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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Fire and Ice

Mudclaw is a warrior of WindClan, and his apprentice is Webpaw. Although he does not formally appear, he, along with the rest of WindClan, are driven out of their territory by ShadowClan and their leader, Brokenstar. Fireheart and Graystripe of ThunderClan come and find WindClan to bring them home, and tell them that Brokenstar is no longer leader. The Clan returns to their camp, and a few of Mudclaw's Clanmates escort the ThunderClan warriors home.

Forest of Secrets

He is mentioned by Fireheart when he uses him as an excuse to get away from the Gathering, saying that Mudclaw had told him about a warren of rabbits just inside ThunderClan's territory.

Rising Storm

On a patrol, Mudclaw, along with Tornear and an unnamed tom, face Fireheart and Bluestar, fur bristling and ears flattened. Mudclaw calls them intruders, asking why they are present, and Fireheart recognizes his voice. Tornear is behind Mudclaw, and Fireheart is noted to have grown to know and respect WindClan cats when he escorted them back from their exile. However, traces of their past alliance have long since vanished. Fireheart does not recognize the smallest cat, but thinks that he appears to be fierce-looking and wiry, like Mudclaw and Tornear. Fireheart begins to explain that they are merely traveling through, but Mudclaw comments that they are on their land, eyes shining angrily as he stares at Fireheart. Fireheart wonders about Bluestar's whereabouts, and half hopes that she had not heard Mudclaw's yowl.
Bluestar then returns, and explains that they have no right to stop them, but Mudclaw doesn't flinch, and retorts that they gave up their rights to StarClan's protection when they took in Brokentail. Fireheart understands his anger, as he saw what they endured when they were driven out of their home, and he then stares into Mudclaw's gaze, informing him that Brokentail is dead. Mudclaw's eyes glitter, and he inquires if they killed him. Bluestar replies that they didn't, and Mudclaw spits back that ThunderClan merely protects murderers, and he arches his back aggressively. Bluestar repeats stubbornly that StarClan will let them pass, but Mudclaw snarls for them to go home.
Fireheart's paws tingle as he sizes up up his opponents, and believes that three strong cats against himself and Bluestar will end up with them not escaping a fight without serious injury. After discussing with Fireheart, Bluestar turns to Mudclaw and informs him that they will go home. Mudclaw flattens his back, replying that they have made a wise decision, and Fireheart growls back at Mudclaw, asking him if he heard what Bluestar said. Mudclaw narrows his eyes threateningly, and he explains that they will leave. Mudclaw turns away, and offers to escort them to Fourtrees. Fireheart tenses, afraid of Bluestar's reaction to the suggestion that Mudclaw does not trust ThunderClan cats, but she pads forward, brushing past Mudclaw and the WindClan cats as she heads back the way they came. He is aware that the WindClan cats rustle through the heather behind him, and when he looks over his shoulder, he catches glimpses of their shapes among the flowers. Once they reach Fourtrees, they leave the WindClan cats, who watch them with hostile, narrowed eyes.
A quarter moon after the event, Bluestar frets about the possibility of being attacked again, and Fireheart points out that if WindClan intended to harm ThunderClan, Mudclaw would not have let them leave the uplands. At the next Gathering, Mudclaw, who is noted to have turned Fireheart and Bluestar away from Highstones, sits a fox-length away from two apprentices, Onewhisker at his side, and he looks coldly at Fireheart. The latter decides that it is no place to continue the argument they had on the way to the Moonstone, but he is further enraged when Mudclaw leans sideways to whisper something into Onewhisker's ears, with a meaningful glance at Fireheart. Onewhisker then leaves Mudclaw, flicking his tail annoyingly, and Fireheart does the same, stalking past him as his whiskers twitch in satisfaction.
Mudclaw is one of the cats to demand to know what happened to Tigerclaw, the former deputy of ThunderClan, and if he is dead. His words bring a barrage of concerned cries. Bluestar, however, refuses to tell him, or anyone else, about Tigerclaw's fate. After visiting Ravenpaw, Fireheart avoids the swathe of gorse where he and Bluestar met Mudclaw. On a patrol, Deadfoot stops Sandstorm, Fireheart, and Cloudpaw as they travel through WindClan territory to return to ThunderClan after saving Cloudpaw from Twolegs, and there is a rustle before Mudclaw stalks from the heather. Fireheart eyes him tensely as Mudclaw circles the group and stops behind them. He calls for his apprentice, Webpaw, who had been with him before. Mudclaw then asks the purpose of the group of ThunderClan cats' presence.
During the fight, Sandstorm and Cloudpaw fight side by side to drive Mudclaw back into the heather, and Sandstorm strikes at him with her forepaws, while Cloudpaw nips at his hind legs. With a final screech of fury, Mudclaw turns and flees the battle. Afterwards, Sandstorm asks Fireheart if he saw Cloudpaw fight, and he replies that he saw him at the end, when he helped her drive off Mudclaw. When they return to camp, Fireheart explains that Cloudpaw helped Sandstorm send Mudclaw running for his home.
Later during the next Gathering, Onewhisker greets Fireheart, who recalls the last WindClan cat he had seen, which was Mudclaw, screeching angrily into the heather. Fireheart warns Onewhisker not to let Mudclaw see him talk to him, truce or not, as they didn't part on good terms the last time they met. Onewhisker says that Mudclaw takes pride in defending his territory, but Fireheart retorts that it was no excuse to turn away Bluestar from Highstones. Onewhisker agrees and reveals that Tallstar wasn't happy when he learned about what Mudclaw had done.

A Dangerous Path

Mudclaw's apprentice, Webpaw, is now a warrior after completing his training, taking the name of Webfoot.
He is on a patrol with Onewhisker and Gorsepaw when Fireheart is trying to see Tallstar to divert a possible battle between WindClan and ThunderClan. It is noted that Mudclaw had stopped Bluestar when she was crossing WindClan territory to reach Highstones, and will not allow Fireheart to send his message. However, Mudclaw fails to pick up his scent, and passes him by a few tail-lengths. Fireheart manages to get Gorsepaw to speak to him, and requests for him to tell Onewhisker of his presence, but not Mudclaw. Once Onewhisker arrives, he mentions that it took some time for Mudclaw to leave, as if he had known that Fireheart was on WindClan grounds, he would turn Fireheart into crowfood.
As Onewhisker leads Fireheart into WindClan camp, Mudclaw follows Tallstar, lips drawn in a snarl. He asks if bringing Fireheart in for a talk means he can stroll into camp, and notes that he is from another Clan, but Tallstar merely silences him with a movement of his tail. Once Bluestar comes over, Mudclaw remarks that Tallstar must be mad, as she brought a fighting group with her, and suggests to attack. However, Tallstar refuses to, and Onewhisker nudges him back into the line. Bluestar then inquires to Tallstar about making peace with WindClan, referring to them as prey stealers and rogues, and Mudclaw springs forward to protest. Onewhisker leaps after him, bowling him over, and holds him writhing on the turf. It is noted that if Mudclaw attacks, Darkstripe will too, and there will be no possibility of peace between the two Clans.

The Darkest Hour

Mudclaw is on patrol with Tornear and an apprentice when they see Fireheart and Cinderpelt on their way to the Moonstone. He curls his lip upon recognizing Fireheart, but Tornear reacts calmly. All three cats look solemn when they learn about the death of Bluestar, and allow the ThunderClan cats to continue on.
He goes to ThunderClan for help when TigerClan attacks WindClan, but he is badly wounded and it takes him a while to get to their camp. However, Firestar still sends a patrol to WindClan and they find the Clan in near ruins. When Firestar returns, Graystripe inquires on the length of time it took for Mudclaw to reach them. After WindClan chases out BloodClan, Mudclaw, Morningflower, and two apprentices return with Tallstar.

In The New Prophecy arc


A mottled brown cat peers out of the bracken before creeping into the open a couple of tail-lengths from the ThunderClan side of the border, and Brambleclaw recognizes the cat as Mudclaw. He is followed by Onewhisker and his apprentice, Crowpaw, and glances back, murmuring for them to head to the border, as he can scent ThunderClan. Dustpelt remarks that he is not surprised, and Mudclaw recoils and draws his lips back in a snarl. Dustpelt then demands why they are on their territory, and Mudclaw retorts that they are not stealing prey. After Crowpaw gets into a fight, Mudclaw nudges Crowpaw to his paws, still appearing furious that he was caught, and Brambleclaw notices that he didn't add his apology to Onewhisker's.
When the WindClan cats send a patrol to retrieve water, Mudclaw is spotted with Crowpaw. They pad down the slope toward the riverbank and crouch at the water's edge to drink.


Mudclaw, along with Tornear and an unnamed tabby, race toward Sorreltail and Leafpaw and surround them. Leafpaw recognizes Mudclaw, and then later he asks her why she is trespassing on WindClan territory, in which she replies that she is a medicine cat apprentice. The three WindClan cats then get closer to Leafpaw, and she notices that they are thin and have fear-scent coming off in waves, and she wonders why they are more hostile than ShadowClan. Before Leafpaw can apologize, Mudclaw orders for the patrol to attack.
As Mudclaw leaps at her, Leafpaw notices Mothwing shoot out from a bush, and Mudclaw's body crashes against her. Mothwing tries to escape the fury of his raking claws, and attempts to twist around and sink her teeth into Mudclaw's neck, but strength in his body traps her. Leafpaw feels his claws rake across her side and sink into her shoulder, and shakes him off, attempting to bring her hind legs up to attack his belly. The weight then lifts, and Mudclaw scrabbles for a foothold beside her. Leafpaw staggers to see Mothwing cuff his ears and inform him to leave their territory. Mudclaw aims a final blow at her and backs away. When two WindClan cats head for Fourtrees, Sandstorm is certain that they are Mudclaw and Tornear.
When Firestar speaks to Tallstar about the incident, Mudclaw asks for them to prove that WindClan stole prey. Leafpaw remarks that they just saw them steal prey, but Mudclaw deems it as an excuse to attack. Graystripe then attacks Mudclaw, making him let out a screech, and the two roll onto the grass, fighting. When Firestar commands for them to stop, Graystripe breaks away from Mudclaw, who rakes him with his claws, and the latter scrambles to his paws, glaring at Graystripe. Firestar reminds Graystripe that they aren't supposed to fight, and Greystripe inquires if he heard his lies, which Firestar confirms. It is heavily implied that Mudclaw was stealing prey without his leader's knowledge.


As the Clans begin to depart from their home, Mudclaw remarks that he thought Leopardstar changed her mind to stay in the forest, while they head up to the top of a slope. Mudclaw then twitches his tail, and asks Squirrelpaw if she saw their ancestors or another's, making the latter wonder if Mudclaw is right. When encountering a monster, Firestar asks Mudclaw if they can go around it, and he responds that if they make it to an outcrop, they will be safe for some time, as the monster can't climb them. Then, Mudclaw, Leopardstar, and Firestar follow Blackstar, leaping down from the outcrop into the mud. As they depart from a location, Mudclaw, getting to his paws stubbornly, asks why they have to leave a place with excellent hunting. When the four Clans encounter a Thunderpath, Mudclaw insists that each Clan should take risks. However, when Leopardstar suggests to assist the weaker Clans, Mudclaw rejects their offer, as it will be chaos in deciding whose orders to go with.
When Crowpaw is told to lead WindClan over the Thunderpath, Mudclaw denies it, as he is a mere apprentice. Brambleclaw inquires if he had crossed it prior, and Mudclaw confirms he didn't, but had commanded his Clan previous times. However, Mudclaw gives the command to cross instead of Crowpaw before the latter gives it. After dealing with WindClan's crossing, Leafpaw hopes that Blackstar learned from Mudclaw's actions. When Blackstar scents a fox, Mudclaw comments that there is the possibility of it coming back as they sleep. Once they reach the mountains, Mudclaw recalls Crowpaw informing him of moorland beyond the mountains, suggesting to head for it. Then, Talon looks at Mudclaw, prompting Squirrelpaw to ponder if he considers Mudclaw as a Clan leader, as Tallstar is too frail to speak on WindClan's behalf. Mudclaw then mutters that WindClan will come along as well.
Talon drops a rabbit at Mudclaw's paws, making him look at it hungrily, and he nods curtly in thanks before bringing it to WindClan's queens and apprentices. As the Clans leave the mountains, Mudclaw claims that WindClan is ready. Once they near the lake, Mudclaw asks if they are to reside there, glaring at ThunderClan's cats, and adds that the tree doesn't feel like a residence to WindClan.


When Firestar suggests sending a patrol of cats to explore the new territories around the lake, Mudclaw pads up to the leaders to join the discussion. He objects the idea, reasoning that Tallstar needs to rest and can't go any farther. As Firestar says they should send a patrol right away, he adds to Mudclaw, who is ready to argue, that all of the cats are tired. He also adds that they will sleep more easily if they aren't stuck out on an open hillside. Shortly after Firestar calls the other cats together, Mudclaw is seen returning to Tallstar's aid, nudging him to his paws. While the patrol that the leaders had sent returns, Mudclaw is noted to be standing close to the other leaders beside a tree stump. Before Firestar can finish speaking to the cats about resting for a bit, Tallstar collapses onto his side. Mudclaw stalks up to his leader, sniffing him briefly before speaking into his ear. 
When Blackstar tells the deputies to find two or three strong warriors to stay awake longer, Mudclaw meows his agreement. It is noted that since Tallstar is so weak, he is speaking for WindClan. When the meeting finishes, Mudclaw leaves with the other leaders, and Brambleclaw feels a twinge of apprehension seeing Mudclaw representing WindClan. As the Gathering begins, Mudclaw scrambles up on the other side of the tree stump, and there is barely enough room for him, Blackstar, and Firestar to stand together. Mudclaw interrupts by saying that hunting patrols would go right away, and explains what each Clan would take. Onewhisker calls him out for giving out orders, as Tallstar was still WindClan leader, but Mudclaw points out that he wouldn't be for much longer. Brambleclaw blinks in surprise, and hopes that Tallstar didn't hear such comment.
Mudclaw goes on by saying that some cat had to take charge, or else WindClan would be left out once it was time for territory division. Onewhisker hisses for him to show some respect, as Tallstar was leader when Mudclaw was a kit. Mudclaw retorts that he is a deputy, not a kit, and Tallstar hadn't done much leading after they left the forest. Firestar silences Mudclaw, and explains to Onewhisker that Mudclaw was merely doing his duty. Onewhisker remarks that he shouldn't act as if he was already a leader, and Firestar acknowledges his point, adding that it was difficult for a deputy to stand in for the leader. Mudclaw, who raises his head in an arrogant fashion when Firestar speaks, appears furious, and his jaws part, but Blackstar speaks before he can reply. Mudclaw then lets out a hiss, and pointedly turns his back, making Brambleclaw ready to spring if he happened to cause more trouble. It is noted that Mudclaw is one of the most aggressive of cats, and never liked Firestar, making Brambleclaw imagine trouble when he becomes leader, especially when new borders were being established. After Squirrelflight is made a warrior, Mudclaw does not object for her to go out on a patrol. After said patrol, Mudclaw pushes his way through his Clanmates, and joins Blackstar on the stump.
After the meeting, Firestar decides that unless StarClan showed them a new place, they would have to return to the horseplace for the next Gathering, but Mudclaw objects the idea, as they were too close to a Twoleg nest. Firestar replies that if Mudclaw had a better idea, he wished to hear it, making him lash his tail, and comments that Firestar's word was law, as usual. As he is dying, Tallstar notes that although Mudclaw was brave, he is not the right cat to lead WindClan, and wishes for no enemies, which wouldn't happen if Mudclaw became leader. He announces that Mudclaw is no longer WindClan's deputy, and appoints Onewhisker in his place. Firestar informs Onewhisker that Tallstar wanted him to be deputy instead of Mudclaw. Barkface asks if StarClan would give Mudclaw nine lives knowing Tallstar changed his mind, and Onewhisker exclaims his name, wondering what he was to say to him. As Tallstar's death is announced, Mudclaw thrusts his way forward, halts at the tree stump's foot, and he is furious upon hearing it, asking why no cat told of of Tallstar's death.
Webfoot points out that Mudclaw was their leader, and needed him to help WindClan settle in their new home. Mudclaw dips his head in acknowledgement, but turns back to Firestar angrily, pointing out that he should have found him before the meeting, and questions the choice of a ThunderClan cat announcing WindClan news. Firestar continues, noting that this was addressing all cats, and not just Mudclaw, and speaks of Tallstar's choice. Mudclaw screeches in disbelief, and Webfoot asks if Mudclaw actually wasn't their leader. A black she-cat denies such claims, as there was no better cat than Mudclaw who could lead the Clan. Brambleclaw thinks that Onewhisker would be a better leader than Mudclaw, but he imagines how Mudclaw feels to have the leadership he was expecting snatched out of his paws. Onewhisker looks down at Mudclaw, and wishes for him to carry on as WindClan's deputy, as he needed his support and experience for each pawstep of the way. Mudclaw's neck fur bristles, and asks Onewhisker if he thought he believed it, as he believed most cats knew that Tallstar basically handed over his leadership to Firestar prior to departing the forest.
He adds that Tallstar felt more loyalty to ThunderClan, and asks if any other cat witnessed the event. Brambleclaw confirms that he did, and Mudclaw is not surprised, asking if Firestar promised to make him ThunderClan's deputy if he backed him up. Brambleclaw struggles with an urge to leap on Mudclaw and claw off his fur, and Firestar is shocked to see Mudclaw doubt his and Brambleclaw's word, and that Tallstar's choice was made in StarClan's sight. Mudclaw asks how he knew, and if he was a medicine cat. He then turns around to face his Clanmates, and asks if they were to simply sit and accept that ThunderClan chose their leader. He turns around to face Onewhisker again, and insults him, asking how many warriors he thought would follow him. When Onewhisker points out that he hadn't received his nine lives, Mudclaw snarls that he wouldn't, as he thought he wasn't their leader, and dares him to fight him to see who would be the better WindClan leader. Onewhisker readies himself to meet Mudclaw, and Brambleclaw prepares to intercept Mudclaw if he launched himself onto the tree stump.
Barkface orders Mudclaw to sheathe his claws, and informs him that it was Tallstar's choice, and that he must accept it. Mudclaw flattens his neck fur and sheathes his claws, and declines Onewhisker's offer for him to serve as deputy. Onewhisker accepts it, and Mudclaw spits before going with Barkface to bring out Tallstar's body for vigil. Firestar tells Onewhisker to appoint a deputy, as he needed support if Mudclaw caused trouble. Brambleclaw thinks of how he would pick a deputy, and that the choice would perhaps be one Mudclaw approved of. As they speak alone, Onewhisker confesses that he never thought of Mudclaw accusing Firestar of lying. Firestar replies that he wasn't surprised, as Mudclaw took on many leadership duties prior to Tallstar's death, and speculates that it had been a surprise for him to find out that he wasn't to be WindClan leader. Onewhisker also speaks of his worries about going to the Moonstone, and Firestar points out that Mudclaw wouldn't wait doing nothing while he was gone. Mudclaw - who sits apart from them - and the other cats who brought Tallstar's body out. Mudclaw stares at Onewhisker ominously, and Brambleclaw thinks that Onewhisker was mouse-brained if he thought the problems with Mudclaw were over.
It is then noted that Mudclaw, Webfoot, and Nightcloud didn't approve of the change in leader, and Brambleclaw considers the possibility of others. During Tallstar's vigil, Leafpaw thinks that if Onewhisker left for the Moonstone, Mudclaw would use his absence to cause trouble. At the Gathering, Onewhisker does not stand with the other leaders, and Mudclaw gives a tiny nod, as if he is pleased that Onewhisker is not with the other leaders. After the Gathering, Mudclaw scowls at Onewhisker, and Brambleclaw cannot tell whether he is hostile due to being envious or not wanting to travel with ThunderClan. As they return back to their camps, Brambleclaw senses some hostility, and guesses that Mudclaw would be the first to resent any suggestions WindClan owed to ThunderClan. When Leafpaw helps out WindClan, she notices one of the cats talking to Onewhisker is Mudclaw. Onewhisker then gives the strip of woodland to ThunderClan as a thanks to them because Leafpaw helped save Morningflower and Darkfoot, the latter apprentice thanks him, but Mudclaw interrupts her.
He questions Onewhisker's decision, and says that herbs are not as valuable as their territory. He adds that Barkface was capable of treating the ill without Leafpaw, and Onewhisker informs him that it was not just because of the herbs, but because of what ThunderClan had done for WindClan. Mudclaw snarls, and Leafpaw waits for Crowfeather to back Mudclaw up, only for him not to. Webfoot then stands beside Mudclaw, agreeing with him. After the argument is finished, Mudclaw mutters that Onewhisker was a traitor, and Leafpaw expects several WindClan warriors to agree with Mudclaw, wondering what would happen if Mudclaw challenged Onewhisker for leadership. As they travel to the horseplace, Brambleclaw is surprised to see Mudclaw with Onestar. The WindClan deputy and Cloudtail spring forward, battle-ready, but Firestar waves them back. Mudclaw agrees that he wouldn't bother the horseplace cats as long as they didn't bother them. When the tom tells the cats to leave, Mudclaw unsheathes his claws, and a WindClan queen tells him to calm down, as the tom was merely defending his nursery.
After encountering said cats, Hawkfrost informs Brambleclaw that he was speaking of similar things his brother was to Mudclaw, who was telling him about problems in WindClan. Brambleclaw asks about them, and Hawkfrost recalls Mudclaw speaking of Onewhisker giving territory to ThunderClan in exchange for herbs. Brambleclaw thinks that Mudclaw is using anything he can to suggest that Onewhisker wasn't meant to be Clan leader. Hawkfrost notes that Mudclaw thought that a Clan needed a strong leader as well. After hearing this, Brambleclaw speculates that Mudclaw only cares about his own ambitions, but knows that he showed courage and determination, like the other cats, and wonders if he would be a better leader than Onewhisker. Brambleclaw then begins speaking to Hawkfrost about the deputies, and expresses his thinking that Mudclaw was a good one. At a Gathering, Mudclaw tells Heavystep that he wouldn't hear Onewhisker, and for him to listen. Heavystep gives him a baleful glare, but says nothing. As Leafpaw heads out to WindClan, she is caught by Mudclaw, Webfoot, and Weaselpaw.
Mudclaw asks for the purpose of her presence, and she replies that she had a message for Barkface. Mudclaw hesitates before jerking his head, and leads her into WindClan's hollow. Once they arrive, Mudclaw announces to Onewhisker that they had a visitor. After bringing in Leafpaw, Mudclaw mutters something to Webfoot, and the two of them leave for the hollow's top, disappearing over it after a few moments. When Mistyfoot speaks of a time where she found two cats on one side of the lake's shore, she mentions that one of them was Mudclaw. Brambleclaw wonders what Hawkfrost wanted from Mudclaw, and Mistyfoot adds that Mudclaw raced back to his territory, but Hawkfrost didn't chase him off. She points out that they had been talking together, and got the impression that they knew each other well, and she is certain that Hawkfrost was meeting Mudclaw. Brambleclaw attempts to think of reasons for Mudclaw to speak to Hawkfrost, but his mind is blank. As she goes on, she confesses that she couldn't believe they would meet on the lakeshore, and mentions that they had met there three to four times. Dustpelt asks if Mudclaw swam over to the island, and she confirms it. Mistyfoot adds that she didn't see Hawkfrost do any wrong, and had decided to watch out for him until she could figure out why he and Mudclaw were meeting up.
Mistyfoot concludes that most cats knew of Mudclaw's reaction of Tallstar's decision, and Brackenfur points out that Mudclaw would attack before Onewhisker received his nine lives in order to take over the Clan. Firestar informs ThunderClan of such happenings, and that he would take a patrol to WindClan camp. Cinderpelt reminds Firestar that this would be Mudclaw's last chance to gain control of WindClan. During the battle, Brambleclaw hears Firestar yowl Mudclaw's name. As Brambleclaw leaps to help Onewhisker during the fight, Mudclaw emerges from the shadows, only for Firestar to haul Mudclaw off of Onewhisker by the scruff a few moments later. Mudclaw shakes himself free, and asks if he thought if WindClan was his Clan, announcing that said Clan would have a leader who would lead the Clan to glory once more. He then throws himself and Firestar, and the two cats go down. Webfoot joins in, and only Firestar's flank is visible beneath the two cats. Once Squirrelflight joins in, Mudclaw turns to attack her, and tries plunging his teeth into her throat. Brambleclaw whirls around to join the fight against Mudclaw, but he and Squirrelflight disappear by the time he does so. In the battle, Brambleclaw sees Mudclaw and Hawkfrost facing each other due to a flash of lightning.
As the battle ends, Mudclaw lets out a yowl, and flees, with Brambleclaw tearing across the grass in pursuit of him. It is noted that Mudclaw betrayed his Clan, and Brambleclaw vows that he would sink his claws and teeth into Mudclaw's throat. During the storm, Leafpool wonders if Mudclaw and Hawkfrost were actually planning to usurp Onewhisker. Brambleclaw then continues in pursuit of Mudclaw, who is almost at the lakeshore, and he imagines him and Hawkfrost fleeing him. Brambleclaw manages to land on something, but Mudclaw gouges his claws deeply into his shoulder, and is a mouse-length away as his scent floods over him. Brambleclaw calls him a traitor, and tries to heave him off, before battering helplessly against Mudclaw's belly. The latter tom lets out a snarl, and Hawkfrost rears up beyond him, swatting him on the side of his head. Mudclaw jerks back, and grapples with Hawkfrost in a reed clump. Another lightning flash shows Hawkfrost pinning down Mudclaw, making Brambleclaw question his brother's choice. Mudclaw writhes under Hawkfrost's paws, spitting out in insult, and Brambleclaw mentions of Hawkfrost helping Mudclaw.
Hawkfrost replies that although he did join Mudclaw, it was because he thought he was WindClan's rightful leader, and didn't want him to kill him. He confesses that Mudclaw persuaded him that he would leave RiverClan in peace if Hawkfrost and some of his Clanmates helped him. Mudclaw requests for him to add that in addition to leaving RiverClan alone, he would help make Hawkfrost WindClan's deputy and helping him to take over RiverClan later. Hawkfrost denies such claims, and Mudclaw calls him a liar after he promises to lead RiverClan by the warrior code. As Brambleclaw hesitates, Mudclaw heaves himself up, thrusts Hawkfrost, and leaps at the former cat. Hawkfrost lashes furiously at Mudclaw, but the latter veers to one side, then turns and flees, his shape easily lost in the night. Hawkfrost heads off after him, and Squirrelflight tells him to come back, as she heard what Mudclaw said about Hawkfrost. Brambleclaw protests that Mudclaw was lying, and another lightning bolt lights up Mudclaw, who stands on the shore opposite to the island. It hits a tree, and Mudclaw is too late to flee, and lets out a screech of terror as it falls on him, crushing and killing him in the process.
When Onewhisker arrives, his eyes are said to be hollowed with the knowledge that Mudclaw and other WindClan cats had been plotting against him. Some movement is sensed under the tree, and Brambleclaw readies himself to battle to the death if Mudclaw happened to be alive. However, it is revealed to be Hawkfrost, who carries Mudclaw by the scruff as he drags him out into the open. Mudclaw is noted to have his head at an odd angle, and his limbs trail limply. Hawkfrost drops the WindClan cat, and informs Onewhisker that the tree crushed Mudclaw, to which the WindClan leader replies that the Clan would grieve for him. Ashfoot points out that he had betrayed him, but Onewhisker adds that Hawkfrost did the same. Hawkfrost apologizes, as he thought Mudclaw was the rightful leader of WindClan, and brought cats at his request. Onewhisker replies that he couldn't blame him or Mudclaw's other supporters, and forgives them. Brambleclaw informs Hawkfrost that he believed his brother thought he was following the warrior code by helping Mudclaw, and more cats begin to gather around Mudclaw's body. When Squirrelflight appears, Brambleclaw wishes to convince her of the truth about Hawkfrost's reasons for assisting Mudclaw.


Squirrelflight notices that Dustpelt's wounds in the battle against Mudclaw still pain him, and it is noted that Mudclaw was WindClan's deputy until the Clans arrived at the lake, and he was replaced by Onestar. It is also stated that Mudclaw was furious over being replaced, and had rebelled against Onestar before the latter received his nine lives. Hawkfrost is said to have assisted Mudclaw, but Brambleclaw still trusts him. Squirrelflight thankfully reminds herself that ThunderClan had joined the battle against Mudclaw, and that he was killed by a lightning-struck tree.
As Squirrelflight and Leafpool speak privately, the former notes that she is surprised that Brambleclaw is still friends with Hawkfrost, even after learning that he supported Mudclaw. Leafpool points out that several other cats did as well, and adds that it was because they believed that Onewhisker wasn't the true leader of WindClan. She also notes that after the tree fell, Hawkfrost admitted that he was wrong, and that Mudclaw tricked him into aiding him. Squirrelflight responds that he was part of Mudclaw's plan, and that she heard Mudclaw say that Hawkfrost was trying to earn enough power to take over RiverClan. Leafpool replies that Squirrelflight had no proof, and inquires why to believe Mudclaw over Hawkfrost.
As they are bringing two dead cats back to ShadowClan, Cloudtail inquires if ShadowClan will want them, as they helped Mudclaw, and Firestar replies that Mudclaw had support from cats of other Clans. When Sandstorm notes the lack of apprentices, Spiderleg says that there won't be another battle, as Mudclaw is dead. Sootfur asks if Mudclaw is the only cat who ever caused problems questioningly. When Squirrelflight watches Brambleclaw with Hawkfrost by the lake, she remarks that she was pleased she did, as no other cat would know of Hawkfrost's true intentions, and had heard what Mudclaw had said. Brambleclaw retorts that he was lying, and inquires the reason to believe him. When Squirrelflight sees WindClan patrolling, she assumes that they are recovering from Mudclaw's rebellion. Upon meeting him, Webfoot is said to have been one of Mudclaw's fiercest supporters.
Squirrelflight is about to mention something Webfoot and Mudclaw did, and Webfoot replies that he wasn't the only one to believe that Mudclaw was their true leader, but since he had been killed, he knew that he was wrong. As they leave, Squirrelflight asks if Brambleclaw means that Firestar should have let Mudclaw take over. She then feels one of her scratches sting that she received in the battle against Mudclaw. When Thornclaw returns from a patrol, he reports that Blackstar said that he knew nothing about any of his warriors supporting Mudclaw. A quarter moon after Mudclaw's rebellion, the Clans recover, and the memory of the battle fades. As Squirrelflight notices Onestar, it is noted that he gained approval from StarClan when they killed Mudclaw with the falling tree, and glances to see Mudclaw's and Webfoot's supporters. When Squirrelflight meets Mistyfoot again, it is noted that Mistyfoot urgently visited to inform Firestar of Mudclaw's and Hawkfrost's plan.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Night Whispers

Mudfur tastes the air, and asks who is present, and if they are Mudclaw, noting that they were not expecting him to be there. The StarClan cats turn to watch Mudclaw hurry down the slope, and he responds that he came as soon as he heard, and asks what is the plan. He also inquires about their dealing with the Dark Forest cats, and Bluestar informs him that they must persuade the Clans to join forces, and fight the Dark Forest together.

In the Super Editions

Tallstar's Revenge

When the Clan leader, Heatherstar, dies, Barkface calls to Mudclaw, instructing him to tell the Clan that it is time to sit vigil for Heatherstar.
In the manga, when they arrive at the lake, Mudclaw informs Tallstar that they will begin making plans at once, such as establishing WindClan's boundaries, and keep everyone else's paws off of their territory. However, Tallstar rejects his suggestion, commenting that although he appreciates his eagerness, the last thing they need is fresh enemies. Mudclaw claims that WindClan comes before everything else, and they must protect what is theirs. Then, Onewhisker comments that they have more important matters to deal with than boundaries.
As he thinks about Onewhisker, Tallstar notes that Mudclaw is WindClan's deputy, and he is making his desire to lead abundantly clear. However, Tallstar believes it is something he cannot allow, as Mudclaw will lead WindClan into battles and bloodshed. Before he dies, Tallstar states that although Mudclaw is a brave warrior, he is not the right cat to lead WindClan. He explains what he has learned in the last moons, and claims that it will not happen if Mudclaw rules the Clan. He then states that from that moment on, Mudclaw is no longer the WindClan deputy, and replaces him with Onewhisker.

Firestar's Quest

Mudclaw is the new deputy of WindClan, succeeding the previous deputy, Deadfoot.
At a Gathering, Tallstar reports that Mudclaw and another WindClan warrior, Onewhisker, drove a fox out of their territory. Mudclaw claims that they made it change its mind, yowling from where he sits—at the base of the Great Rock. When the Gathering is over, Mudclaw passes in front of the gray-and-white cat that Firestar sees, and the gray-and-white cat vanishes. When they scent ThunderClan on their territory, Mudclaw aggressively states that he hopes ThunderClan will not set paw on WindClan territory, and promises that if he catches them, they will wish they were never kitted.

In the Novellas

Redtail's Debt

When ThunderClan attacks their camp, Mudkit remarks the intruders smell funny. Ryestalk hushes him, and ushers her kits to hide.

In Ravenpaw's Path

A Clan in Need

Mudclaw is seen circling Ravenpaw and Barley when they cross to WindClan's territory, along with a few other WindClan warriors. He recognizes them, asking for confirmation, noting that they had met the greenleaf prior, and introduces himself as Mudclaw. A light-colored cat is suspicious, commenting that it sounds like an old enemy, but Mudclaw explains that Barley and Ravenpaw are not their enemies, but used to be in ThunderClan. Ravenpaw asks if there is a kit missing, and Mudclaw confirms his suspicions, explaining that it is Crowkit, and that he can't stay out of trouble. He notes that he sneaked out that morning at dawn, and they are all a bit jumpy and worried, as rogues have been causing trouble in ShadowClan's and ThunderClan territories since the battle with BloodClan. Ravenpaw promises to keep their eyes out for Crowkit, and Mudclaw departs, thanking him.
Ravenpaw and Barley make their way to Fourtrees and find Crowkit trying to climb the Great Rock, wanting to see what it's like to be a leader. The two loners take him to WindClan, only to find that ThunderClan and WindClan are in the middle of a border skirmish. Crowkit remarks that he hears Mudclaw, and the latter informs Dustpelt that he is not denying that he crossed the border, and asks what they did with Crowkit. Ravenpaw then claims that they have found him, and Mudclaw thanks StarClan that Crowkit is safe. The battle is then called off, and Mudclaw, along with the other WindClan cats, leave the area.

In the Stand-Alone Manga

A Shadow in RiverClan

Mudclaw and a WindClan patrol trespass on RiverClan territory, and he and Leopardstar exchange heated words about prey. Hawkpaw instigates a fight, and Mudclaw fights Blackclaw until the WindClan patrol retreats.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

In Tallstar's section, it is noted by Rock that Tallstar was suspicious of Mudclaw's ambition, and made Onewhisker his deputy instead, which cheated Mudclaw of becoming leader. Rock calls Tallstar foolish, as he thinks Tallstar should have known that Mudclaw would then harbor a grudge in his heart like a poisonous thorn. In Onestar's section, it is said that he needed to gain respect from his Clanmates, many of them who supported Mudclaw's claim.
Rock says Mudclaw was WindClan's most senior warrior at the time, and became deputy because Tallstar realized that with his peace-pursuing leadership, he needed the support of a warrior who could be a bit more forward. He claims that Tallstar's decision to replace Mudclaw was a terrible betrayal of his loyalty, and asks if he would have been considered to be a dreadful leader. He does not deny that Mudclaw is considered ambitious, but it was ambition to become leader, and when he got that, no cat would doubt that he would surrender all his lives to defend his Clanmates and the Clan's borders.
Rock goes on to note that Mudclaw was not the only cat to think that he had been cheated; he had supporters in RiverClan and ShadowClan. While Mudclaw sought to take back the leadership he had awaited for so long, Hawkfrost saw an opportunity to divide the Clans from within. Mudclaw has no idea what Hawkfrost was doing, and as far as he was concerned, to him it seemed like a fair battle, and his quarrel was not so much with Onewhisker than it was with Tallstar, who was considered not to honor the debt owed to a loyal deputy. His attacked failed, and Mudclaw was killed by a falling tree. Rock asks if it was StarClan making their loyalty known once more, making it clear that they wanted Onewhisker as leader, or if it was just a lucky strike of lightning that killed a what was considered a troublesome cat, and formed a bridge to the Gathering place. In Hawkfrost's section, it is mentioned that Hawkfrost's father encouraged him to support Mudclaw in a rebellion against Onestar.

Code of the Clans

In "Too Late for Regrets: Tallstar Explains," Tallstar asks Bluestar if she would have let Mudclaw take over her Clan. It is revealed that Tallstar had a dream of a blood-stained hillside, with cats wailing for their kits, and warriors dying on the ground, and he believes it was an unjust battle started by Mudclaw, then Mudstar, who looks down from the crest of the hill. He tells Bluestar that he couldn't have let that happen, so he appointed Onewhisker deputy, claiming that he would have been as good as deputy as Mudclaw was, and a great leader. If he had left Mudclaw be deputy, in his opinion, then it would be too late for regrets about his choice. He concludes by saying that whatever problems he had created by appointing Onewhisker leader, they were nothing compared to what would have happened should Mudclaw been allowed to lead WindClan.

Battles of the Clans

Tawnypelt mentions that every cat had expected Mudclaw to take over the leader position of WindClan due to being WindClan's deputy, but Tallstar changed his mind, replacing him with Onewhisker. This made Mudclaw furious, as he had done nothing wrong, but Tawnypelt believes that he should have respected Tallstar's choice, and supported Onestar. However, he plotted to take over WindClan by force, and gained allies in other Clans. One night, Mudclaw and Hawkfrost led the attack, and Onestar won due to StarClan's assistance. She points out that StarClan sent a lightning bolt to strike the tree that would later become the connection to the island and shore, and make it fall on top of Mudclaw, killing him instantly.
In the battle with the foxes, Mudclaw calls to the patrol holding the baby foxes captive and tells them to stand aside to let the foxes retreat with their parents.

The Ultimate Guide

On Tallstar's page, Mudclaw is introduced as the former deputy of WindClan, having been demoted to warrior by WindClan's leader at the time, Tallstar. While Tallstar lay on his deathbed, he feared for the safety and well-being of the Clan he led for so long, and promoted Onewhisker to replace the ambitious and headstrong Mudclaw. This decision proved fatal to Mudclaw, who rose and started a rebellion against the newly named Onestar, now the leader of WindClan. This is reinforced on Onestar's page, and introduced Mudclaw's rebellion as Onestar's very first challenge of many once he became leader. Onestar's leadership was helped by StarClan, however, when they sent a bolt of lightning to strike down a tree- landing on Mudclaw and killing him, thus ending the rebellion that threatened WindClan's hierarchy.
On Mudclaw's own page, it is explained why Mudclaw was chosen as the deputy of WindClan after the death of the previous deputy, Deadfoot. Tallstar had decided that he needed some cat who was more ambitious and not afraid to unsheathe his claws. The leader picked someone who countered Tallstar's own peaceful and gentle nature, and that cat happened to be Mudclaw. The former deputy is described as fearless and loyal, not wanting to take the blood-stained path of corrupted leaders before him. When Mudclaw was dismissed as the successor to WindClan's leadership title, however, Mudclaw felt betrayed.
This feeling of betrayal from Tallstar is what sparked Mudclaw's rebellion, and he was not alone in thinking he had been robbed of his rightful place. He was assisted by many cats, not only in WindClan, but in RiverClan and ShadowClan as well. His most vocal supporter was none other than Hawkfrost of RiverClan. He met these allies on the island in the lake, where they discussed their plans. One night, Mudclaw takes his followers to lead an attack on Onestar and those who support him. During this attack, however, WindClan was assisted by Firestar and ThunderClan, who provided the necessary forces to drive Mudclaw away. His retreat proves to be his downfall, however, when he was struck and killed by a tree felled by the storm that had hit the area. That tree turned out to be the bridge to the island, and the Clans took that as Mudclaw's gift to the four Clans after his death.
Mudclaw is mentioned again on Hawkfrost's page. Before the death of Mudclaw, Hawkfrost was one of his most fervent supporters. However, after the defeat and death of Mudclaw, Hawkfrost denied having anything to do with the rebellion, and retracted his support for the deceased WindClan cat.

In the Warriors App

It is mentioned in Onestar's profile that he had became WindClan's leader suddenly, after Tallstar appointed him deputy instead of Mudclaw in his dying moments.
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