Nanette Savard is an audiobook narrator who narrated the last three books of The New Prophecy arc.[1]


Nanette Savard is an audiobook narrator who has narrated the last three books of The New Prophecy arc in the Warriors series. She has previously worked for HarperAudio.[1] Nanette has also narrated several other various children's audiobooks. Some of her other works include the Proof Positive CD[2] and Land of Mango Sunsets CD.[3]


In the Warriors series, Nanette has narrated for three of books of The New Prophecy Arc.



Some of Nanette's other narrations are:

  • Proof Positive CD[2]
  • Land of Mango Sunsets, The CD[3]
  • Serrano Legacy: Hunting Party (Part 1 of 2)[6]
  • The Executioner # 311 - Night of the Knives[7]
  • Reading Like a Writer[8]
  • Mackenzie's Mountain[9]
  • Lawman's Debt and Lost Dutchman O'Riley's Luck[10]
  • Making Waves[11]
  • The Carriage House[12]
  • In Their Footsteps[13]
  • Guilt by Silence[14]
  • Cover-Up[15]
  • The Claim Jumpers and Faithfully, Judith[16]

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