudfur. She casts her mentor an angry and ashamed glance. The Clans then discuss how at least one cat from every Clan left for unknown reasons. Mothwing yowls in question at the meaning of their disappearance and why StarClan has not shown anything to her. After the Clan leaders dismiss the Gathering, Mothwing says good-bye to Leafpaw.


When Leafpaw and Sorreltail are chased by a WindClan patrol, they cross into RiverClan territory and are rescued by Mothwing, who chases off the WindClan warriors. Leafpaw tells Sorreltail that Mothwing used to be a warrior apprentice before choosing the path of a medicine cat. Mothwing tells them to rest, and brings them herbs, in particular. thyme to help them recover from shock. While she is away, Sorreltail remarks that Mothwing should be more loyal to her Clan, such as chasing away intruders instead of welcoming and helping them, and suggests that she does not understand the warrior code because her mother was a rogue. Leafpaw angrily defends Mothwing, saying she is a loyal Clan cat even if she was born outside the Clans. Sorreltail relents and tells Leafpaw that she only meant that it explains why she isn't as concerned about Clan boundaries. Mothwing returns, bringing medicine, and listens to their story about their encounter with the WindClan patrol, and about monsters destroying the forest. She says that RiverClan is safe from Twolegs.
A couple of days later, Mothwing offers to teach Leafpaw how to fish in the river, as ThunderClan starts running short on prey as the forest is being destroyed. Leafpaw notes Mothwing's ignorance of the warrior code, as Clans are not supposed to take prey from one another. Hawkfrost suddenly appears, and Mothwing pushes Leafpaw into the river to hide her, almost drowning her. Hawkfrost says that RiverClan should take the other Clans' territories and rule the forest, but Mothwing protests, and is worried by her brother's ambitions. She then lures Hawkfrost away from the place where Leafpaw is hiding. Later, Leafpaw admits to Firestar that Mothwing was teaching her how to fish.
At the half-moon, when medicine cats visit the Moonstone, Mothwing and Mudfur appear sleek and well-fed, unlike the cats from the other Clans. She says she is progressing well with her medicine cat studies and has learned about remedies for coughs. Leafpaw is delighted as she knew how insecure Mothwing felt about her position and desperate to prove that she could be a good medicine cat. While crossing the WindClan ground, Mothwing notices some dead rabbits, and Barkface explains they have been poisoned by Twolegs.
When Reedpaw falls into the river and almost drowns, Mothwing is in panic and shock and has no idea what to do. Fortunately, Leafpaw is there as well, and, with Spottedleaf's help, tends to the apprentice. Hawkfrost tells Mothwing off for being useless. Mothwing is embarrassed and desperate, believing that she has lost the respect of her Clan. Leafpaw tries in vain to cheer her up, and Mothwing walks away.
Mothwing saves Leafpaw and Sorreltail once again when they cross the RiverClan border, driven by hunger, and are caught by Hawkfrost. Mothwing tells her brother that taking the ThunderClan cats to Leopardstar to punish them could mean a war between the Clans, which they want to avoid. She suggests another way to take over ThunderClan, profiting off the Twoleg devastation, and Hawkfrost finally lets the two cats go. Leafpaw feels betrayed, but Mothwing explains that she was just trying to save Sorreltail, and they are still friends.


Mothwing comes to ThunderClan camp, seeking help from Leafpaw; Mudfur was very ill and she needed help. Leafpaw tells Firestar and her mentor, Cinderpelt, and Cinderpelt volunteers to assist her. Mothwing leads the two to Mudfur, who lays dying in his den. Mothwing tells Cinderpelt what she has treated him with, and Cinderpelt tells her that Mothwing has done everything right, and there is nothing else they can do. Mothwing cannot stand to see her mentor suffer, and asks Cinderpelt to do something. Cinderpelt gives him poppy seeds and marigold to ease his suffering before StarClan takes him. Mothwing and Leafpaw leave Mudfur with Cinderpelt and exit into the camp. Mothwing reports Mudfur's condition to Leopardstar. Leafpaw reassures Mothwing that she is a great medicine cat, and Cinderpelt would have done nothing different from what Mothwing did to treat Mudfur. Hawkfrost assures Mothwing that the two of them will gain respect one day.
Sometime later, on the day of the journey, Stormfur delivers a message from RiverClan camp. His Clan has realized that they couldn't leave, for Mudfur is about to die. Frostfur and Speckletail are staying behind in the forest, and they offer to watch over him. Stormfur takes Firestar, Cinderpelt, Leafpaw, Runningnose, and the two ThunderClan warriors to RiverClan camp. Firestar offers the plan to Leopardstar, but she declines since Mudfur is almost dead. Cinderpelt, Leafpaw, and Runningnose enter the medicine cat's den, and see Mothwing with her mentor. She tells Cinderpelt that she has made sure that he is not in any pain and there is nothing more anyone can do for him. As Mudfur takes his last breath, Mothwing cries in grief, not knowing how she can manage without her beloved mentor and leaves for her Clan with the news.
Once RiverClan is ready to go, the cats return to ShadowClan and the rest of ThunderClan. It's not long after they arrive that Sasha shows herself. Mothwing and Hawkfrost bound over to her in excitement. Sasha tells the cats that she has seen what has happened to their homes, and wants Hawkfrost and Mothwing to leave the danger and come to live with her. Firestar says that the decision is theirs but he wants them to stay because their father was a great warrior, and all four of his children have inherited his courage. RiverClan, who just learned of their parentage, admit that, regardless, none of them have doubted either of their loyalty before. Hawkfrost and Mothwing gently decline Sasha's offer, since their loyalties are tied to their Clan. Sasha wishes her kits well and leaves to never see them again.
When the Clans take shelter from the Tribe of Rushing Water, Mothwing is seen tending to Morningflower and checking to make sure that the weak and the cold are tended to.


Mothwing is seen walking beside apprentices from all four Clans when they arrive at the lake for the first time.
She later talks to Leafpaw and confesses that she feels helpless because she has no supplies and so many cats are tired and weak. Leafpaw reassures Mothwing that she will be fine. Mothwing speaks with the other medicine cats when they discuss where they would find a new place to share tongues with StarClan. Mothwing mentions that it shouldn't matter, so long as they can find herbs and heal their Clanmates. The other medicine cats look at her in astonishment and Leafpaw covers up Mothwing's mistake. Mothwing goes with the other medicine cats down to a boggy area near the lake to collect herbs. While there, Mothwing notices an island in the lake and offers to swim out to it. The other medicine cats agree, and she does; after she comes back, she tells them all about the layout of the island. Mothwing seems convinced that the Clans could use it for Gatherings, but the others say not all cats would be able to swim out to it as she had, especially elders.
When Firestar calls a meeting of all the Clans to discuss where to meet for the next Gathering, Mothwing explains to the Clans the island that she had found, and again brings up the idea of using it for Gatherings. Many cats complain about having to swim over. Hawkfrost speaks up, saying that if it wasn't going to be used for Gatherings, it could be RiverClan's camp.
Before the Clans separate, Leafpaw meets up with Mothwing once more and Mothwing offers to give some water to Leafpaw for ThunderClan's elders. Leafpaw is alarmed when she find a strong scent on the water-soaked moss and Mothwing explains that she got the water from a pool nearby. Mothwing takes Leafpaw to the pool and they are surprised to see a dead rabbit at the bottom of it. Mothwing says that she didn't see it there earlier and hopes that the elders will be alright; Leafpaw tells her that they will, though she is still worried. In ThunderClan's camp, Mousefur and Goldenflower become sick from the tainted water. Leafpaw murmurs that Mothwing meant well and Cinderpelt understands that it was a mistake.
Near the end of the first Gathering by the lake, the medicine cats have a meeting and Mothwing apologizes for not checking the water before giving it to the elders. They all share concern that their elders have been sick and Mothwing shares a glance with Leafpaw. The medicine cats separate and Mothwing thanks Leafpaw for not telling them about the tainted water. Mothwing then reveals to Leafpaw that she doesn't believe in StarClan and thinks that they are a bunch of stories to keep the Clans happy. Leafpaw is shocked by this, and reminds her friend that the moth's wing sign must have been real. Fear flashes in Mothwing's eyes, and she is about to say something, but Cinderpelt cuts her off and takes Leafpaw with her.
The medicine cats gather for the first time at the Moonpool and Mothwing seems eager to arrive there. Mothwing cheers for Leafpool, eyes shining, after she receives her medicine cat name.


Leafpool meets Feathertail in a dream, and she asks Leafpool to send a message on to Mothwing. Leafpool recalls how Mothwing had revealed her lack of faith in StarClan. Leafpool tells Feathertail that Mothwing is good with the healing herbs and that she wanted to believe in StarClan when she was an apprentice. Leafpool then asks if Mudfur's moth's-wing sign wasn't true, and Feathertail replies that she can't expect to understand signs that were given to another cat. Feathertail then tells Leafpool that the message is urgent; RiverClan is in serious danger from Twolegs. Leafpool promises to tell Mothwing and Feathertail then fades away.
Mothwing is visited by Leafpool, who was found on RiverClan territory by Mistyfoot. She is pleasantly surprised to see Leafpool. Mothwing is told about the message from Feathertail and Mothwing thinks about the message thoughtfully. She then tells Leafpool that the small Thunderpath nearby has been quiet, so they should go check it out. Leafpool agrees and while they are walking out to the Thunderpath, Leafpool asks Mothwing if she is starting to believe in StarClan now because of Feathertail's message. Mothwing tells her she still doesn't believe in StarClan and Leafpool shows confusion because Mothwing took notice of Feathertail's warning. Mothwing says that she trusts Leafpool, and soon they reach the Thunderpath. The two of them are revolted by the stench of monsters on the Thunderpath and ShadowClan's smell from across the border. They can't sense any danger around so they head back to the camp. Mothwing offers to let Leafpool stay in the camp for the night since it's getting dark, and she accepts.
At the half-moon, Mothwing arrives late to the Moonpool and apologizes for being late. After Leafpool wakes up from her dream, she wakes up Mothwing, who is having a nap, and Mothwing complains because she was having a good sleep. Leafpool tells her it's so the other medicine cats don't catch her sleeping. All of the medicine cats discuss the dream that they had and Mothwing mentions that StarClan must be warning them about something ahead. As the medicine cats walk down from the Moonpool, Leafpool asks Mothwing if she told Leopardstar about her dream and Mothwing says she has never told Leopardstar about a dream before. She says that she doesn't have prophetic dreams and she never will. The two of them talk until they reach the WindClan border and Crowfeather then emerges out of the bushes, asking to talk to Leafpool. Mothwing nods and leaves.
Mothwing calls Leafpool out to RiverClan to help with many sick cats. Mothwing panics because all her Clanmates were dying. Mothwing shows her the cats that are sick and she blames herself. Leafpool reassures her that it isn't her fault and then helps her with the sick cats by giving them yarrow and juniper berries. Mistyfoot takes Leafpool to see a Twoleg thing with ooze coming out of it. They all know this must be the thing making the cats sick. They later go back to the camp and Mothwing learns what they found. Mothwing is then called over by Willowkit and she introduces the kit to Leafpool. Mothwing treats more of the sick cats and the next morning Leafpool leaves to go back to ThunderClan.


Leafpool speaks to Mudfur in a dream and he tells her that a RiverClan elder is suffering from greencough but Mothwing can't find any catmint to cure him. Mudfur questions if his choice to make Mothwing his apprentice was right and he recalls the moth's wing sign that he received. Mudfur then asks Leafpool to tell Mothwing about the catmint that grows at the edge of RiverClan territory. Leafpool decides against going immediately, because she had to take care of Berrykit, and waits until the next trip to the Moonpool.
The medicine cats gather at the path to the Moonpool but Mothwing hadn't shown up yet. Leafpool wonders if Mothwing had to stay to take care of the elder with greencough. She hopes to see Mothwing when they get to the Moonpool but Mothwing isn't there.
At the Gathering at the island, Leopardstar announces Willowpaw as Mothwing's apprentice and Mothwing is seen sitting next to Willowpaw. Leopardstar also mentions that an elder, Heavystep, has died from sickness and Leafpool realizes this must be the elder Mudfur was talking about.
After Leopardstar finishes speaking, Hawkfrost cuts across Onestar as the WindClan leader begins his report. He tells the Clans that Mothwing has important news for them. Leopardstar allows Mothwing to speak, although she hadn't been expecting anything to happen. Mothwing rises to her paws but doesn't say anything so Hawkfrost reminds her that it was about a sign. Mothwing, sounding confused, says that she had a dream. Leopardstar is unhappy that Mothwing didn't ask her first before telling it at the Gathering. Hawkfrost pushes Mothwing to go on and she stammers that she may have been mistaken about the dream. Hawkfrost and Leopardstar tell her to explain the dream anyway and Mothwing continues nervously. Leafpool is seen by her sister, Squirrelflight, watching Mothwing with dismay in her eyes.
Mothwing says she dreamed she was fishing in the stream and two pebbles didn't belong in the stream, making it flow unevenly. The pebbles then washed away and the stream flowed normally again. The cats from all Clans are confused and Leafpool is clearly upset. Leopardstar demands to know what the dream means, and Hawkfrost jumps up before Mothwing can speak. He says that there obviously must be two things in RiverClan that don't belong and that they should leave. Voletooth speaks up and says that the two pebbles might be Stormfur and Brook. Hawkfrost growls that StarClan would be angry if they let Stormfur and Brook stay in RiverClan. Mothwing begs him to stop and says that she doesn't know exactly what her dream means and that she should wait for another. Hawkfrost glares at her and Leopardstar says that they won't do anything until Mothwing knows more. Mothwing then sits down and the Gathering continues.
After the Gathering, Leafpool tries to speak to Mothwing but Hawkfrost gets to her first. He snarls at her that she was an idiot for almost ruining everything. Mothwing tells Willowpaw to leave, probably because she was worried that Hawkfrost would attack her. Willowpaw scampers off and Hawkfrost continues to shout at his sister. He tells Mothwing that she let him down and that no one will believe her anymore because she was so uncertain. She and Hawkfrost argue for some time and Leafpool tenses herself in case she has to jump to Mothwing's defense. Mothwing obviously feels terrible for lying to every Clan about her dream. Hawkfrost mentions again that Stormfur should leave and that he will be able to become deputy after that. Mothwing defends Stormfur, and Hawkfrost bares his teeth, saying he was the one who helped Mothwing become a medicine cat, then threatens to expose her secret to the Clan. Mothwing looks him squarely in the eyes and replies that she has served her Clan as best as she can, and that if he exposes the truth, he won't look good either. Hawkfrost then pads off and Mothwing slumps down underneath a tree as if all her strength was gone.
Later, after Brook chases a squirrel into ShadowClan territory, Hawkfrost reports back to Leopardstar, demanding that she be punished or exiled. He then brings up the subject of Mothwing's feigned sign from StarClan, which makes up Leopardstar's mind to relegate the former Tribe cats from RiverClan.
Leafpool then speaks to Mothwing, saying she is sorry about Heavystep's death and reveals to Mothwing that she didn't tell her about Mudfur's message in her dream. The two of them discuss Leafpool's dreams for a little while. Then Leopardstar calls Mothwing over to leave for the RiverClan camp. Mothwing walks off with Leopardstar as Leafpool calls out to her where the catmint is.
While Leafpool is in the ThunderClan camp, Hazelkit and Mousekit are playing with a dead butterfly and Leafpool thinks she recognizes it. Mousekit interrupts her thoughts by saying a tortoiseshell cat showed it to them. Leafpool knows it must have been Spottedleaf and then knows that Spottedleaf was telling her something. She also realizes that the butterfly's wing could mean a moth's wing. A scene then flashes before Leafpool's eyes; Hawkfrost putting a torn moth's wing in front of Mudfur's den as a false sign from StarClan. Leafpool wonders if Hawkfrost had put it there on purpose. Leafpool thinks about what she has just seen and now knows why Mothwing has no faith in StarClan. Leafpool then decides that Willowpaw would be able to take over RiverClan's connection with StarClan.
When Brambleclaw sees Stormfur, Brook, and Hawkfrost talking angrily to each other near the RiverClan-ShadowClan border, he followed then back to their camp to see what would happen. He watches as Hawkfrost tells Leopardstar about Brook crossing the border then Hawkfrost asks Mothwing if she's had another sign. Mothwing tells Leopardstar that she has not and that they mustn't be so quick to decide. Blackclaw says that the dream is clear to him and that they should get rid of Stormfur and Brook. Leopardstar decides to make Stormfur and Brook leave after Stormfur attacks Hawkfrost out of outrage.
At the next medicine cat meeting, she presents Willowpaw to StarClan and the other medicine cats accept Willowpaw as Mothwing's new apprentice. Leafpool wakes up from her dream and Mothwing is also awake so they talk. Mothwing tells Leafpool that she is worried about Willowpaw since she herself doesn't believe in StarClan. Mothwing then confesses to Leafpool that the moth wing's sign was fake and Leafpool tells her she already knows. Mothwing then mentions that the dream at the Gathering was fake and Hawkfrost was always threatening her to do things. The rest of the medicine cats soon wake up and they all leave.
Hawkfrost is later killed by Brambleclaw, fulfilling Leafpool's prophecy; this means that Mothwing no longer has to live in fear of Hawkfrost, and she can keep her lack of belief in StarClan a secret forever.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Mothwing and Willowpaw arrive in ThunderClan camp. Willowpaw had received a dream from StarClan and wanted Leafpool to help her interpret it. Hollykit didn't understand why Mothwing couldn't help her, but Willowpaw explains that Mothwing wanted Leafpool's opinion. Hollykit, as she watches the cat go inside Leafpool's den, decides that the path she wants to follow is that of a medicine cat. When they emerge from the den, Hollykit badgers Willowpaw with questions about what being a medicine cat was like. Before she can complete her answer, Mothwing calls to Willowpaw, telling her that they are leaving. The two cats return to RiverClan camp, unaware that they have inspired Hollykit to become a medicine cat.
Willowpaw sees Hollypaw at the Gathering, congratulating Hollypaw for her new apprenticeship to Leafpool. Willowpaw informs Hollypaw that Mothwing told her of Hollypaw's new position.
Jaypaw is visited by Tigerstar and Hawkfrost. The two warriors want to train Jaypaw to become a warrior. When Jaypaw shows uncertainty at becoming a warrior, Tigerstar expresses his annoyance at having to watch both Jaypaw and Mothwing, his own kin, waste their talents on medicine.
At the half-moon meeting of the medicine cats, Jaypaw scents Mothwing and Willowpaw's odor from their visit a moon ago. Mothwing and Willowpaw actually do arrive, Leafpool asks if RiverClan is well. Mothwing reports the elders are driven to their den due to the cold, but they have plenty of medicine are getting alone alright. Inside the Moonpool itself, Jaypaw wanders into Willowpaw's dream. Mudfur is seen delivering a message to Willowpaw to tell Mothwing to beware of the Twoleg kits that are attempting to block the river that feeds the Clan. Jaypaw is confused at why Mothwing isn't the one being told the information. Jaypaw wanders into Mothwing's dream, and discovers she is having a dream of a normal warrior. Jaypaw returns to his own dream and Yellowfang visits him. Wanting to solve the mystery of Mothwing, Jaypaw asks if Yellowfang has ever spoken to him. She doesn't reply and instead scolds his curiosity. Before he can discover the truth, he is woken up by Leafpool. Mothwing wakes up, as though she had a good rest and gestures to Willowpaw not to hang around because of the cold. Mothwing, as they leave, inquires about the status of Jaypaw's training. Jaypaw, still determined to crack the case on Mothwing, says his training is going good and says that the best part is sharing dreams with StarClan. She quickly changes the subject at his response and asks him about his cases. He tells her about Stormfur, and how he can't get the medicine to stay on without it rubbing off. Mothwing suggests covering the wound with catchweed after applying the poultice. Jaypaw thanks her for the advice and slyly asks her if StarClan gives her advice. She doesn't appear to hear and instead speeds up to catch up with Willowpaw. Mothwing, upon exiting the Moonpool cavern, bids the other medicine cats farewell.
Weaselfur and Kestrelpaw of WindClan arrive at ThunderClan, requesting catmint for greencough. Leafpool has none either, and, after some persuasion from Jaypaw, leaves to go ask Mothwing for some. Mothwing agrees, evident by the bundles of catnip Leafpool brings back from her. Mothwing must have much, for she was able to spare much for Leafpool.

Dark River

Mothwing is sitting with Leafpool and Barkface at the Gathering. Willowpaw talks to Hollypaw, but cannot stay, because she must join Mothwing soon. She does not show it, but RiverClan is slowly losing their home. Jaypaw suspects that there is something bothering RiverClan, but is unaware of what. At the half-moon meeting, Mothwing chats with Leafpool about Mousefur, and if she has recovered from greencough. Jaypaw attempts to figure out what was wrong with RiverClan. He reads Mothwing's mind, but nothing is shown. It is as though there is a constant shield of blankness that is protecting her mind. When Jaypaw dreams, he journeys into Willowpaw's dream and discovers that RiverClan is slowly losing their home. He wakes up and tells Leafpool he has news about RiverClan. Concerned, Leafpool wakes Mothwing up. Willowpaw, once she awakens, gravely tells Mothwing that they must return home at once.
Hollypaw goes to Firestar, wanting to stop a fight between RiverClan and WindClan before it happened. She is concerned that, because of the Twoleg kits in their territory that are blocking the river, RiverClan could move into WindClan territory and a fight would break out. Leafpool tells her that at the Gathering, Mothwing had told her that RiverClan has its problem, but they are addressing it. Aggravated that nothing is being done, she goes to RiverClan herself and looks for Willowpaw on the island where RiverClan is temporarily staying. Mothwing is treating a kit, who keeps stepping on pine needles. Icewing, the kit's mother, explains that the kits keep stepping on the needles. Once the kit is treated, Mothwing accompanies Icewing in sweeping the needles from the nursery entrance. Willowpaw is about to follow, but Hollypaw calls her and they hide in a cave to discuss things. Mothwing catches them and asks sharply what Hollypaw's business is. When Hollypaw justifies herself, Mothwing gives Willowpaw permission to show her the camp, but they must remain out of sight. She explains their plan, which includes making the river wider and deeper by blocking it. Once the river floods, they will set up gorse barriers. They will be unable to reach the island, give up, and play somewhere else. The apprentices get caught, however, and Leopardstar orders her to stay with Mothwing and Willowpaw until it is safe for her to return, but it is mostly because Leopardstar thinks she is a spy.
Jaypaw and Leafpool attend a meeting with WindClan at the request of Firestar. Onestar reports that RiverClan has not invaded their territory yet, but it is still a possibility. Leafpool suggests that Barkface could talk to Mothwing and figure out what is happening at the next half-moon. Instead of doing that, however, Onestar decides to attack, for RiverClan has been found on their territory, and Gorsetail's three kits are missing.


At the Moonpool Gathering, Mothwing doesn't show up. Willowpaw explains that she is tending to an infected bee sting, but Jaypaw thinks it is just an excuse not to come to the Moonpool just because she doesn't believe in StarClan.


When the medicine cats go to the Moonpool, Mothwing gives her apprentice her full medicine cat name, Willowshine, and is reluctant to do so, since she does not believe in StarClan.

Long Shadows

Mothwing stays RiverClan's medicine cat. She starts to send Willowshine to the Moonpool by herself, now that she has become a full-fledged medicine cat.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

She is presumed to be caring for the sick cat in the RiverClan camp, which is later revealed to be Leopardstar by Dovepaw.

Fading Echoes

Mothwing is with Mistystar in the ThunderClan camp as Mistystar announces that Leopardstar has died. Mothwing informs ThunderClan that they had just come from the Moonpool and Mistystar is now the leader of RiverClan. Mistystar then explains that they lost three of their elders, so Firestar offers some strengthening herbs for them to take back. Mothwing goes to Jayfeather for the herbs and Jayfeather is curious to know how Mothwing had managed Mistystar's ceremony when she didn't believe in StarClan. Jayfeather offers her some ointment for her aching paws but Mothwing politely declines. Mothwing then suggests some herbs that Jayfeather could use for Longtail's stiffness and he is grateful. Jayfeather asks how Mistystar's ceremony went, but Mothwing only replies that it was fine. Jayfeather wants to know more, so he probes her recent memories and watches how the ceremony had played out. He sees Mothwing and Mistystar at the Moonpool and watches as Mothwing shows anxiety. Jayfeather wants Mothwing to accept that StarClan is real and as he watches, he thinks to himself how stubborn Mothwing can be. Mistystar then awakens and turns to Mothwing, very surprised that the medicine cat wasn't at the ceremony. Mothwing then reveals to Mistystar that she doesn't believe in StarClan and Mistystar is shocked, but then accepts Mothwing's beliefs. Jayfeather leaves Mothwing's thoughts and Mothwing can tell what Jayfeather had been doing. Mothwing mentions again that having no connection with StarClan doesn't make her any less of a good medicine cat. She then picks up her herbs and leaves with Mistystar, back to RiverClan.

Night Whispers

Mothwing is heard, but not seen, when Dovepaw focuses her hearing on the RiverClan camp while waiting for Tigerheart. Mothwing is heard asking Willowshine if she made sure Pouncetail's bedding was fixed.
Mothwing is seen later in the book when she is escorted to the ThunderClan camp by Thornclaw and Spiderleg. She breaks away from the two warriors and says she could have found her own way there. Jayfeather decides they should talk down by the lake since his den is full of sick cats. Mothwing asks how Briarlight is and he says she has shaken off the infection. Jayfeather reminds himself not to fall into the old bonds of friendship with Mothwing. Once they reach the lake, she tells him that Willowshine told Mothwing that StarClan wants them to stop talking to the other medicine cats. She tries to reason with Jayfeather that he shouldn't listen to StarClan all the time and do what's best for his Clanmates. Mothwing is angered when Jayfeather refuses to listen to her and when he turns to leave she offers him herbs if he's desperate. Jayfeather bluntly declines the offer and Mothwing leaves without saying another word. The whole time, Yellowfang was warning Jayfeather to keep his mouth shut.

Sign of the Moon

Mothwing appears very briefly at the Gathering alongside her apprentice, Willowshine. It is noted that they are separated from all of the other medicine cats.

The Forgotten Warrior

At a Gathering, Mothwing is still attempting to promote conversation with the other medicine cats to rekindle the bond medicine cats are meant to share. The other medicine cats reply shortly, and the frustrated she-cat gives up and sits with Willowshine.
At another Gathering, when Dawnpelt accuses Jayfeather of murdering Flametail, Mothwing and the other medicine cats agree with Mistystar and Onestar that he should be suspended from his duties. Jayfeather then retorts that they walk alone and had no place to tell him what to do, and he continues being ThunderClan's medicine cat.

The Last Hope

Mothwing is first seen after Jayfeather sneaks to Moonpool despite being banned from medicine cat duties. She admits to Jayfeather that Willowshine refused to come because of the message she received from StarClan.
Jayfeather tells her how StarClan is frightened of the Dark Forest, and that the Dark Forest has been training Clan cats in their sleep for the battle. Mothwing, due to lack of belief in StarClan, is confused by this but seems scared much to Jayfeather's amazement. She tells him how some of her Clanmates have been acting strange and guesses Hollowflight, Icewing, and Beetlewhisker are training there.
Mothwing offers help to Jayfeather, and he tells her how Hawkfrost, her brother, is involved. She is filled with grief by this but then declares that she is not her brother and she is loyal to her Clan. She then promises to persuade Willowshine to visit the Moonpool again.
Later when Jayfeather is going to visit her in RiverClan, he is stopped by a patrol and led to the camp. Mothwing says she has to talk to Jayfeather alone, and she tells Willowshine to collect mallow while she talks. Willowshine seems upset by this, but leaves. Mothwing exclaims in annoyance at her apprentice's blind faith in StarClan.
Mothwing scrapes her claws against the ground and says that cats are ignoring common sense listening to starry old cats, but then apologizing and admits that she respects his faith in StarClan as it has helped lead the Clans through hard times before.
She is not mentioned at the Gathering, only the three medicine cats, Willowshine, Littlecloud, and Kestrelflight are pointed out.
Later, Mothwing comes to the ThunderClan camp and tells Jayfeather to come with her, and that there is something he must see. After Firestar objects to this he explains that he must go and leaves anyway. They head back toward RiverClan but are stopped by a patrol of WindClan cats who, after a short argument and near-confrontation, allow them to continue.
She shows Jayfeather a smoldering reed that has not extinguished for days despite the rain, revealing that the reed has been burning since the Gathering. Jayfeather recognizes it as a sign from Flametail, and explains to her that the reed means he must talk to Flametail in StarClan. As Jayfeather leaves, Mothwing notes that she will know that he has found what he is looking for if the flame on the reed goes out.
Mothwing is not seen again but is mentioned by Willowshine when Jayfeather is reuniting StarClan, and again by Jayfeather later.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Mothwing and Willowshine scramble up the slope next to Jayfeather and Leafpool at a half-moon medicine cat meeting. Once they arrive at the Moonpool, the medicine cats walk down one at a time, in turn. Jayfeather observes that all the cats lay down with their nose to the water's edge, even Mothwing, who didn't believe in StarClan. He sarcastically thinks that all she's going to get from coming here is a nice, peaceful nap.
At Alderpaw's first Gathering, he notes that Mothwing sits at the bottom of the Great Oak along with the other medicine cats. She is also mentioned to be at Alderpaw's first half-moon meeting, with her apprentice Willowshine following.

Thunder and Shadow

Mothwing and Willowshine are present at the half-moon meeting, and they meet the ThunderClan medicine cats at their border. Mothwing wonders how Puddlepaw's training is going, but Jayfeather says that they're going to find out anyway when they arrive. The RiverClan she-cat fondly mews that they'd be there faster if a blind cat wasn't leading the way, and comments that he's as grumpy as an elder. Jayfeather calls out that he heard her, and she says an apology and notes to remember he has the hearing of a bat. At the Moonpool, Kestrelflight arrives with a two warrior escort. Mothwing exclaims that this is a medicine cat meeting, but the WindClan tom says Onestar ordered it. The she-cat sympathizes, meowing that losing a life must've been hard on the leader. After the meeting, the medicine cats talk about the new rogue threat. Mothwing says they must've moved on, questioning why rogues would bother with territory that's already claimed. Later, Jayfeather inquires about when Leafpool will return from training Puddlepaw. The brown tabby meows that she needs more time, and so he'll have to manage. Mothwing and Willowshine offer to help the blind medicine cat, but he brushes them off. Each of the cats are confused, however, as none of them shared with StarClan this time. Mothwing and Willowshine soon leave, calling that they'll see the other medicine cats at the Gathering.
At the Gathering, Mothwing sits with the other medicine cats. Alderpaw wishes he didn't have to stay with them, as they're too solemn and serious. The Gathering starts and Rowanstar announces that Puddleshine has had a dream from StarClan. Willowshine exclaims that the tom really is a medicine cat then, but apologizes to Mothwing, knowing that her mentor doesn't believe in the starry cats. Alderpaw says that it's better Puddleshine has a connection with StarClan, as their only medicine cat. Mothwing asks what herb ShadowClan needs, and Crowfrost tells her it's lungwort. She questions what it looks like, and then inquires to Onestar if she may pick the herb on his land, then give it to ShadowClan. The leader says no, and Mothwing concedes, as she knows it's unfair to ask Kestrelflight for more help.
Mothwing attends the next medicine cat half-moon meeting and sits with Willowshine and Puddleshine. The RiverClan medicine cat tells the ShadowClan tom that they've looked for lungwort on their own territory, to no avail. They then go to the Moonpool, and Mothwing lies down to wait. After the meeting, Hairspring and Kestrelflight allow the other medicine cats to gather lungwort on WindClan territory. Mothwing and Willowshine go with them, and they stream over the rise. A half-moon after, Alderheart is given his medicine cat name, and the other medicine cats look on. The cats share with StarClan and the newly named tom jerks awake with a start. His thoughts spin and he sees Mothwing staring at him from where she sits beside the pool.

Shattered Sky

Mothwing appears at a Gathering, with Willowshine, and Alderheart murmurs greetings to them both.
Long after, after Darktail wins RiverClan's territory, she goes to one injured cat to the next, treating their wounds. She leans over Mintfur and touches his neck with a paw, and he groans.
Two days after the battle, Mothwing and Alderheart go to RiverClan's territory to collect her herbs. She turns her gaze to her companion and asks him if Bramblestar would be okay with it. He answers her, and Mothwing nods, padding onward again. Alderheart asks her if they should go through WindClan or ShadowClan territory. She replies WindClan, because the rogues are bound to catch them if they go through ShadowClan. If they get caught by the rogues, they will have their pelts clawed off. The dark ginger tom agrees, and Mothwing adds that WindClan let Mistystar and her patrol pass.
Alderheart is surprised, as he doesn't know that Mistystar went back to RiverClan territory. She tells him that Mistystar led a patrol back to RiverClan territory to collect bodies of their fallen Clanmates for burial and to free the prisoners, but a rogue patrolled by a cat named Raven turned them away. The rogues let them go, but on the condition that if they return, the RiverClan prisoners will be killed. The dark ginger tom exclaims that it's ridiculous, and she agrees, but they can't just leave the prisoners there.
The ThunderClan tom asks what their plan is, and Mothwing says that she and Willowshine left a store of herbs in their den, guessing that if she tells the rogues she came to collect them, they might let them into camp. Alderheart replies that it's worth a try. She goes on and says she doesn't care if they let her take the herbs, because they can always gather more. But with this, they can figure out where the prisoners are, and if they're lucky, talk to them.
They cross the stream that marks the border with WindClan, and as soon as they cross, a WindClan patrol led by Sedgewhisker blocks their way. The light brown tabby asks what they want, and says they made it clear yesterday that Onestar doesn't want to see any cat outside of WindClan. Alderheart responds that no, they just want to go through their territory to get to RiverClan. She relaxes a little, and as she contemplates this, Leaftail hisses that it's a ThunderClan trick. Sedgewhisker hisses back that they are medicine cats, and lets them through. However, they must promise that they'll stay within three tail-lengths from the water. Mothwing politely thanks her and they make it along the banks of the lake. Alderheart asks her what Sedgewhisker meant by yesterday.
She tells the tom that after Mistystar and her patrol returned from RiverClan, they went to WindClan. Mallownose and Petalfur went to talk to Onestar but were turned away. Mothwing reports that the WindClan leader doesn't want to speak to any cat outside his Clan. The ThunderClan medicine cat comments that it's weird because Onestar wanted the rogues to be driven off, but now he doesn't seem to care. Mothwing nods and says she heard about Darktail whispering into Onestar's ear and wonders what he said. Alderheart replies that all of ThunderClan is curious as well because it'd really affected the WindClan leader.
Mothwing and Alderheart walk past the horseplace, and the she-cat apologizes for coming up with this plan, but that she doesn't know what else to do. He says that it's right they do something, as things can't stay as they are. Alderheart informs her about what happened with Dawnpelt, and how she never showed at ThunderClan's camp after leaving the Kin. Mothwing replies that that's worrying, and perhaps Darktail did something to her. Alderheart agrees, and she suggests that they keep a lookout for Dawnpelt, so they can reassure her kits she's okay. He and Mothwing fall silent and begin to approach the RiverClan border.
Mothwing wrinkles her nose, grimacing at the stench the rogues have left on RiverClan's territory. She and Alderheart tread warily, taking care to hide in the shelter of each tuft of long grass. The tom comments that they haven't met any rogues yet, and his companion suggests that perhaps they're too stretched to patrol two territories. They pad up to the stream at the edge of RiverClan's camp and are met by Needletail, Violetpaw, and Raven. Mothwing explains to Raven that she is here to collect her herb stores, for her Clanmates now in ThunderClan. She admits that this is Kin territory now, but insists medicine cats can cross borders even after a battle.
Alderheart stares at Needletail, and she breaks down and says they can come to get the herbs. Raven is furious, but the silver she-cat explains that it's so they can tell Puddleshine what they're used for. The black she-cat considers this suggestion and agrees. Raven threatens that if they put one whisker out of line, they'll regret it. Mothwing and Alderheart enter the camp and are hustled along quickly to Puddleshine's den. As they enter, the ThunderClan tom comments to his companion that her den is really cool. Mothwing sighs that it used to be her den, and Puddleshine races to greet them.
Raven announces that Alderheart and Mothwing are here to collect some herb stores, in exchange for helping Puddleshine learn their uses. The tom quickly catches on that something is going on, and pushes a flower towards the other medicine cats, asking what it is. Raven's suspicions ease, and they tell Puddleshine the uses for several herbs, though he already knows most of them. Mothwing and Alderheart then leave, taking some herbs with them. The next day, Darktail confronts Violetpaw about what happened. She tells him that Mothwing and Alderheart had come and taken some herbs, with Needletail's permission.
In ThunderClan's camp, Leafpool helps Mothwing look after the sick RiverClan cats still recovering from battle wounds. The Clans begin to form a plan to rescue RiverClan's prisoners, and Mothwing mentions that they'd need a cat on the inside to help them. She glances at Alderheart, and he remembers when Needletail had helped them. Mothwing turns to face the group, asking if any cat knows someone well enough to trust with a plan. Most murmur no, but Alderheart responds that he knows a few.
At the medicine cat half-moon meeting, Mothwing and Alderheart walk together. She turns to him, asking if he thinks Needletail will really help them free the prisoners. Alderheart softly whispers that he has no idea, and would need to talk to her. Mothwing irritably comments that that's not going to be easy, and twitches her tail. However, Violetpaw agrees to help with the plan, and the Clans set it into motion.
Mothwing and Alderheart slip silently through ShadowClan territory and settle under a bush to wait for Violetpaw. They wonder if she'll bring more cats, but worry about what it means if she does. The black and white apprentice soon appears, with no others. They explain to her the new plan, about trying to incapacitate Darktail and his followers. Mothwing adds that Mistystar won't attack until her cats are safe, but that it will be dangerous. Violetpaw agrees to the plan and assures the pair that she can do what's asked of her. She says she'll hide the poppy seeds in some prey, and Mothwing thanks her for the help, and says RiverClan will never forget it. Alderheart and Mothwing watch her walk away, with the RiverClan commenting that that apprentice is a very brave cat.
After SkyClan arrives, the medicine cats go to seek advice from StarClan. Mothwing attends the meeting, walking beside Willowshine. The medicine cats share a vision, and once it concludes, the golden tabby asks what happened. They tell her, and Mothwing's eyes glow in recognition, saying she understands. Jayfeather reluctantly replies that at least they know what needs to be done next.

Darkest Night

At the Gathering, Mothwing sits among the other medicine cats at the base of the Great Oak.
Later, during the medicine cat half-moon meeting, the group decides not to wait for Mothwing and Willowshine. Kestrelflight comments that they were probably ordered to stay away. During the their vision, Crookedstar asks where the RiverClan medicine cats are. Leafpool apologetically meows that she's sure Mothwing and Willowshine would be here if they could. After the meeting, they wonder if StarClan shared the prophecy with the RiverClan medicine cats as well.
The medicine cats from the other Clans go to visit RiverClan and relay the prophecy. However, they are turned away. Jayfeather insists that Mothwing would want to speak with them, but Duskfur doesn't budge. The blind tom asks if they could bring their medicine cats here, but it doesn't work. Jayfeather says it's in StarClan's paws now, and they leave RiverClan territory.
Willowshine sneaks out of camp and meets with Alderheart. She tells him of her vision, and that she's sorry about not coming to the half-moon meeting, due to Mistystar ordering her and Mothwing to stay in camp. Willowshine reports that she knows they tried to visit, and their leader said it'd been right to send them away. Mothwing's protests about medicine cats being allowed to cross borders had fallen on deaf ears, which worries Alderheart.
At the next Gathering, Kestrelflight comments on how it's weird sitting here without Mothwing and Willowshine. They gather at the base of the Great Oak, realizing that many cats are missing.

River of Fire

As RiverClan is escaping from the fire in their camp, Willowshine and Reedwhisker are talking with Hawkwing. The SkyClan deputy asks what they can do to help, and the RiverClan cats look at each other, overwhelmed. Reedwhisker replies that they need shelter, and Willowshine adds that they need help healing. She reports that their herb supply was destroyed, and Mothwing was hurt trying to save it. The cats glance at Mothwing and see the gold tabby lying limp on the ground. Violetshine thinks that she almost looks dead, and mentally praises her bravery.
At the next Gathering, RiverClan rejoins the other Clans, and requests help. She mentions that Mothwing is still badly injured from the fire, and Willowshine is overwhelmed trying to help every injured cat. Mistystar notes that all their herbs are gone as well, so Leafpool volunteers to assist. Later, at the next medicine cat half-moon meeting, Mothwing and Willowshine attend for the first time since their borders have close. The other medicine cats welcome them, and they dip their heads in response.
In the bonus scene, Willowshine spots Mothwing return to the medicine den, and meets her outside it. The golden tabby replies that she found several types of herbs, but no watermint. Willowshine sighs, knowing that they’d usually be able to ask other Clans for help in times like this, but RiverClan’s closed borders have taken that source of help away. She tells her companion about the fight between Jayclaw and Owlnose, but before she can respond, Curlfeather throws up beside the stream. Willowshine gives her a sprig of watermint and announces she’s going to go and look for more. When she returns to camp and tells Mothwing about her vision, but her companion tries to brush it off as a dream. However, the gray she-cat insists that it was real, and questions how she can doubt StarClan exists. They banter back and forth on the subject but eventually turn to the subject of their dwindling watermint supply. They both hope Mistystar will open the borders soon, and upon hearing a call of distress, rush outside to see Mosspelt collapse.
The next day, Willowshine stands in front of the last sprig of watermint and asks Mothwing if she should give it to Mosspelt, but the other she-cat hesitates to give it to someone so frail they might not recover. Willowshine is horrified, and the golden tabby apologizes, saying she just wants what is best for the Clan. They both agree to go and talk to Mistystar about their dire situation. Both she-cats implore that the border should be reopened so that they can ask for other Clans’ help. Willowshine tells Mistystar about her vision of fire, but the blue-gray leader isn’t convinced. As she turns away, she notes that it’s too soon for the border to be reopened. The medicine cats try to convince her otherwise, but the leader thinks that this sickness is harmless and will pass. They respectfully leave the den and head back to the sick cats.
The next day, Willowshine tells Mothwing she’s going to talk to Mistystar again. The golden tabby doesn’t think it will work and watches as her companion pads away. She does, but when it fails, she tells Mothwing that she’s going to try the WindClan and ThunderClan border supply. Mothwing is hesitant but agrees that they should go together, even without permission, because this is an emergency. Willowshine says she needs to go alone, and her companion reluctantly agrees, but worries about the risk of attack.

The Raging Storm

At the medicine cat half-moon meeting, Willowshine reports that Softpaw almost got carried away by the rapids, but was saved by Dapplepaw. She adds that Mothwing stayed at camp to watch over her.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Coming Soon

The Silent Thaw

Mothwing attends Shadowpaw's full name ceremony. She is dubious that the melting Moonpool will restore StarClan's connection. At the next meeting, Shadowsight lists Mothwing as one of the codebreakers and she is frustrated at the news. Later, Mothwing attends a Gathering and sits next to the other medicine cats.

Veil of Shadows

Mothwing and Willowshine wait for Puddleshine and Shadowsight at the Moonpool. However, Puddleshine arrives and is surprised not to see Shadowsight with them. They go look for him, but lose his scent in crushed catmint. Rootpaw summons Bramblestar's ghost and reveals the existence of the impostor. Unlike her former apprentice, Mothwing believes Rootpaw.
At the Gathering, Mistystar is pressured by the impostor to banish Mothwing because she is a codebreaker, as her parents were not of RiverClan. Mothwing defends her mother's choice, and protests she has proved her loyalty over and over. Stemleaf recruits her and Crowfeather to join the rebels at SkyClan's old camp, and she shares a den with Jayfeather. When Bristlefrost arrives with news that the impostor wants to find Squirrelflight, Squirrelflight recruits Mothwing to help her stage her death.
After a devastating battle that results in the impostor's defeat, Mistystar exiles Harelight and Icewing for betraying RiverClan and fighting against the impostor. She tries to welcome Mothwing back into RiverClan, but she refuses and chooses to remain in exile due to Mistystar's behavior.

In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

When WindClan is injured from an attack by the stoats, Onestar reluctantly agrees to ask the other Clans for help. Breezepelt and Gorsetail are sent to RiverClan to ask for Mothwing's help. Mistystar sends Mothwing to help, and she treats the wounded in WindClan's camp. Once their work is done, she and Leafpool return to their own Clans.
At the next Gathering, Mistystar reports that her Clan suffered from a mild outbreak of whitecough. She assures that Mothwing and Willowshine quickly took care of it, and it never turned to greencough.

Bramblestar's Storm

After the flood ravages ThunderClan's territory, Bramblestar takes it upon himself to visit each Clan to make sure they are doing okay. Upon arriving near RiverClan's camp, they run into Reedwhisker and Shimmerpelt, who go back into camp to get their leader, Mistystar, and medicine cat, Mothwing.
She later speaks up at a Gathering, after giving a respectful nod to Mistystar. After Onestar reveals that he and his Clan have created a memorial for their fallen Clanmates, she replies that she and her fellow medicine cat, Willowshine, have created a ring of ferns as a memorial for their fallen Clanmates. She also admits that even though the flood has damaged them, they will soon grow again.

In the Novellas

Mothwing's Secret

Despite being a new warrior, Mothwing still misses her mother, Sasha, terribly. She has a nightmare of Tadpole's death and reaffirms her vow to stick close to her brother, Hawkfrost. When Blackclaw nearly drowns in thick mud, Mothwing is fearful his fate will be the same as Tadpole's. However, Cinderpelt and Mudfur resuscitate him, and their skills inspire Mothwing to become a medicine cat. She visits Mudfur later, noting she discovered a natural sense of belonging in the medicine cat den, and Mudfur agrees to train her if Leopardstar, Mistyfoot and StarClan agree. Mothwing, who was never formally taught about StarClan and doesn't believe they exist, is surprised to hear that Mudfur that StarClan is tangible and omniscient. Mothwing proves her worth aiding Mudfur around the den and has a natural talent for memorizing herbs.
However, Mothwing grows fearful StarClan will never send a sign to Mudfur to accept her as his apprentice. Mothwing is confused when Mudfur interprets a passing cloud as a potential sign from StarClan, but Hawkfrost pressures her to believe in StarClan in order to prove her worth as a medicine cat, even if she has to lie about it. Leopardstar calls an early Clan meeting to announce that Mudfur had received a sign from StarClan approving Mothwing as his apprentice. During her presentation to StarClan at the Moonstone, Mothwing is confused to only receive vague visions of her Clanmates and nothing more, but begins to believe in StarClan. However, Hawkfrost reveals he faked the moth wing omen, and Mothwing, ashamed, grows once again doubtful of StarClan's existence.
Mudfur falls ill and unresponsive, and Mothwing fetches Cinderpelt and Leafpaw for help. At the dawn of the Great Journey, RiverClan waits for Mudfur to pass away before leaving, and Mothwing mourns for him. Leopardstar gathers her Clan to leave, but the Clans are stopped by Sasha who asks for her kits to stay with her. Even when Sasha reveals the truth about their parentage to the Clans, Mothwing and Hawkfrost remain firm to stay with the Clans. At the lake territories, Mothwing accepts Willowpaw as her apprentice. Hawkfrost threatens Mothwing to fake a sign forcing Stormfur and Brook out of RiverClan. After successfully doing so, Mothwing vows to never lie for him again.
After presenting Willowpaw to StarClan, Willowpaw tries to share her vision to Mothwing, but Mothwing responds vaguely and tries not to reveal her secret. However, Willowpaw discovers the truth when Voletooth in anguish pleads for Mothwing to make StarClan forgive him after he is stung by several bees and Mothwing is unable to respond. Later, Firestar, Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw and Leafpool bring Hawkfrost's dead body to camp, and Leafpool explains the truth of what happened to Mothwing and Willowpaw. While acknowledging there was a darkness inside her brother, Mothwing will miss him.
Many moons later, Mothwing treats the injured during the Great Battle. She stares in horror when Hawkfrost, now a Dark Forest spirit, appears in RiverClan's camp and kills Dapplenose. She's prepared to fight her brother to protect the nursery when StarClan spirits arrive. The battle ends, and Mudfur appears to praise Mothwing's abilities. Mothwing questions him repeatedly, wondering where StarClan was earlier and if he regretted making her his apprentice. Mudfur responds StarClan doesn't make any mistakes, and Mothwing realizes StarClan is not all-knowing and the Clans should rely on themselves. Many moons later, she and Willowshine successfully treat Petalfur's wounds, and Mothwing reaffirms to herself that it was their own skills that saved Petalfur and vows to to be a dutiful medicine cat.

Mistystar's Omen

Mistyfoot thinks of Mothwing as the RiverClan deputy watched over Leopardstar. Leopardstar's mysterious illness had evaded every one of Mothwing's attempts to heal her. When the RiverClan leader's health takes a dramatic downturn and she falls over in exhaustion, Mistyfoot calls for Mothwing to help. Mothwing examines the elderly leader, noting her filthy pelt, and asks for Mintfur and Pebblefoot to carry Leopardstar to the leader's den.
When she positions Leopardstar more comfortably in her den, Mothwing leaves to fetch some herbs after offering encouraging words to Mistyfoot. However, Leopardstar wakes up before Mothwing can return, and tells her deputy that it is too late for Mothwing to heal her, despite her impressive healing skills.
The next morning, Mothwing enters Leopardstar's den where Mistyfoot has spent the night. She tells her old friend that their leader has passed, though this is not news to Mistyfoot. Mothwing comforts Mistyfoot, who doubts her own readiness to lead RiverClan. She scoffs when Mistyfoot mentions her old age and reminds the new leader of RiverClan that she'll have nine lives ahead of her. Mothwing swears to support Mistyfoot throughout her leadership as the two leave the den.
After Mistyfoot announces Leopardstar's death to the Clan and mentions her intention to travel to the Moonpool as soon as possible, Mothwing interrupts, telling her that the trip can wait a day, as the Clan needs to sit vigil for Leopardstar.
As Mistyfoot prepares for her journey to the Moonpool to receive her nine lives, Willowshine offers to accompany her, much to her bewilderment. She tells the young she-cat that it is Mothwing's duty to do so, assuming that the gray cat thought she would be afraid to meet StarClan for the first time.
Mistyfoot is a bit bothered by the fact that she is getting so much sympathy and help but thinks it is good to have Mothwing, as she knows that she also has the whole Clan to take care of as well. As Mistyfoot eats she sees Mothwing and Willowshine bring Leopardstar's body out from the medicine den to prepare her for the vigil come twilight. Willowshine warns Mothwing that they are using their last stocks of watermint but Mothwing insists, silencing her apprentice. Mistyfoot begins to feel very grateful to have Mothwing as a friend and a medicine cat.
During Leopardstar's vigil, Mothwing asks Mistyfoot if she is ready to choose a deputy. As Mistyfoot calls the Clan together to announce her choice she steps closer to Mothwing for comfort. After she announces Reedwhisker as her deputy, Mothwing remarks that it is a brave choice but the right one. Mistyfoot is glad Mothwing, and maybe StarClan, from the sound of her words, approve of her choice.
After Stonefur visits Mistyfoot she rouses Mothwing and tells her they need to go to the Moonpool now. Mothwing is a bit alarmed but agrees to go after Mistyfoot insists.
At dawn, Mistyfoot and Mothwing are at the top of WindClan's ridge. Mothwing tells her they should keep going. Mistyfoot wonders how far it is, and Mothwing replies that it isn't far at all and tells her that it is behind a certain bush. Mistyfoot notices that her medicine cat seems nervous, but mews that they'll get through it together. Mothwing instructs her to press her muzzle to the water, and she does so. Mothwing wishes her good luck and Mistyfoot begins to dream. She is panicked and wonders where Mothwing is before she zones into reality.
After the ceremony, Mistystar asks Mothwing why she wasn't there. Mothwing gives a vague response and Mistystar asks if she doesn't believe in StarClan. Mothwing confirms this; she has different beliefs but she still serves her Clan well enough. When they have to cross through ThunderClan land, they see Firestar and they explain themselves. Jayfeather offers to give them herbs, and they accept. Soon enough they continue on. Mistystar asks if Jayfeather knows about her belief that StarClan isn't real. Mothwing tells her what he thinks, and that he does know.
They leave ThunderClan territory and a WindClan patrol sees them. Mistystar and Mothwing explain, and they offer both sympathy and congratulations at the new leadership Mistystar is taking on, and promise to tell Onestar when they return. When they return there is a chant of the name Mistystar, except Mothwing, who is standing at the side, looking troubled. Reedwhisker tells his mother that they had seen and told all the Clans except ShadowClan, and he offers to go and deliver it for her, and Mistystar gives him her and Mothwing's thanks.
They bury Leopardstar afterward, and Mothwing speaks the words of the ceremony to send her off to StarClan. Mistystar stares at Mothwing, wondering if the Clans knew of her true beliefs, and she feels so lonely all of a sudden. After she speaks with Graymist, she wonders if she could confide in her about her medicine cat, but decides against it. As she gets into her nest after this, she wonders if she can talk to StarClan themselves about the issue. Mistystar wakes up the next morning, in a confused daze for a moment, but then zones back in, hearing Mothwing outside with Willowshine, discussing the stocks of herbs now that they got some from Jayfeather.
Mistystar remembers how Willowshine offered to come. Mistystar assumes she knows the truth as well. Then she wonders about the gap in the young cat's education and thinks that one of the medicine cats must know. As Willowshine is leaving camp to collect herbs, Mistystar calls for her to wait and wants to come with; she notices Mothwing watching them from the other side of the camp. Mistystar asks nonchalantly about Willowshine's training, and she replies eagerly that Mothwing is teaching her how to combine herbs to make better use of them, and comments on how she knows so much. Mistystar inquires about the StarClan side of the education and Willowshine tells Mistystar that she is the best mentor she can wish for.
The evasive answer gives Mistystar the chance to find out that she does know about Mothwing's beliefs or lack thereof. Mistystar then reveals she knows the truth. She and Willowshine argue about whether Mothwing should stay a medicine cat or not. Mistystar tells her to get the herbs, and leaves, her decision made. Mothwing almost seems to be waiting for her return, and she asks if she spoke to her apprentice. Mistystar and Mothwing argue about being a medicine cat, and Mistystar finally says that she can no longer consider herself a medicine cat.
Mothwing is shocked and is sad, while Mistystar decides what to do. After finding a hunting patrol nearly empty-pawed, and Mossypaw comments how StarClan must hate them because they won't bring the fish back yet. This brings back questions about if StarClan accepted Mothwing. As Mistystar offers to go with a patrol she sees Mothwing's icy gaze.
That night, it is the half-moon, the night the medicine cats go to the Moonpool to get omens and prophecies. Mistystar grimly remembers how Mothwing had always sent Willowshine in her place for something; always a sick, injured, or kit-heavy cat caused her to stay behind, even though that wasn't the case. Mistystar then sees Mothwing bidding her apprentice good-bye and tells her things to say and do. Mistystar walks down to the lake, feeling hopeless, thinking that Mothwing had made her have no confidence at all in RiverClan's well-being.
The next morning, Mistystar's decision is made, and she goes into the medicine den to tell Willowshine she is the sole medicine cat and Mothwing won't live with her in the den. Willowshine cries out that she still has much to learn, but Mistystar coldly snaps back that StarClan can give her knowledge. She demotes Mothwing, and makes her an elder. Mothwing thinks this is punishment, but Mistystar tells her it is for the Clan's best interests. Mothwing bursts out that there is enough change in RiverClan, and they should wait until the next Gathering. Mistystar agrees to this and tries to leave, but Mothwing whispers an apology into her ear. Mistystar then leaves the den.
Later, Mistystar is staring at the rocks that guard the medicine den and notes how both medicine cats seem to have been avoiding her since Mothwing's demotion.
Afterward, Mistystar looks for cats to join her to go upstream, but Mothwing comes up to her and asks where Hollowpaw and Rushpaw are. Mistystar answers her question, but Mothwing persists. Mistystar brushes it off as no big deal. When she is on patrol with her cats she wonders to StarClan to send a sign to Willowshine about the little amount of fish there are, despite the beaver dam destruction.
Soon afterward, Mistystar and Beetlewhisker have a talk about the fish returning, as they are; he meows that he saw a huge trout but Mothwing told him to leave it be so they can reproduce and there can be more. Mistystar drops her catch in camp and finds Mothwing. She asks her why she told Beetlewhisker to leave the trout. Mothwing repeats the reasoning Beetlewhisker told her. Mistystar and Mothwing argue, and eventually, Mistystar leaves the den.
Later, after Reedwhisker is injured, Graymist yowls for Mothwing to come fast. Mothwing assesses the wound and gives out an order to Robinwing. She also asks if she smells dog; she is correct. Mistystar tells the Clan that Willowshine should take care of this. Cats are shocked, and Mistystar tells the Clan that Mothwing is no longer RiverClan's medicine cat; to emphasize her point, Mothwing goes back to the den for Willowshine. The young gray cat comes over and is appalled at the severity of the wound. Mothwing hands her apprentice the necessary herbs and leaves. There is a lot of confusion in the Clan. Suddenly, Mistystar is visited by Stonefur. He questions her about instincts, and disappears after giving a vague comment about trusting Mothwing's instincts to act alone.
Suddenly Mistystar sees a moth, who slowly unfurls its wings and flies away. She knows Stonefur sent the moth as an omen to trust Mothwing's instincts like he said. Mistystar returns back but none of the cats are there like they were before; she visits the medicine den and questions Willowshine about her son, and where Mothwing is. Willowshine responds coldly that she is where she sent her: the elders' den. Mistystar mews that she made a mistake, and leaves to set off to the elders' den. Mistystar tells Mothwing to return to her duties, and she apologizes, begging for forgiveness, for she cannot lose her last kit and deputy. Mothwing promises she will do what she can.
Beetlewhisker asks about his deputy to Mistystar; she tells him that both medicine cats are tending to him and explains that Mothwing is back to her old duties again just like before, and adds that he can break the happy news to the Clan if he would like to. Mistystar then leaves camp: she wants to go to the Moonpool.
She reaches the Moonpool and is awaited by Mudfur, Mothwing's mentor. Mudfur explains to Mistystar why he kept Mothwing as his apprentice; she is calm, smart, loyal, and kind, and besides her beliefs, she had all the potential to be a wonderful medicine cat. Mistystar asks Mudfur about StarClan's communication with her. He reveals that StarClan speaks to whoever they want and that Mothwing can speak the words of a ceremony. Mistystar asks about the moth's wing omen.
Mudfur tells her that Mothwing is a very good medicine cat, and it is good that she is staying; she has faith in her Clan and her Clanmates: what else does she need? Suddenly Mistystar hears her name. Mothwing has come to the Moonpool as well. Mistystar demands to know the condition of her son, and thanks Mothwing after the information is given. Mothwing tells Mistystar what she believes in: learning from what has been discovered before, and how precious health is in her cats, and that omens and prophecies don't seem like things missing from her world. Mothwing respects the belief of StarClan, though. Mistystar asks herself who would have thought how much a moth could teach her. Mothwing is confused, but Mistystar brushes it off and invites Mothwing to walk home with her.

Dovewing's Silence

At the Gathering, Mothwing follows Mistystar closely. Soon after, she walks out from behind Mistystar and stands in the center of the cats. She states that the cats who joined the Dark Forest should swear a new oath of loyalty to the warrior code and that they do not need to be punished.

In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Return to the Clans

They are born during this book to Sasha and Tigerstar, although their father doesn't know about them. Sasha is living as a rogue in a forest, and their den is a drafty pile of logs. Sasha lets her kits out of the den to play and Moth worries if it will be safe outside because there might be foxes. Tadpole assures her that he will protect her from any threats. The three of them climb to the top of the den with some difficulty and are later scared by a bird that jumps out of the woods.
Back in the den, Sasha tells the kits about a story when her old owner, Ken, saved her from a fox in the woods. Moth tells Sasha she shouldn't be sad that she doesn't know where Ken went.
The kits are often seen playing and hunting together. Sasha wonders whether she should tell them about Tigerstar or not.
When Sasha is out hunting one day, the kits decide to go into Twolegplace to look for Ken. Moth is shown to be cautious of going into an unknown place and she sticks close to Tadpole. When they come in contact with some BloodClan cats, they are very scared and run away. They decided to hide from the BloodClan cats in an old Twoleg nest, but they get stuck inside by accident. A water pipe inside ends up breaking and the nest begins to fill with water. Sasha arrives just in time to save Moth and Hawk, but unfortunately, Tadpole drowns after helping his siblings up. Moth, Hawk, and Sasha grieve for Tadpole's death and head back to their den in the forest.
A rogue named Pine appears near their den one day and offers to take them to a farm where some friends of his live with their kits. They think it's a wonderful farm, but the cats already living there don't appreciate them barging in and they try to force Sasha and her kits to leave. Sasha attacks the she-cat and claims that she is a warrior. They leave the farm in search of a better place to live. They travel on toward Sunningrocks and stop on the stepping stones, where Sasha tells Moth and Hawk about Tigerstar.
A patrol of RiverClan cats finds them and Leopardstar demands to know why they are on RiverClan territory. Sasha reasons with Leopardstar and the leader allows them to join RiverClan. Mistyfoot takes Moth and Hawk to the nursery to care for them, while Sasha thinks about what has happened. After a short while Leopardstar makes Moth and Hawk into apprentices and gives them their new Clan names, Mothpaw and Hawkpaw. They are seen training with Stormfur and Blackclaw and have adjusted to Clan life well.
One day, Mothpaw and Hawkpaw see some RiverClan cats play-fighting with each other and one of them pretends to be Tigerstar. Mothpaw and Hawkpaw don't understand why the fighting cats are talking about Tigerstar and killing. Sasha reminds them that they shouldn't talk about Tigerstar to any of the other cats and Mothpaw and Hawkpaw promise not to.
Mothpaw and Hawkpaw later play with a few bones they find on the ground and the other RiverClan cats are shocked because those were the remaining pieces of Tigerstar's Hill of Bones. Leopardstar takes them aside to explain all the horrible things Tigerstar did to the Clans. Sasha realizes that she can't stay with RiverClan anymore, and says goodbye to her kits before leaving. She reminds them once more not to mention Tigerstar to any of the RiverClan cats, then leaves.

In the Stand-Alone Manga

A Shadow in RiverClan

Leopardstar, Blackclaw, Stormfur and Feathertail confront Sasha and her two kits, Moth and Hawk, on the stepping stones, and Sasha asks to join RiverClan. While Blackclaw wishes to throw them out, Feathertail and Stormfur convince Leopardstar to let them join as the kits are almost apprentice age. A quarter-moon later, Feathertail watches Hawk and Moth play with some RiverClan kits, she notes they act like they've been a part of RiverClan their entire lives. Hawk falls into the river while chasing after a moss-ball, and Moth screams his name and watches in horror as Feathertail saves Hawk. She rushes to Hawk's side when Feathertail brings him to shore and yowls to Sasha what happened. Later, Sasha thanks Feathertail for rescuing Hawk and explains how Moth and Hawk had both witnessed their brother, Tadpole, drown.
With Sasha's blessing, Feathertail teaches the kits how to swim and hopes to mentor one of them. While watching the kits play in the shallows, Sasha is surprised to hear about Tigerstar's involvement in RiverClan, but Feathertail reassures her that her kits are safe. Moth and Hawk are named apprentices, Mothpaw and Hawkpaw, with Mistyfoot and Leopardstar as theri mentors respectively. While Feathertail is positive Mistyfoot will mentor Mothpaw well, she is unsure of Leopardstar. However, she explains to Sasha that Leopardstar is making a clear statement that her kits are welcomed in RiverClan with both the leader and deputy mentoring them.
Sasha reveals to Feathertail that Tigerstar is Hawkpaw and Mothpaw's father, but pleads Feathertail not to punish her kits just because of their parentage. Feathertail realizes it's not the kits' fault, and, although betrayed, agrees to keep her secret. She watches the kits out of fear they will turn out like their father and grows distant with them. Sasha decides to leave for the safety of her kits; she fears ShadowClan will discover the truth and either drive them away or kill them. Feathertail later watches Sasha bid farewell to her kits and leave.
When Hawkpaw is chosen to go on a patrol to track down the fox, Mothpaw is relieved when Feathertail and Stormfur volunteer to join him and watches them leave. By newleaf, Feathertail reconnects with Hawkpaw and Mothpaw, including sharing prey with her, Leopardstar and Mosspelt. She is on a patrol chasing ThunderClan cats from trespassing and sleeps with Feathertail, Stormfur, and Hawkpaw. Feathertail realizes she cannot judge Hawkpaw and Mothpaw because of Tigerstar and instead by their own merits.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

When Rock talks about Mothwing, he says that she is a constant puzzle to StarClan, since she doesn't believe in it. But, StarClan allowed her to stay because they saw that she only had the welfare of her Clan at heart. Unfortunately, she has more responsibilities than medicine alone. He tells how Hawkfrost had threatened to reveal the truth to RiverClan unless Mothwing made up fake prophecies and how StarClan couldn't warn Mothwing about the poisonous Twoleg fluid that ended up killing her Clanmates. Worried that her lie may destroy her Clan, she requests help from her good friend, Leafpool, who began speaking to Mudfur on Mothwing's behalf. Rock then explains how Willowpaw became Mothwing's apprentice and Feathertail and Leafpool assisted her in the StarClan part of her training. She respects her mentor's disbelief and respects her in every other way.

Battles of the Clans

Mothwing does not formally appear, but is noted to be shown as the full medicine cat of RiverClan in the RiverClan facts. She is also mentioned as having made a trip to ThunderClan with Blackclaw.

The Ultimate Guide

She appears on Hawkfrost’s page. Her mother Sasha gives birth to her in the forest but eventually leaves her in RiverClan, hoping for a better life for her and Hawkfrost. Hawkfrost was clever enough to know being Leopardstar’s favorite didn’t mean full respect from his Clanmates, he needed something more, such as his sister as a medicine cat, so he tore a moth’s wing and left it out for Mudfur to discover and make Mothpaw his apprentice.
Mothwing has her own page shared with Willowshine. Mothwing was always fascinated by Mudfur’s healing skills and made no objection to becoming an apprentice, but she did object to Hawkfrost’s method of making her a medicine cat apprentice. She was a quick learner, sensitive to suffering cats and is well respected by her Clanmates but she suffered one flaw: she didn’t believe in StarClan. Hawkfrost’s threat to reveal this secret forces her to make false prophecies for Hawkfrost’s ambitions. Her flaw of not being able to receive signs from StarClan meant she didn’t know where to find catmint when her Clan was struck by greencough. She confided in Leafpool who began speaking to Willowshine in dreams for her behalf. Mistystar’s nine lives ceremony forced Mothwing to confess that she did not believe in StarClan. Mistystar thought at first that her leadership was threatened by this but a vision convinced her to trust Mothwing for what she has done for moons.

In the Short stories and plays

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

She, along with Jayfeather, Barkface and Littlecloud, measures the length of the line of stones used for voting on each side of the stick. They come to the conclusion that the majority of cats voted for Firestar to lead all four Clans temporarily.
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