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Interesting facts

  • When asked if Mudfur trained in the Dark Forest, Kate says that she can't imagine him ending up in the Dark Forest, and that it was a coincidence that Brightsky and three of his kits died.[blog 1]


  • He has been mistakenly described as the WindClan medicine cat.[1]
  • He was mentioned as a warrior, despite being a medicine cat at the time.[2]
    • The revised paperback edition as of 2015 fixed this, replacing Mudfur with Blackclaw.[3]
  • He was mistakenly shown with a white muzzle, a white tail tip, and a white stripe on his forehead.[4]
  • He was mistakenly called mottled.[5][6]
  • In Mistystar's Omen, it is mentioned that Mudfur stayed behind in the old forest because he'd grown too old to travel.[7] However, Mudfur died before the journey to the lake even began.[8]
  • He is mistakenly said to be an apprentice when he decided to become a medicine cat, not a warrior, and he is also depicted as a young cat despite being older than Yellowfang.[9]

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Author references

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