"I wasn't doing anything wrong. Anyway, it's so hard to tell where our territory turns into ThunderClan. It's not like there's a river in the way!"
— Mottlepaw in Code of the Clans, page 102

Mottlepaw is a small black-and-white[1] tom[3] with white patches[4] and blue eyes.[5]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Mottlepaw is an ancient SkyClan apprentice. Mottlepaw patrols the ThunderClan border with his mentor, Poppycloud, who is also his mother. He is shown to be very eager when he asks Poppycloud if there are any sounds she can hear, and she answers that she can only hear him. Then two ThunderClan cats show up. Mottlepaw finds himself on the wrong side of the border, and hastily backtracks, then tells Poppycloud that it wasn't his fault. She then sniffs the borders, and doesn't blame him because she can barely smell the difference between the ThunderClan and SkyClan border herself.
When the ThunderClan leader, Lionstar, comes forth with his deputy, Greeneyes, to the camp to demand why SkyClan are always at their borders, Mottlepaw hides behind Poppycloud, thinking they had come to get him for accidentally trespassing. He cheers for his mother when she speaks out that there should be a law on patrolling borders. When Lionstar says that with the law he'll be able to tear the fur off any cat that trespasses, Mottlepaw scrambles back into the apprentice den, obviously scared.


Interesting Facts

  • Although it is typically frowned upon for a parent to mentor their kit, Mottlepaw's mentor was revealed to be his own mother, Poppycloud.[2]

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Poppycloud:[2] Living (As of Code of the Clans)



Mottlepaw: "Can you hear anything, Poppycloud? Can you, can you?"
Poppycloud: "Yes, Mottlepaw, I can hear something."
Mottlepaw: "Really? What?"
Poppycloud: "You!"
Mottlepaw: "But I tried to be quiet, like you showed me."
—Mottlepaw and Poppycloud Code of the Clans, pages 100-101

Mottlepaw: "Why does Rowanstar make us come this way when he knows ThunderClan doesn’t like it?"
Poppycloud: "I think he likes to know if anything happens in our territory. If we just stuck to the best hunting areas, we’d never visit some places."
Mottlepaw: "Like this one. I can’t smell any birds anywhere!"
Oatwhisker: "That’s because you’re in ThunderClan territory!"
—Mottlepaw and Poppycloud before Oakwhisker interrupts Code of the Clans, page 101

"[Mottlepaw] was a quick learner and would one day make a warrior to be proud of."
—Narrator Code of the Clans, page 107

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