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Mothwing is a patient, kind, and gentle cat.[1] Even though she doesn’t believe in StarClan, she is a good medicine cat, and cares for her Clanmates.[2] She is not afraid to break the rules and stand up for herself.[2]



"Our father was a great warrior. Our mother is proud and strong. They shared only one flaw: that their only loyalty was to themselves above all other cats. We're not like that. We understand what it means to be loyal to our Clan. We have the courage to live by the warrior code. And because of that we'll be the most powerful cats in RiverClan one day, and our Clanmates will have to respect us then."
—Hawkfrost to Mothwing Dawn, page 169
Mothwing and Hawkfrost are brother and sister, and they support each other. Even when it is obvious that her brother has evil intentions, Mothwing refuses to believe it. Hawkfrost even fakes a sign for Mudfur to see so that Mothwing can become a medicine cat.[1]


Mothwing’s reputation is tainted because of her rogue mother. Other cats often think that she cannot be a true Clan cat because she is not Clanborn. However, Mothwing proved herself by remaining with her Clan when her mother asks her and Hawkfrost to come live with her.[3]


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Mothwing and Leafpool are good friends. Mothwing is not afraid to break the warrior code for Leafpool, and they often help each other in hard times.[4]


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