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Mousefur is a snarky, sarcastic, and grumpy she-cat.[1] However, on the inside, she cares about her Clanmates and doesn’t like to be a burden on her Clan.[2]



Squirrelflight: "Come with us. I know a way to climb the walls."
Mousefur: "A blind cat can’t climb rocks."
Longtail: "Then you go. I can still claw a badger if it comes near enough."
Mousefur: "We’re staying together and that’s that."
—Mousefur making sure Longtail is safe during the battle with the badgers Twilight, page 194
While in the elder’s den together, Mousefur and Longtail developed deep affection for each other. They never became mates, but their companionship and care for one another was obvious, and they would do anything for the other.[3] After Longtail is killed by the falling tree when trying to retrieve a mouse for her, Mousefur is depressed and mourns for her friend.[4]


"Well, Mousefur used to like watchin' the sun go down over the lake. She said it looked like the water was on fire. So I was goin' to bury her where she'd still get a good view. P'raps over there. I know she's not really here, but it feels like the right place for her."
—Purdy talking about Mousefur Dovewing's Silence, page Chapter 2
Mousefur and Purdy developed a friendly relationship as elders.[5] They often bantered and joked with one another, and Purdy was deeply saddened when Mousefur died.[6]

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