"But Tallstar, WindClan comes before everything else. We must protect what is ours."
— Mudclaw to Tallstar about setting new borders at the lake in Tallstar's Revenge, manga

Mudclaw is a wiry,[12] mottled dark brown tabby tom[7] with green or amber eyes.[15]

Mudclaw was a deputy of WindClan under Tallstar's leadership. He was born as Mudkit to Ryestalk and Shrewclaw along with his brother Tornear. He was apprenticed as Mudpaw and later earned his warrior name, Mudclaw. As a warrior, Mudclaw was fiercely loyal to his Clan and was eager to defend his territory. His ruthless devotion to protect his Clan in battle convinced Tallstar to make him deputy in order to balance WindClan's leadership. However, when Tallstar replaced Mudclaw with Onewhisker as deputy moments before the leader died, Mudclaw felt betrayed and openly challenged Onewhisker's legitimate leadership. He, Hawkfrost, and several ShadowClan and WindClan warriors attempted to overthrow Onewhisker and his supporters, but StarClan struck a tree to fall on Mudclaw and kill him. Despite his actions, Mudclaw went to StarClan because he had a legitimate claim to leadership, and he truly believed he was the rightful leader of WindClan.


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The Prophecies Begin

"You gave up your rights to StarClan's protection when you took Brokentail into your Clan!"
—Mudclaw to Fireheart and Bluestar Rising Storm, page 65
Mudclaw is a warrior of WindClan and has an apprentice, Webpaw. He, along with his Clan, are driven off by Brokenstar and ShadowClan who greedily took over WindClan's territory. Mudclaw is viewed as hostile and overly belligerent towards cats from other Clans. He works hard to make WindClan strong again after they are brought back to the forest by Fireheart and Graystripe, but coldly asserts to them that he does not owe them anything. He and his brother turn away Bluestar and Fireheart when they try to reach the Highstones, explaining it as payback for ThunderClan sheltering Brokentail, and later adamantly questions Bluestar when she offers a truce between their two Clans. Despite prior encounters and being heavily injured, Mudclaw runs to ThunderClan for aid when TigerClan attacks their camp, and participates in the battle against BloodClan.

The New Prophecy

"You don't think I believe this load of fox dung, do you? Every cat knows that Tallstar practically handed our Clan over to Firestar before he left the forest. He's always felt more loyalty to ThunderClan than they ever deserved. And now Firestar tells us that his friend Onewhisker is to be leader!"
—Mudclaw to his Clanmates Starlight, page 126
Mudclaw is appointed as the next deputy of WindClan by Tallstar. Mudclaw's aggressive and quick-tempered nature is balanced by Tallstar's calm and patient leadership approach, and the two cats tend to run the Clan well together. Mudclaw acquires another apprentice, Crowpaw. Mudclaw makes the Great Journey with the other Clans. During this journey, Tallstar becomes frail and sick, and Mudclaw slowly begins slipping into the leadership position and gives out orders to WindClan.
When they reach their new home, Tallstar tells Firestar, Onewhisker, and Brambleclaw that he made a mistake choosing Mudclaw as his deputy and could not allow him to become leader, as he could wage unnecessary wars with ThunderClan. Tallstar appoints Onewhisker as the new deputy of WindClan with his last breath and loses his final life. The other cats are shocked, especially Mudclaw. Mudclaw begins to plot a takeover with Hawkfrost and other Clan cats to drive out Onewhisker and seize his leadership, but it ultimately fails and Mudclaw is killed by a falling tree. The tree is seen as a sign from StarClan that Onewhisker is the rightful leader of WindClan and it provides a bridge to the island for Gatherings.

Super Editions

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In Tallstar's Revenge, Mudkit is born to Shrewclaw and Ryestalk along with Tornear. However, his father is killed in battle against ShadowClan before he and his brother were born. In the manga, Mudclaw is eager to establish WindClan's borders at the lake, though the last thing Tallstar wanted was for WindClan to make enemies already. As he lays dying, Tallstar realizes WindClan would be led into constant bloodshed under Mudclaw's rule, and instead reflects on his friendship with Jake and Firestar. He replaces Mudclaw with Onewhisker in hopes the latter would benefit both of their Clans with his companionship with Firestar.


Interesting facts

  • Mudclaw went to StarClan due to him having a legitimate claim to become WindClan's leader. Vicky also states that Mudclaw was not evil enough to go to the Dark Forest, and she felt bad for him losing his deputy rank moments before Tallstar died.[1]
  • Kate said she liked the idea of Shrewclaw being Mudclaw's father,[blog 1] and Vicky later confirmed so.[6]
  • He is a distant descendant of Windstar via Mistmouse. [2]


  • Mudclaw is said to be a kit in the nursery when Tallstar became leader in Starlight,[16] but in Tallstar's Revenge, he is shown as a warrior when Tallstar is going to receive his nine lives.[17]

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Bluestar: "We are traveling to Highstones. StarClan grants us safe passage. You have no right to stop us!"
Mudclaw: "You gave up your rights to StarClan's protection when you took Brokentail into your Clan!"
Fireheart: "Brokentail is dead."
Mudclaw: "You killed him?"
Bluestar: "Of course we didn't kill him. ThunderClan aren’t murderers."
Mudclaw: "No. You just protect them!"
—Mudclaw prohibiting Bluestar and Fireheart from traveling to the Moonstone Rising Storm, pages 64-65

"But he couldn't resist flexing his claws, still angry at the memory, and was angered further when Mudclaw leaned sideways to whisper something into his companion's ears with a meaningful glance at Fireheart. To Fireheart's surprise Onewhisker blinked sympathetically at him, then turned and walked away, leaving Mudclaw flicking his tail with annoyance. It looked as if there was at least one WindClan warrior who remembered the old debt of loyalty to ThunderClan. Fireheart couldn’t stop his whiskers from twitching with satisfaction as he stalked past Mudclaw and headed toward Leopardfur and the ShadowClan warrior."
—Narrator about Fireheart, Mudclaw and Onewhisker Rising Storm, page 81

Onewhisker: "Fireheart!"
Fireheart: "Hi, Onewhisker. You'd better not let Mudclaw see you talking to me, truce or no truce. We didn't part on very good terms last time we met."
Onewhisker: "Mudclaw takes pride in defending his territory."
Fireheart: "Maybe. But that's no excuse for turning Bluestar away from Highstones."
Onewhisker: "Tallstar wasn't happy when he heard about that. Even if you were sheltering Brokentail, it was no excuse—"
Fireheart: "Brokentail was dead by then. [...] I'm sorry, Onewhisker. It's good to see you again."
—Fireheart and Onewhisker about Mudclaw Rising Storm, pages 309-310

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Mudclaw: "Crowpaw can't lead WindClan. He's only an apprentice."
Brambleclaw: "Have you crossed this path before?"
Mudclaw: "No. But I have commanded my Clan before!"
—Mudclaw arguing about Crowpaw's role of leading WindClan over the Thunderpath Dawn, page 264

Mudclaw: "We'll begin making plans at once. Establish WindClan's boundaries...keep everyone else's paws off our territory."
Tallstar: "I appreciate your eagerness, Mudclaw...but the last thing we need is to make fresh enemies."
Mudclaw: "But Tallstar, WindClan comes before everything else. We must protect what is ours."
Onewhisker: "We have more important matters to deal with now than Clan bondaries, Mudclaw."
—Mudclaw, when they arrive at the lake Tallstar's Revenge, page manga

"Before I go to StarClan, there is something I must do. Firestar, Onewhisker, listen. Mudclaw is a brave warrior, but he is not the right cat to lead WindClan. In these last moons we have learned that the future of our Clans lies in friendship. I want no rivalry between WindClan and ThunderClan after I am gone. We must have no enemies. But this will not happen if Mudclaw rules the Clan."
—Tallstar to Firestar, Onewhisker, and Brambleclaw his worries about Mudclaw Starlight, page 118

"Are you just going to sit here and accept this? Do we let ThunderClan choose our leader for us? How many of our warriors do you think will follow you, you sniveling, crow-food eating traitor?"
—Mudclaw to Onewhisker Starlight, page 128

"Are you completely mousebrained? You're giving away WindClan territory for a pawful of healing herbs? Barkface was perfectly capable of treating the sick cats without this apprentice sticking her nose in."
—Mudclaw arguing with Onewhisker Starlight, page 200

"Mudclaw was WindClan's most senior warrior, made deputy because even Tallstar recognized that his on peace-pursuing leadership needed the support of a warrior not afraid to show his claws. Tallstar's decision to replace Mudclaw with Onewhisker was a terrible betrayal of Mudclaw's loyalty. Would Mudclaw have made such a dreadful leader? Yes, he was ambitious - but his ambition was to become leader of his Clan, and no cat can doubt that he would have surrended all his lives to defending his Clanmates and the Clan's borders."
—Rock's opinion on Mudclaw Cats of the Clans, page 50

"Mudclaw was furious- and can you blame him, really? He'd done nothing wrong. But as a warrior, he should have respected his leader's decision and supported Onestar. Instead, he plotted to take over WindClan by force, and visited all the other Clans in secret, gaining allies. They struck one night, Mudclaw and a RiverClan warrior named Hawkfrost leading the attack. The rest of us fought on Onestar's behalf, and Onestar won- helped by StarClan. Do you see that island down there? With the tall trees? If you look closely, you can make out a fallen tree joining the island to the shore, with its roots on the island side. StarClan sent a bolt of lightning to strike that tree and make it fall on top of Mudclaw, killing him instantly, and showing that Onestar was the true leader of WindClan."
—Tawnypelt about Mudclaw Battles of the Clans, page 86

"Mudclaw was chosen to be deputy because Tallstar recognized the need for a warrior who was not afraid to show his claws to balance out his own gentler, peace-loving leadership. Mudclaw was fearless, fiercely loyal to his Clan, and determined to be a strong leader without having the bloodthirsty ambition that had polluted the paths of leaders in other Clans. When Tallstar dismissed him and appointed Onestar in his place, Mudclaw felt utterly betrayed. He saw no reason behind Tallstar's decision, except that the old cat had lost his mind just before losing his ninth life. A challenge to Onestar's leadership seemed entirely logical, and Mudclaw was encouraged by a significant number of cats who shared his disbelief-not just from his own Clan, but ShadowClan and RiverClan too."
—Narrator on Mudclaw The Ultimate Guide, page 106

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