"Everything she did seemed to reawaken his sense of loss. But as a mother of kits, she could only think of what was best for the vulnerable newborns."
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"Whatever you say. I'm not an apprentice anymore. I'm a warrior—I hunt and fight. I'll leave the weird medicine cat stuff up to you."
— Mousewhisker to Jaypaw on his new status as a warrior in Eclipse, page 67

Mousewhisker is a big[10], muscular[11] gray-and-white tom[1] with fluffy,[12] thick, soft fur[13] and green eyes.[14]

Mousewhisker is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Firestar's, Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, and Lionblaze's leaderships in the lake territories. He was born to Daisy and Smoky as Mouse alongside Berry and Hazel at the horseplace and brought to ThunderClan so that Twolegs would not take them away. He was renamed Mousekit and later became an apprentice under Spiderleg as Mousepaw. After becoming a warrior, Mousewhisker mentored Bumblestripe, but was later recruited by the Dark Forest. During the Great Battle, Mousewhisker discovered their true intentions and fought for the Clans. After swearing an oath of loyalty, he has since mentored Plumstone and Baypaw. After the impostor's identity was revealed to be Ashfur, Mousewhisker favored killing him so Bramblestar could return to his body.


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The New Prophecy

"We want to learn to fight."
―Mousekit about returning to ThunderClan Sunset, page 193
Mouse is born to Daisy and Smoky of the horseplace, along with his siblings Berry and Hazel. Not wanting the Twolegs to take her kits, Daisy leaves the horsesplace and is found on ThunderClan territory with her three kits. Firestar allows them to stay in the Clan, and Mouse is renamed Mousekit. He and his littermates are caught in the medicine den by Brightheart, and he chases a butterfly with Hazelkit. Mousekit tells Leafpool a tortoiseshell cat told them they could chase it. Daisy is terrified after the battle against the badgers and decides to leave ThunderClan and return to the horsesplace, much to Mousekit and his siblings' dismay. Brambleclaw and Cloudtail convince Daisy to come back to the Clan, and the kits are ecstatic.

Power of Three

"Mousepaw's eyes lit up. Clearly he liked the idea of a starlit stroll with the pretty apprentice."
―Mousepaw upon Minnowpaw's offer for a tour of the island The Sight, page 135
Mousepaw is now an apprentice and his mentor is Spiderleg. During a Gathering, he shows Lionpaw around, and Mousepaw appears to have a crush on Minnowpaw of RiverClan. Later, Mousepaw and Cinderpaw are assessed to catch as much prey as possible. Determined to show his mentor he can catch a squirrel, Mousepaw climbs the Sky Oak, however he freezes high up, and Cinderpaw has to help him climb down. She ends up falling out of the tree and breaking her leg. He eventually receives his warrior name, Mousewhisker, along with his siblings Berrynose and Hazeltail.

Omen of the Stars

"They wouldn't. I know they wouldn't! But they'll be scared. Brokenstar has threatened to kill them if they don't fight alongside him."
―Ivypool to Brambleclaw about the Dark Forest trainees The Last Hope, page 285
Mousewhisker is now a mentor to Bumblepaw. When Dovepaw tells the Clan about the brown animals blocking the stream, Mousewhisker sarcastically asks if they were Twolegs who had sprouted wings. His apprentice later becomes a warrior named Bumblestripe. Mousewhisker and Cherrypaw accidentally eat hemlock, and are saved by Cinderheart. He begins training in the Dark Forest, and goes to the WindClan border with some other trainees to practice battle moves. When the Great Battle begins, he is hiding beneath a bush with Birchfall and Blossomfall, until Ivypool convinces them to fight for the Clans.

A Vision of Shadows

He voices his doubt over Twigkit being special and often leads border patrols to keep an eye on the Kin. He doubts the Clans will ever be defeated by Darktail, and is later appointed the mentor to Plumpaw.

The Broken Code

"StarClan! Why can't they just say what they mean?"
―Mousewhisker agreeing that StarClan tends to be vague Veil of Shadows, page 24
His former apprentice is now a warrior named Plumstone. Mousewhisker and his brother Berrynose share their concerns over the lack of connection with StarClan, and Mousewhisker also becomes the mentor to Baypaw. He participates in the battle against the Rebels, with Mousewhisker fighting Dewspring. Although Mousewhisker survives, Berrynose and their half-sister, Rosepetal, are killed, leaving him as the only kit of Daisy left alive. Mousewhisker later agrees in favor of executing Ashfur in Bramblestar's body, believing that Bramblestar won't be coming back.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, Mousewhisker attempts to help Cherryfall when she gets stuck on a beam in the abandoned Twoleg nest, but he accidentally causes her to fall on Bramblestar, and he apologizes to her. After evacuating camp and setting up in the tunnels, he is often seen helping his Clan, and he fights beside Stoatfur in the battle against the badgers.


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In Dovewing's Silence, Mousewhisker and the other former Dark Forest trainees struggle to regain the trust of their Clanmates, and they all swear an oath of loyalty to ThunderClan. Dovewing patrols with him and the rest of the trainees, when Cherrypaw and Molepaw purposefully lead them into the danger of a trapped fox. After they kill the fox, the apprentices apologize and the rest of the Clan forgives Mousewhisker and the former trainees.

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Mousewhisker's warrior ceremony
Firestar: I, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Berrypaw, Hazelpaw, Mousepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your lives?
Berrypaw, Hazelpaw, and Mousepaw: I do!
Firestar: Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Mousepaw, you will now be known as Mousewhisker. We welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.
Everyone: Mousewhisker! Hazeltail! Berrynose!
Reference: Outcast, pages 20-21




Daisy:[3] Status unknown


Smoky:[15] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)


Berrynose:[3] Deceased, verified Place of No Stars member


Hazeltail:[3] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Toadstep:[16] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Coriander:[17] Deceased, residence unknown


Rosepetal:[16] Deceased, verified Place of No Stars member
Daisy:[18] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)


Unidentified kits:[19] Status unknown
Unnamed kit:[18] Deceased, residence unknown


Molewhisker:[20] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Cherryfall:[20] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown




  • He has been mistakenly described as a she-cat.[21]
  • He was mistakenly called Mousefur in the preview for Dark River in the paperback and hardback editions of Twilight, but not in Dark River itself.[22]
  • In The Sight, he was said to be eating in camp, but a few pages later he runs into camp with a patrol.[23]
  • He was mistakenly said to be Cherryfall's brother, when he is in fact her uncle.[24]
  • Birchfall, Mousewhisker, and Blossomfall are mentioned to have fought on the side of the Dark Forest,[25] when in fact, they hid when the battle started until Ivypool convinced them to fight for the Clans.[26]


Daisy: "Come along. You need to rest after such a dreadful night."
Mousekit: "But we're not tired."
—Daisy and Mousekit Sunset, page 29

Mousewhisker: "What does mallow look like?"
Jaypaw: "Never seen any."
Mousewhisker: "Sorry!"
—Mousewhisker and Jaypaw Eclipse, page 65

"Twolegs! Are they sprouting wings and flying as well?"
―Mousewhisker to Dovepaw The Fourth Apprentice, page 228

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Mousewhisker: "I just hope hunting in the wind doesn't make us as stunted as WindClan warriors."
Leafpool: "WindClan warriors are only smaller than us because their ancestors were smaller, not because of the wind."
Mousewhisker: "So what made their ancestors small?"
Leafpool: "Only StarClan knows."
Mousewhisker: "It was probably the wind."
—Mousewhisker and his beliefs about WindClan cats Squirrelflight's Hope, page 32

"Since when did Tigerstar dictate how we act? We can't let this cat die."
―Mousewhisker to Bramblestar about saving Sunrise Squirrelflight's Hope, page 128

Mousewhisker: "...sickness is really bad, and it's getting worse. What will happen if Bramblestar dies?"
Berrynose: "When Clan leaders die, they go to StarClan and receive wisdom before they take up their next life and return to go on leading their Clan. But what happens if Bramblestar can't reach StarClan? Will he just die, and never come back?"
Mousewhisker: "And then what happens to ThunderClan? Squirrelflight would be a good leader, but what if she can't meet with StarClan and receive her nine lives?"
Berrynose: "Then she'll have to be our leader without StarClan. If StarClan is going to abandon us when we need them most, we can show them that we don't need them!"
—Berrynose and Mousewhisker talking about the lack of connection with StarClan Lost Stars, page 200

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