There are many types of various natural disasters that the Clans have had to overcome in their territories. Some can be sent by StarClan as a sign or signal, but sometimes a simple storm is just a storm.[1] The Clans often have to move out of their camp to avoid the disasters, and many cats have died from them.


Types of Disasters


"I hope the rain arrives first. [...] Before the lightning. I've seen the moor burn when the heather's as dry as this. Lightning will start a fire as easily as a careless Twoleg."
―Gorse to Wind about the coming storm The First Battle (bonus scene), page 14
Fire is deadly to the Clans because of the wooded areas they live in. Even a small spark can lead to a raging forest fire which destroys all the flammable material in its path.[2] Dry spells can make a fire more of a possibility.[3][4] ThunderClan especially has had much trouble with fires due to their territory being the most thickly wooded and the most prone to fires spreading quickly.[5] Fires can originate from lightning strikes and quickly spread through dry material.[3][6][7] Fires can also originate from Twoleg activity, either from Twoleg rubbish or remains from the fires they use for cooking.[4][8] If Twolegs fail to properly extinguish their fires, they can reignite and spread.[9] Oftentimes, Twolegs will assist in putting the fire out if it occurs near their developments.[10]
Forest fire can be deadly as many cats can die by breathing in too much smoke or being burned by the flames.[11][12][13] Additionally, forest fires kill or frighten off prey which can lead to starvation after the fire.[14] Fires are frequently the subject of many prophecies and omens, such as the prophecy that Bluestar will blaze through the forest,[15] the prophecy that fire will save ThunderClan,[16] the omen Cinderpelt interpreted about fire and tiger,[17] the flaming reed signaling the fourth cat,[18] Twigpaw's vision of a camp on fire,[19] Alderheart's dream of a fire leaving behind a beautiful meadow,[20] Shadowpaw's visions of ashes from a fire on his pelt[21] and of a fire dividing the Clans.[22] Recovery from the fires can take many moons for the forest to regrow.[23][24]


"Wind battered his pelt, and he felt himself lifted by a storm that tossed him like a leaf. Rain lashed his face and he fought to see, flailing against the hurricane until, suddenly, the wind dropped him and he fell onto wet grass. [...] Against a clouded sky, five saplings stuck up like sharp claws as, around them, the wind streamed through marsh grass and set it rippling like water around their roots. The saplings rattled in the wind, their branches twisted together. Entwined, they stood firm, unbending against the storm."
―Alderheart during StarClan's vision about the saplings The Raging Storm, page 172
Storms are quite common, but not all are dangerous.[1] In extreme cases, they can cause other disasters. Heavy rain can cause flooding, and many forest fires are caused by lightning striking a tree and setting it on fire.[3][6][7] Strong winds can blow down branches[25] and large amounts of rain can erode the dirt from around a tree's roots, making it fall.[26] Multiple storms or lengthy storms can lead to flooding.[27] Flooding is mostly trouble to RiverClan because of the rivers surrounding their camp.[28] They are sometimes forced to move out of their camp to avoid the flood.[29] There have also been occasions when cats have been indirectly killed by lightning caused by storms,[30][31] or directly killed by lightning.[32]
Storms have also been the subject of prophecies, such as the warning that SkyClan needs deeper roots if it will sustain greater storms,[33] and another warning the Clans that they should be united as five Clans or else a storm will come.[34][35] Furthermore, StarClan sends a vision of five saplings standing strong in a storm.[36] However, when SkyClan leaves the lake, a great raging storm persists until the Clans are reunited.[37][38]


"I remember the last time the river overflowed, many moons ago. Cats from all Clans drowned. Prey drowned, too, and we went hungry even though our paws stayed dry. This is not just RiverClan's problem."
―Patchpelt speaking of the flood Forest of Secrets, page 117
Flooding is not unusual for the Clans in heavy rains, but RiverClan is most susceptible to it because of their habitat along the river.[29][39] Floods often occur in newleaf after the leaf-bare snow and ice has melted, causing the excess water to flow to the river and make the water level rise.[40] In some cases, RiverClan has been forced to evacuate their camp due to flooding.[29][41][42] Their dens also float in the floodwaters so they can be scavenged later.[43] If river water rises drastically enough, a flash flood can occur.[44][45][46]
The River Chell is notorious for flooding; sometime before The Prophecies Begin, the river flooded and resulted in several cats from all the Clans drowning and scarce prey for every Clan.[47] RiverClan can suffer the most from lack of prey as floodwaters can kill lots of fish.[48][49] Flood water can also tarnish drinking water and leave cats at risk for disease.[50][51] The tunnels underneath ThunderClan and WindClan territory in the lake territories also flood during heavy rainfall.[52]


"The air was cool now, but there was a dusty scent in the air, rising from the parched earth. Plants were drooping or lay withering on the ground. The whole forest cried out for rain like a starving kit, and if it did not come soon, it would not be only WindClan who were short of water."
―Brambleclaw about the drought in the forest Midnight, page 67
Sometimes in greenleaf the streams dry up from heat and lack of rain causing a drought.[53][54] When this happens, it affects all the Clans, although sometimes RiverClan is better off because the river allows them a larger water source that does not often dry up completely.[55] This can be very dangerous for an entire Clan as water is essential to survival, and the young and old are at the highest risk of suffering from dehydration or heat exhaustion.[53] Warriors have to pitch in and fetch water, using moss, for kits, queens, and elders, so that they do not die of dehydration, or resort to eating grass for moisture if it's not dry.[56][53] Prey can also be scarce at this time or fresh-kill can be spoiled by the heat.[57]

Winter storms and extreme cold

"Since the last half-moon meeting at the Moonpool, life in ShadowClan had gotten even tougher. There was never enough prey; cats were getting sick because of the cold and lack of food, and every cat's nerves were on edge. Sooner or later, Shadowpaw knew, fights between Clanmates would become the norm."
―Shadowpaw's thoughts about the harsh leaf-bare Lost Stars, page 74
Snow is frozen water that falls from clouds and is very cold. During leaf-bare, temperatures are always lower than usual, and this can present several dangers.[58] Not only is it colder for the cats themselves, but it also causes scarcity of prey and result in starvation.[59][60] Cats may leave to find other sources of prey, sometimes outside their territories.[61][62] The frost can also kill herbs used by medicine cats, making them helpless to heal their Clanmates.[63][64] Freezing of the river is also dangerous to RiverClan because it makes them unable to catch fish, their primary food source.[65][60] The wind chill can be bitter for cats, especially those on the open moor and dens have to be fortified.[66][60][67] Cats are also vulnerable to diseases from being too cold or too hungry.[68][69] On rare occasions, a cat—especially one who is very young or old, or is ill—can freeze to death if outside in snowy, freezing temperatures for too long, such as Mosskit[70] and Bramblestar.[71]


"While he was still gazed upward, white light flashed out from the clouds, blazing down on the surface of the Moonpool; it was so brilliant that for a few heartbeats Shadowpaw was blinded. When his vision cleared, he glanced around to see faint flares of light in the night sky as lightning crackled in the distance. Thunder rolled again, the noise building and building until it seemed as if the whole world would split apart."
―Shadowpaw experiencing the thundersnow Lost Stars, pages 83-84
On very rare occasions, a thunderstorm will accompany snowfall. This unusual type of storm is always accompanied by snowfall, instead of the usual rain precipitation.[72] This phenomenon occurred when Shadowpaw ventures alone to the Moonpool. The white strikes of lightning are so bright that it temporarily blinds Shadowpaw as he is struck, and Shadowpaw is warned that there is a darkness in the Clans that must be driven out.[73]

Falling trees

"Hawkfrost is right, Onewhisker. You couldn't hope for a better sign than this. StarClan sent lightning to strike the tree and kill the cat who would have taken your place. There's no doubt now that you're the cat StarClan has chosen to lead WindClan."
―Ashfoot to Onewhisker following the end of Mudclaw's rebellion Starlight, page 319
Falling trees are hazardous and can crush whatever they fall on.[26] Falling trees occur naturally in the forest due to old age, erosion, floods or lightning strikes. Twolegs sometimes tear them down, such as destroying the forest to build a new Thunderpath.[74][75] Cats can be crushed or killed by falling trees, such as the cases of Micah,[76] Mudclaw,[31] Firestar,[77] Rainwhisker,[78] Longtail,[79] and Briarlight, though she survived but was left paralyzed.[80] Falling trees can also be interpreted as signs from StarClan.[81] They can also damage camps, and nests have to be rebuilt.[82]


"Alderheart stared, frozen with terror, as a lump of stone peeled away and fell toward the clearing. Lionblaze raced at him, shouldering him backward until he was pinned against the thorn barrier. Behind him, rubble and earth exploded as the stone hit Highledge and rolled into the clearing. It sent a wave of muddy water sweeping across the camp, drenching the fleeing cats."
―Alderheart as the cliffs collapse Darkest Night, page 226
In rocky areas such as the tunnels,[83][84] ThunderClan's hollow,[85] Sunningrocks,[86] or the Tribe of Rushing Water's mountains,[87] rockfalls are possible and can crush a cat just as easily as a tree.[88] When combined with heavy rain, the fallen rocks, debris and dirt can turn into a mudslide.[89] Sometimes ThunderClan's camp in the hollow is checked for loose rocks following leaf-bare to mitigate them falling into camp.[90] The tunnels underneath ThunderClan and WindClan's territory are prone to structural collapse and flood.[91][83][92]

Space phenomenons

"There's a thin circle of flame in the sky, where it used to be. But the rest of the sun has been covered up."
―Lionpaw explaining the eclipse to Jaypaw Eclipse, page 227
While uncommon, the Clans have experienced some hazards from space. A shooting star signaled to Spottedleaf that fire will save the Clan[93] and pointed the cats during the Great Journey towards their new home.[94] A total solar eclipse removes the Clans' only source of light, and leaves them barely able to see for a few minutes.[95] The birds fall silent, the air chills, and the sky appears to be a dusk.[96][97] The sun is reduced to a limited halo.[97] The Clans believe it to be a sign from StarClan to stop the fighting, but argue who the sign was for.[98]

Disasters in the Books

In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

"I am grateful to all of you for working so hard to survive here. I am proud to be your Healer, but I have to accept that there are things even I cannot put right. Lack of space and lack of food are beyond my control. [...] Our home cannot support us all. But there is another place for some of us, full of sunlight and warmth and prey for all seasons. I have seen it...in my dreams."
―Stoneteller to her cats The Sun Trail, page 14
A harsh cold season, heavy snows, and numerous mouths to feed leaves the Tribe of Rushing Water in near-starvation. The lack of prey leads to in-fighting between the elders and kits, and even a large hawk caught by Clear Sky is unable to provide every cat a morsel to eat. Several cats are emaciated, and Fluttering Bird dies. Stoneteller receives an omen of a bright golden light signaling several of their cats, lead by Shaded Moss, to leave the mountains to follow the sun trail towards the forest.

Thunder Rising

"Thunder stayed by Jackdaw's Cry's side as he pelted forward and plunged into the flames, squeezing his eyes tight shut. Heat flashed around him for a heartbeat; then he was through, almost stumbling over Moon Shadow, who was crouching on the last untouched piece of ground, whimpering as sparks showered down onto his fur."
―Thunder and Jackdaw's Cry leaping through the flames to save Moon Shadow Thunder Rising, pages 137-138
A fire sweeps through the territory around Clear Sky's camp. Tall Shadow and Gray Wing discover the remains of Twoleg activity near the fire's origin, and conclude they failed to put out the fire. Though Clear Sky's camp remained unaffected, the wind was blowing the fire towards their camp. As they tried to evacuate, they were cut off from the flames until River Ripple, Gray Wing, and his cats rescued them by soaking themselves in the river. Moon Shadow is wounded by the fire while trying to jump over the flames, later dying of his injuries, and Gray Wing develops asthma from breathing the smoke that plagues the rest of his life.

The First Battle

"[Wind] followed their gaze. Frog was scrambling up the trunk. With a squeal of panic he reached the lowest branch and disappeared among the prickly leaves. The flames from the gorse burned harder, sending sparks flashing up into the holly branches. If the sparks caught, the holly would blaze like dry heather. Frog will be burned alive."
―Wind's thoughts as the fire grows The First Battle/Bonus Scene, page 17
Prior to a storm, Gorse warns Wind that fires can spread quickly on the moor, especially when it's dry. However, lightning ignites a gorse bush on fire where Tansy and her kits are sheltering. Frog hides in a holly tree as the flames slowly creep up on it, and is trapped. Wind and Gorse save Frog and reunite him with his mother. As Tansy thanks them, Winder briskly tells Tansy not to make a den of a flammable bush next time.

In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

"Fire? But fire is feared by all the Clans! How can it save us?"
―Bluestar after hearing Spottedleaf's prophecy Into the Wild, page 5
Following several troubled moons for ThunderClan, Spottedleaf receives a prophecy from StarClan in the form of a shooting star: fire alone can save our Clan. While Bluestar is initially confused since fire is feared by all the Clans, she trusts StarClan to guide them.

Forest of Secrets

"In front of the cats, the land sloped gently down to the river—or what had been the river. Swelled by the melting snow, the fast-flowing water had burst the banks and risen until it lapped the grass barely a rabbit-length from Fireheart's paws. The tips of reeds just showed above it; farther upstream, the Sunningrocks were gray islands in the midst of a shimmering silver lake. The thaw had certainly come, but now the river was in full flood."
―Fireheart's patrol discovering the flood Forest of Secrets, page 114
Following a thaw, the river swells with melt water from the snow and floods RiverClan and ThunderClan's territories. ThunderClan is not as effected, but Bluestar orders her cats to avoid the flooded areas. While RiverClan evacuates their camp, two of Mistyfoot's kits are swept away in the swift moving water, and are rescued by Fireheart and Graystripe. Due to Twoleg rubbish poisoning the fish and the destruction of RiverClan's hunting grounds, RiverClan starves and Fireheart and Graystripe agree to bring them food from their territory until the flooded river settles down. ThunderClan also has issues making it to the Gathering, and must travel across the Thunderpath and through ShadowClan and RiverClan territory to get to and from Fourtrees.
Following a battle between RiverClan and ThunderClan, Tigerclaw claims he killed Oakheart after the RiverClan deputy killed Redtail, who at the time was ThunderClan's deputy. However, Fireheart learns from Mistyfoot that Oakheart died from a rockfall following the battle.

Rising Storm

"Fireheart followed the trail of the other cats blindly, hardly aware of the forest around him, even though he turned back every few moments to check that Bramblekit was still keeping up. His last sight of the ravine filled his mind, a terrifying trough of flame and smoke that engulfed the camp, his home. And of Yellowfang and Halftail, there had been no sign at all."
―Fireheart as he and Bramblekit flee their camp Rising Storm, page 255
After several hot and dry days, a fire strikes ThunderClan's territory in the night and crawls towards their camp. Fireheart shouts an alarm to wake everyone, and orders ThunderClan to evacuate towards the river. Fireheart guides his Clanmates across the river as the fire inches closer to the riverbank, and RiverClan allows them to stay in their camp. While Twolegs attempt to put out the fire, the rainfall efficiently quenches the blaze, but leaves most of ThunderClan's territory in ruin. Yellowfang and Patchpelt die from smoke inhalation, and Halftail is killed by the flames. Some of the elders blame the fire on StarClan's anger upon Fireheart being appointed deputy beyond the half-moon; meanwhile, Bluestar identifies it with the "fire alone" prophecy, and she loses her faith in StarClan completely, seeing that the fire almost destroyed the Clan instead of saving it.

In The New Prophecy arc


"Blackstar spoke truly of the heat of greenleaf. It is many days since the forest saw rain, and the moorland streams on WindClan's territory have been scorched away completely this last quarter moon. We have no water at all. [...] The river runs through a deep, sheer-sided gorge for the whole length of our border. It's too dangerous to go down there. Warriors have tried, and Onewhisker fell, though thank StarClan he was not hurt. Our kits and elders cannot manage the climb. They are suffering badly, and I fear that some of the younger kits might die."
―Tallstar at the Gathering Midnight, page 46
During a dry greenleaf, the Clans suffer from drought. WindClan suffers the most by this due to their streams drying up and the steep cliffs surrounding the gorge, and Tallstar asks Leopardstar if WindClan can take water from the river to survive the drought. Leopardstar agrees, but warns them not to take any prey from the river. Brambleclaw worries that WindClan might accidentally cross their border if they attempt to hunt on RiverClan territory, as the strip of RiverClan territory is really narrow between the river and ThunderClan's border. Despite rainfall replenishes their streams, WindClan continues to visit the river to drink which leads to tense confrontations with RiverClan. At the next Gathering, Leopardstar revokes her permission for WindClan's access to the river as the drought has ended.
In addition, a piece of shiny, clear and spiky Twoleg rubbish and the sun's intense light ignites dry bracken. The fire doesn't last long and is self contained on the bracken fronds. Cinderpelt witnesses a leaping tiger in the flames, and recognizes it as a sign from StarClan, and concludes with Firestar it might refer to Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw, as Tigerstar's son and Firestar's daughter respectively.


"She glimpsed a Twoleg monster through the trees. Its great yellow forepaws were lowered, its claws unsheathed as it tore through the undergrowth. Suddenly, a violent and unnatural sound filled the forest, and Squirrelpaw scrambled to a standstill. All around, the forest rang with a dreadful creaking and groaning that seemed to split the air."
―Squirrelpaw as the destruction of the forest brews Dawn, page 179
During the forest's final hours, Twoleg monsters begin clearing out ShadowClan's territory. Tawnypelt rushes to ThunderClan and WindClan's camp at Sunningrocks for help, and they rush to the rescue. RiverClan joins them, and they spot several Twoleg monsters ripping through the trees towards the camp. Firestar coordinates his cats to aid the evacuation as Blackstar helps his Clanmates. As the monsters edge closer, Firestar calls everyone to leave, but Tallpoppy and her kits are separated. While trying to reunite them with the rest of ShadowClan, Firestar loses a life saving Onewhisker and a kit from a falling birch tree. ShadowClan manages to successfully escape, but their camp is destroyed and the Twolegs have only begun their destruction.
A falling star with a faint silvery trail behind it points the Clan cats in the direction of the mountains, signaling their path to their new home.


"A claw of lightning tore the sky from top to bottom. The pulsing blue-white flare lit up a cat standing on the shore opposite the island. It was Mudclaw. In the same heartbeat an earsplitting crack sounded across the water. The lightning crackled down to the topmost branches of one of the trees on the island, outlining it briefly in a spike of flame. The tree began to fall, gathering momentum as it toppled. Too late, Mudclaw turned to flee. His screech of terror was cut off as the tree crashed down on the shore, its branches clattering like bones."
―Mudclaw's death Starlight, page 317
During Mudclaw's rebellion, a thunderstorm brews. While fighting Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost on the lakeside, a bolt of lightning strikes a tall pine tree on the island and it topples right onto Mudclaw, crushing him to death. Hawkfrost and Ashfoot conclude it as a sign from StarClan signaling Onewhisker as WindClan's true leader. The tree also serves as bridge for the Clans to cross to the island for Gatherings.


"A shiver went through Brambleclaw when he spotted flame spurting up from the opposite side of the clearing. Were the Twolegs really mousebrained enough to light a fire among the trees?"
―Brambleclaw at the Greenleaf Twolegplace Sunset, page 213
During a Gathering, Blackstar and Leopardstar reports that Twolegs have been starting fires when they visit their territory and the island. Firestar sends Brambleclaw to scout the extent of the Twoleg activity in ShadowClan and RiverClan territories. At the Greenleaf Twolegplace, Brambleclaw spots that Twolegs started a fire on the clearing near the ShadowClan border to cook their meal, and fears that they will set the forest to fire.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

"Can you clear up here, Daisy? I promised Brambleclaw I'd help him check for loose rocks around the hollow. [...] It's good to have such solid defenses. But the frost might have loosened stones, and we don't want them falling into the camp."
―Squirrelflight to Daisy The Sight, page 9
It is briefly mentioned that Rainwhisker was killed by a falling branch during a storm. Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw check for loose rocks surrounding the hollow in case the frost might have loosened them.

Dark River

"As Fallen Leaves cried out, the water lifted Jaypaw, swallowing his tail, his belly, and finally engulfing all of him so that he was tossed and swirled by cold clutching waves. Water filled his ears, his eyes, his mouth, and he struggled against it, not knowing which way was up, lost in the darkness, drowning. His sight faded, his ears roared, and he let his body go limp."
―Fallen Leaves showing Jaypaw the memory of him drowning in the tunnels Dark River, page 220
Fallen Leaves enters the tunnels to become a sharpclaw, but gets lost and drowns when rainwater floods the underground river. He shows this memory to Jaypaw when Jaypaw wants to learn more about the tunnels and his stick. When Lionpaw, Jaypaw, Hollypaw, Heatherpaw, and Breezepaw go to save the WindClan kits in the tunnels, it begins to rain and the tunnels rapidly fill up with water from a small hole in the roof, causing them to flood. Fallen Leaves leads them to the kits, but the the underground river begins to rise, and Lionpaw discovers in horror that their tunnel entrance has collapsed with soil and rocks. Jaypaw realizes they must escape by swimming through the underground river the leads into the lake.


"Hollypaw gazed at the trees above the hollow as the sun bleached away the half-light. The sky paled to blue and the air began to warm. Beside her, Lionpaw shifted on his paws, and Jaypaw tasted the air. The birds began to sing again. Late-season bees began to rise sleepily away on heavy wings. But, despite the sun on her pelt, Hollypaw was still shivering, her scratched and aching body trembling beyond her control."
―Hollypaw's thoughts after the eclipse Eclipse, page 229
A mysterious loner named Sol arrives at ThunderClan. He questions StarClan's omniscience and foretells that the sun will go out. However, Leafpool and Jaypaw brush his prophecy to the side as StarClan has not foretold anything similar. During a great battle between the four Clans, Sol's prediction comes true; the sun disappears during a total solar eclipse, frightening the Clans and removing their only source of light. The air becomes chilly, the birds stop singing, and the fighting stops. ThunderClan's warriors return to their camp in a fright, and question Leafpool about it, but even she is unsure what it means. Lionpaw describes the eclipse as a thin circle of flame surrounding where the sun used to be. The sun returns after a few moments, and Leafpool believes it was a sign from StarClan to stop the fighting, but the warriors bicker who the sign was meant for.

Long Shadows

"Greedy scarlet tongues licked toward her and her littermates, blocking their path away from the edge of the cliff. Smoke billowed up as rain fell on the bushes; Hollyleaf choked on it and began to cough, but the downpour was easing off, and the remaining flurries weren't enough to put the fire out."
―Hollyleaf during the fire Long Shadows, page 269
When Sol convinces Blackstar to turn away from StarClan and takes leadership himself, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Jaypaw, Flamepaw, Dawnpaw, and Tigerpaw decide to fake a sign from StarClan to convince Blackstar to believe in them again. They dig up the roots of two trees and push them when Littlecloud and Blackfoot are lured nearby. Jaypaw whispers to them that the forest will fall unless they believe again, and Raggedstar and Runningnose arrive and successfully convince Blackfoot to get rid of Sol and believe in their ancestors again. Because this was planned, there were minimal injuries; both Littlecloud and Blackstar had their pelts ruffled with twigs and mud, and Blackstar has a small cut on his ear.
A severe thunderstorm rolls into ThunderClan territory, and a lightning bolt causes the forest near ThunderClan's camp to catch fire. The flames quickly spread, and Firestar orders everyone to evacuate to the abandoned Twoleg nest. While on their way to the thorn tunnel, it crackled into flame and blocked the way out. Squirrelflight ushers them out using a secret passage along the cliff-side, and together with Ashfur manages to push a tree branch to guide Hollyleaf and her siblings to safety. However, Ashfur uses the event to attempt to take revenge on Squirrelflight by killing Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze in the fire, but Squirrelflight reveals they are not her kits. While no cat dies, Spiderleg paws are singed and Longtail suffers a head injury after a falling branch hit him. ThunderClan's camp is nearly destroyed by the fire, but the repairs are completed in a few days.


"Hollyleaf had seen the tunnels as a way to escape her Clan and everything that had gone wrong. Except she hadn't escaped—not in the way she wanted."
―Jayfeather's thoughts as Hollyleaf disappears in the tunnels Sunrise, page 314
After Hollyleaf reveals the secret of their parentage at the Gathering and murders Ashfur, she flees into the tunnels. However, the entrance collapses behind her in an unexpected rockfall, and the Clans suspect her to be dead.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Cloudtail: "Wake up. What are you, a dormouse?"
Lionblaze: "Did you have to do that? I was having this really great dream..."
Cloudtail: "And now you can go on a really great water patrol."
—Cloudtail waking Lionblaze up for a water patrol The Fourth Apprentice, page 17
The Clans suffer from a major drought during greenleaf from lack of rainfall, and all the streams and most of the lake have dried up with the exception of a brackish pool in the middle. All the Clans are barely able to survive with little prey and scarce water. ThunderClan is forced to hunt at dawn and dusk to avoid the heat, and several water patrols are tasked to bring water back to the Clan each day. WindClan and ShadowClan resort to eating fish to find enough prey. However, RiverClan suffers the worst due to fish being their main source of food. At the Gathering, Leopardstar, who is very frail, insists the fish in the lake belong to RiverClan and extends RiverClan's territory into the dry lake.
A small fire ignites a hazel bush in ThunderClan's camp due to the heat. Graystripe and others dig dust on top of it to attempt to put out the fire, but Cloudtail's water patrol returns just in time to throw their damp moss to quench the blaze.
Dovepaw's powers allow her to sense that beavers have blocked the supply of water upstream, and Firestar orchestrates a patrol with cats from all four Clans to free the water. Lionblaze, Dovepaw, Tigerheart, Toadfoot, Whitetail, Sedgewhisker, Rippletail and Petalfur are chosen for the journey, and Woody tells them that Twolegs have brought the beavers to build their dam. After a failed attempt that resulted in Rippletail's death, the Clan cats managed to dislodge the dam and free the water. It takes several days for the lake to fill up.

Fading Echoes

"With a last heaving gasp, Lionblaze ducked out from underneath the branch and dived after Dustpelt. The tree crumpled around him and he shot from the tunnel a moment before the last prop gave way and the tree fell to a shuddering halt, its roots slamming against the nursery. With a heaving crash, its branches flopped to the ground like corpses."
―Lionblaze as he lifts the tree to save Briarpaw Fading Echoes, page 151
After several days of heavy rains and wind, the ground is muddy and unstable, leaving the roots of a beech tree on the edge of ThunderClan's hollow loose, and eventually making it fall into the hollow. Fortunately, Dovepaw is able to hear the shifting of the roots before it falls and the camp is evacuated to a gully. However, Longtail dashes back into camp to retrieve Mousefur's mouse and Briarpaw dashes after him. The beech tree falls into the hollow, obscuring the elders' den, warriors' den, nursery, and the entrance of the medicine den. Firestar, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw attempt to look for them, but the tree slips further into the base of the hollow. The Clan works together to prop the tree up to free Longtail and Briarpaw. However, Longtail is dead and Briarpaw's backbone is broken and she is left paralyzed. Poppyfrost and Dovepaw are in shock, and many of the nests in the camp had to be relocated or remodeled around the fallen tree.

Sign of the Moon

During Dovepaw's warrior assessment, Icecloud falls into the tunnels when they collapse underneath her. Though she only wrenched her shoulder, Icecloud struggles to climb out. Her Clanmates lower Dovepaw on a tendril and raise both of them up. Dustpelt and Brackenfur built a barrier around the hole using sticks to prevent anyone else from falling into it. Later, Lionblaze and Jayfeather go into the hole and discover evidence that Hollyleaf might be alive.

The Last Hope

"As its heat touched his nose again a vision flared in his mind. Fire shot like a stalk in front of him, spearing up toward the sky, flowing orange like a...Jayfeather's mind whirled...like a tail!"
―Jayfeather as he examines the reed The Last Hope, page 170
Mothwing shows Jayfeather a burning reed in RiverClan territory. Mothwing explains that the reed has been burning for three days straight despite the rest of the river bed being soaked. However, the reed doesn't burn completely and only the tip glows with a tiny flame. Jayfeather examines the reed and believes it means that Flametail might be the fourth cat, but it later turns out to be Firestar.

In A Vision of Shadows arc

Darkest Night

"I looked up and saw that the blue sky had been covered by thick clouds. They were dark, as though a storm was about to break. The air around me seemed to shimmer, and the air grew darker and darker."
―Willowshine to Alderheart about her vision Darkest Night, page 147
When the medicine cats speak with StarClan, SkyClan's former medicine cat, Echosong, warns them that a "dark sky must not herald a storm". Later, Willowshine experiences a vision of storm clouds darkening the sky and a voice saying "to fend off a storm, you will need an extra claw". Rowanstar believes the prophecy refers to SkyClan, and Harestar orders extra patrols in case something terrible happens. However, Leafstar and Bramblestar push the prophecy off to the side. The extra claw eventually refers to Tree, who has an extra toe on one of his paws, and can summon ghosts.
During a heavy rainfall, rocks at the top of the cliff break free from the hollow and crash into ThunderClan's camp. ThunderClan evacuates the camp, but Jayfeather worries about their herb supply that's supposed to last them through leaf-bare. Snowbush and Cloudtail dart through the rubble to fetch some, and Snowbush shoves Alderheart out of the way of a mudslide that results in him breaking a leg. However, Snowbush later dies from an infection. ThunderClan takes shelter in a temporary camp near the lakeshore, and a few cats sustained injuries. While ThunderClan cleared most of the debris, the larger stones remain in their camp as a testimony of the disaster.

River of Fire

"At the border stream the cats came to a halt. Ahead of her Twigpaw could see a barrier of fire; a fallen tree was blazing, along with undergrowth and dried reeds that grew along the water's edge. Beyond the barrier more flames leaped ino the sky; the whole of the RiverClan camp was alight."
―Twigpaw as the ThunderClan and WindClan patrols arrive to help River of Fire, page 167
Twigpaw sneaks to the Moonpool and experiences a vision of a fire raging through a camp. Though Twigpaw fears that the camp in her vision is ThunderClan's, but it later turns out to be RiverClan's.
A severe thunderstorm rolls into the lake territories, bringing lightning, strong winds and heavy rainfall. Alderheart orders his Clanmates in the clearing to take shelter, and questions if they need to evacuate to the tunnels. The wind rips the nursery's roof away, and Alderheart moves Cinderheart, Blossomfall and their kits to the elders' den. While the camp doesn't flood, Alderheart worries if this is the storm StarClan warned them about. While checking on Briarlight, Alderheart spots a fire near SkyClan's camp. Bramblestar sends Leafshade and Stormcloud to investigate, and they discover a fire has started near the Twolegplace. They rescue Fuzzball and Velvet, the latter injured trying to escape, and bring them to ThunderClan. In SkyClan, the cats take shelter from the storm and a pine tree falls on the apprentices' den, but they are unharmed.
The storm starts up again, and lightning starts a fire near RiverClan's camp. Bramblestar leads a patrol to help RiverClan, and a WindClan patrol joins them. They discover the whole camp ablaze. Several RiverClan cats swim to safety in the lake, but the injured and elderly cannot swim. The Clan cats push a log through the fire so the trapped cats can cross safely. SkyClan and ShadowClan also join in the rescue efforts. Softpaw and Mothwing are burned, and severely others are injured. RiverClan's camp is destroyed and they stay in ShadowClan's old camp for a half-moon. The fire convinces Mistystar to have her Clan rejoin the others from isolation.

The Raging Storm

Bellaleaf: "They tried to warn us, remember?"
Sagenose: "We were meant to stay with the other Clans!"
Dewspring: "This is what happens when you ignore StarClan."
Leafstar: "There was no place for us beside the lake."
Bellaleaf: "We should have fought harder to make one."
Dewspring: "Instead we're going to drown in the middle of nowhere!"
Hawkwing: "Don't blame Leafstar! She has always done what she thought was best for the Clan. How could she know the future?"
Sagenose: "StarClan knew it."
—SkyClan arguing about the storm after they leave the lake The Raging Storm, pages 270-271
Alderheart has a dream of a fire chasing him in the forest. However, he is surprised to see a lush meadow in the fire's place when it dissipates. Alderheart's dream convinces him to use deathberries to treat Puddleshine's infection.
During a seizure, Shadowkit witnesses dark skies and heavy rainfall that leads to flooding and him drowning. Tigerstar and Alderheart worry Shadowkit might've seen his own death. Later, when ShadowClan terrorizes SkyClan, StarClan sends a vision of five saplings united against a raging storm. However, one of the saplings give away and all of them are carried away by the storm and destroyed. The medicine cats suspect it to believe the Clans must remain united as five in order to survive.
Tired of Tigerstar's antagonistic behavior and the other Clans failing to do anything in response, Leafstar leads her Clan away from the lake to return to the gorge. Rainfall persists following their departure. Twigbranch wonders if SkyClan will return because of the storm's increasing intensity, and Tree realizes the medicine cats' vision is coming true. After Sunnypaw gets trapped in thick mud and the worsening weather conditions, SkyClan questions Leafstar's decision to leave the lake. Believing SkyClan made a mistake, Twigbranch leads Tree, Flypaw, Finleap, Cherryfall, Lionblaze, Nightcloud, Hootwhisker, Gorsetail, Willowshine, Icewing, and Lizardtail to bring SkyClan back, and Spider points them in the right direction but warns of flooding.
SkyClan is trapped by rising flood waters and takes shelter in the elms but are marooned. While trying to cross a gap between the elms and a maple tree, Leafstar falls into the floodwaters. Finleap rescues her, and the other Clan cats help them across to the maple. They return to the lake and cross through RiverClan's flooded territory to reach ShadowClan's camp. While crossing a tree bridge, Violetshine, Lizardtail and Hootwhisker are swept away by a wall of water. Shadowkit appears in the floodwaters, and Violetshine and Juniperclaw rescue him. After everyone else is rescued, Juniperclaw drowns in the flood. Shadowkit, who threw himself in the water on purpose, is pleased that his actions brought the Clans together. At that moment, the rain dissipates and the storm clears.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

"Jumping up, Shadowpaw padded into the snow den to check on Bramblestar. When he stretched out a paw and laid it gently on his chest, he felt that the ThunderClan leader was as cold as before. Then an even deeper cold spread beneath Shadowpaw's pelt and invaded his whole body. Bramblestar isn't breathing!'"
―Shadowpaw after he and the others treat Bramblestar Lost Stars, page 241
A harsh leaf-bare results in scarce prey for nearly every Clan. ShadowClan fortifies their dens to protect them from the wind chill, and Puddleshine has to fetch herbs from the Twolegplace to treat Grassheart's greencough. Cinnamontail and Blazefire resort to eating Twoleg food. The scarcity of prey results in Bristlepaw failing her warrior assessment. WindClan is exposed to the wind on the open moor, and Larkwing looses her balance from the wind and falls down a gully and dislocates her shoulder. RiverClan is unable to fish with the lake frozen. SkyClan doesn't suffer as much due to the valley sheltering their territory. However, the biggest disadvantage is when the Moonpool freezes over and the Clans are unable to communicate with StarClan. The Clans' attempts to break the ice fail to restore communications with their ancestors.
When Shadowpaw experiences a vision of Bramblestar and Tigerstar, he detects a fire nearby and ash flutters on his pelt. Later, Shadowpaw visits the Moonpool alone when he feels like he is called there. However, Shadowpaw is temporarily blinded by lightning and is struck; his fur in spiky patches and the ground around him charred and melted. A voice warns Shadowpaw to beware a darkness in the Clans that must be driven out. Later, Shadowpaw experiences another vision of raging flames dividing the Clans from the lake. He can hear the screams of cats crying and coughs as ash fills his lungs.
When Bramblestar falls mysteriously ill, a voice tells Shadowpaw how to cure him. Shadowpaw describes Bramblestar's illness as a wildfire that needs to be snuffed out. He follows the mysterious voice's instructions to place Bramblestar's unconscious body on the moor. However, Bramblestar dies from the cold exposure and does not revive. Later, he returns to his body, but all is not the same as the leaf-bare snows begin to finally thaw.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

"Suddenly, a flash lit the clearing. A bolt of lightning cracked the sky and, for a moment, the Clans were drenched in blinding white light. [...] On the far side of the hollow a tree exploded into flame as the lightning hit it. It shuddered and split. One half fell, blazing, to the ground. Moth Flight stared in amazement. They did it! They split the sky! Her heart leapt into her throat. They have to believe me now. She glanced around the clearing. The Clan cats gaped at the flaming tree. Then, one by one, they turned toward Moth Flight."
―Moth Flight as the spirit cats fulfill the prophecy Moth Flight's Vision, pages 131-132
The spirit cats reveal to Moth Flight that she is to become WindClan's first medicine cat, and show her the others—Pebble Heart, Cloud Spots, Dappled Pelt, and Micah. They ask her to speak with the Clan leaders at the full moon Gathering about their message, promising to send a sign to show that they speak through her by splitting the sky. At the Gathering, the Clan leaders doubt the legitimacy of her message until the spirit cats send lightning to strike a tree at the other end of the hollow.
Moth Flight and Micah retrieve tree sap from a tree on SkyClan's territory to cure Rocky's chest infection. However, they are confronted by Clear Sky and Red Claw, and due to rising tensions between WindClan and SkyClan, Willow Tail and Red Claw fight on the a dying branch. Micah attempts to stop them, but the branch gives away. While Red Claw and Willow Tail escape unscathed, Mich's spine is crushed and he dies shortly thereafter.

Tallstar's Revenge

Talltail: "You killed my father. [...] You made him go into that tunnel! You left him there to die. [...] I saw you run from the tunnel like a frightened rabbit! You left my father behind!"
Sparrow: "I didn't know what to do. I'm no warrior. I had no training. Your father knew that. He gave his life so that I could escape. That's why he died. He held back the earth long enough for me to run. He died a hero, Talltail."
—Talltail and Sparrow discussing the truth about Sandgorse's death Tallstar's Revenge, page 409
Tunneling is a vital part of WindClan's culture as the tunnels provide food for the Clan during leaf-bare. The tunnelers support the walls using stones, dirt and clay, and always travel in pairs for safety, but occasionally the tunnels collapse or flood. After a cave-in that resulted in Leafshine's death and crippled Lilywhisker's hind leg, Heatherstar promotes the newest apprentices to train as moor-runners.
Sandgorse, Tallpaw's father, shows Sparrow the tunnels, Sparrow dashes out, covered in mud. Tallpaw realizes in horror that Sparrow left his father behind, and he runs into the tunnels to find him. The earth rumbles as mud and water flood the collapsing tunnels. Woollytail pulls Tallpaw free, and Plumclaw explains their rescue efforts to fine Sandgorse have halted due to a large rock blocking their path. However, Plumclaw explains to Tallpaw that his father most likely drowned in the floodwater. Sandgorse's death results in Heatherstar outlawing the practice, and Talltail later sets off on a quest for revenge against Sparrow for abandoning his father to die. However, Sparrow reveals that Sandgorse held back the dirt long enough for Sparrow to escape.

Crookedstar's Promise

"Kits born into a storm like this one are destined to be great warriors. It's just a shame they can't both be leaders of RiverClan."
―Shellheart about the birth of his kits Crookedstar's Promise, page 8
RiverClan's camp floods during a severe thunderstorm, and Hailstar orders Echomist and their kits to evacuate to the elders' den. Brightsky attempts to save the floating nests, but Hailstar orders her to stop her futile efforts. The floodwaters rises, and the Clan evacuates for the trees. Rainflower gives birth to two kits, Stormkit and Oakkit, named after the storm they are born in and the oak tree that protected them. Duskwater, an elder who was making dirt when the camp flooded, dies in the floods. A moon after, the Clan continues to repair its camp. The elders' den survived, and the nursery is located downstream. A log has fallen on the warriors' den and it takes a half-moon to drag it to the edge of the clearing. The new warrior dens are weaved against it, and RiverClan's warriors sleep anywhere they can in the meantime. Prey is scarce for the Clan has the flood had killed many of the fish.

Bluestar's Prophecy

"Stonekit didn't try to change her mind. He just crouched beside [Mistykit], shivering so much that Bluefur could hear his teeth rattling. Bluefur realized how tiny they were out there beneath the trees, how thin their pelts were. They should be snuggling beside the warmth of her belly, not trekking through the forest on a journey that no warrior would try in this weather."
―Bluefur as she takes her kits to Sunningrocks Bluestar's Prophecy, pages 480-481
While hunting with her sister, Snowpaw, they are chased by a fox but Bluepaw turns around and confronts it before it can reach camp. Lightning strikes a branch above, and the flaming branch falls between her and the fox. Bluepaw is frozen in shock as the heat scorches her muzzle and Sunfall pulls her away. Before the fire can spread to camp, rain quenches it. Goosefeather explains that the flaming branch was a sign from StarClan that she will one day blaze through the forest like fire, but water will destroy her. Snowpaw suspects Goosefeather is merely insane, but Bluepaw eventually fulfills the prophecy by becoming leader of ThunderClan and drowning in the gorge.
On a cold and snowy night in middle of a harsh leaf-bare, Bluefur takes her kits, Stonekit, Mistykit, and Mosskit, to live with their father, Oakheart, in RiverClan. When they are halfway to Sunningrocks, the kits complain about the cold, and Bluefur makes a temporary nest in the snowbank to warm them up. However, Mosskit dies, and Snowfur guides Mosskit's spirit to StarClan. Mistykit and Stonekit are raised in RiverClan, and ThunderClan is led to believe that a starving animal sneaked into the nursery and killed Bluefur's kits.

Firestar's Quest

"A rumbling sound interrupted him. At first he thought it was thunder, but it grew louder and louder. Sandstorm was staring upstream, her eyes stretched wide with horror. Firestar whipped around. A huge wave was bearing down on them, brown and topped with foam, bearing sticks and debris along with it, roaring louder than any monster."
―Firestar as the flash flood comes near them Firestar's Quest, page 144
During Firestar's quest to find SkyClan, Firestar is uncomfortable staying in an abandoned Twoleg nest as it reminds him of his kittypet past, and instead makes the decision to continue on. However, Sandstorm believes they should stay as a storm is coming, but holds her tongue. As they head into the storm, Firestar realizes his error, but his refuses to tarnish pride. He spots Bluestar's face in the storm clouds, and believes she wants him to stop pursuing his quest. As they follow the river and the storm turns severe with lightning and heavy winds, Firestar and Sandstorm are knocked off their paws by a surge of water. They recover, but the mates argue about Spottedleaf before lightning strikes a tree across the river and it lands near them. Firestar and Sandstorm push their argument to the side and cross the tree bridge. However, a vicious flash flood separates them, and Firestar realizes in horror that Bluestar was trying to warn him earlier. Firestar is unable to detect Sandstorm's scent in the wake of the flood's destruction, but they find each thanks to Stick and his cats.

SkyClan's Destiny

"Have I created roots? she asked herself. Or is this just another storm?"
―Leafstar to herself about the prophecy SkyClan's Destiny, page 216
A few moons after Firestar and Sandstorm leave SkyClan, Leafstar has a nightmare of a devastating flood in the gorge. She watches the floodwaters wash away Tangle, Lichenfur, Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt, and Leafstar is swept away trying to reach the nursery. She wakes up in a panic in her nest in the leader's den. The next night, Spottedleaf shows Leafstar a memory of Spiderstar and Brackenheart before the ancient SkyClan disappeared. Brackenheart explains that SkyClan needs deeper roots if it is to survive greater storms to come, and Leafstar wonders if it relates to the dream she had of the flood. As Leafstar struggles how to lead her Clan through the challenges of SkyClan's relationship with Twolegs, Stick and his cats asking for help, and Sharpclaw's pressure, Leafstar wonders if she's creating any roots at all or creating a storm that will destroy her Clan. Later, Leafstar realizes that SkyClan is inherently different from the other Clans, and her Clan must need more connections if is is to survive.

Bramblestar's Storm

Bramblestar: "There's no sign of RiverClan. We have to find what happened to them."
Thornclaw: "That ShadowClan warrior was right. It's not up to ThunderClan to save every cat."
Bramblestar: "If we can save one life, StarClan would want us to try. We've been lucky in the storm. RiverClan hasn't."
—Bramblestar about checking in on RiverClan during the Great Storm Bramblestar's Storm, page 156
A few moons after the Great Battle, the lake water begins to gradually rise. While heading to the Gathering, Snowpaw accidentally splashes into the lake. The typical three fox-lengths area from the shoreline reserved for traveling around the lake is flooded, so ThunderClan carefully measures a new three fox-lengths to travel. Water laps at the base of the tree bridge. At the Gathering, Mistystar reports that RiverClan had to move their camp away from the stream. A few days later, a storm brings heavy winds and rain. Blossomfall alerts Bramblestar that the lake water is still rising after she scored marks on nearby stones to keep an eye on it. After she nearly drowns, Bramblestar orders his cats to avoid the lake until the water levels lower.
Jayfeather discovers his cultivated herbs are destroyed from the strong winds, and predicts tragedy and darkness for ThunderClan in the wind. The strong winds persist and causes a shortage of prey. While hunting, Bramblestar saves Cherryfall when she falls from a tree and believes he defeated the omen. However, Jayfeather thinks it means something else. The next day, Bramblestar discovers that the lake has flooded so much that it reaches halfway to camp and it's quickly rising. Bramblestar calls for an immediate evacuation and while the others climb up the steep cliffs, Bramblestar uses the Stick of the Fallen to float Jayfeather, Purdy and Briarlight to the top. The floodwater rise to halfway up the hollow and ThunderClan takes shelter in the tunnels. Cloudtail notices the flood water tastes salty like the sun-drown-place, but fortunately the stream that borders with WindClan is still safety to drink. However, WindClan has moved their border to encompass the stream since they have no other water source and fiercely defends it.
Bramblestar, Dovewing, Graystripe and Thornclaw venture around the lake and notices that RiverClan's territory is completed flooded, but they locate RiverClan's temporarily camp. On their way home, the ThunderClan cats rescue Minty, a kittypet, after her Twolegs left her when the Twolegplace was flooded. After Seedpaw drowns trying to reach the Stick of the Fallen, Bramblestar and his Clanmates rescue Jessy and Frankie, other kittypets who were abandoned. They stay with ThunderClan until their Twolegs return, and Bramblestar helps Frankie find his brother, Benny, who drowned in the storm. Rain persists for several days, but eventually the flood waters lower, and ThunderClan returns to their camp in the hollow. Brackenfur heads the rebuilding projects, though flounders a bit without Dustpelt's help following his death in the battle against the badgers. While Minty and Jessy decide to leave ThunderClan, Frankie wishes to join ThunderClan, and Bramblestar names him Stormpaw in honor of the storm that brought him to ThunderClan.
The other Clans' territories also flood, and WindClan uses a fallen tree over the flooded stream to trespass into ThunderClan land. RiverClan manages to return to their former camp following extensive repairs. Blackstar, Grasspelt and Pebblefoot drown in the flood, and Bramblestar supplies a new addition to the warrior code: though each Clan has the right to remain proud an independent, they cannot ignore another Clan in trouble and must fight to preserve the four Clans. Following the Great Storm, ThunderClan's flood preparedness strategies are mentioned in Darkest Night to respond to future floods.

Squirrelflight's Hope

"[Leafpool] was digging frantically through the earth piling against the back of the cave. Squirrelflight glanced around, trying to see through the haze of falling dirt and stones. The acrid scent of wet earth filled her noes. Had the kit managed to find its way to the entrance? Perhaps one of the Sisters had already carried it out. Blood roared to Squirrelflight's ears. A creak sounded above her and she looked up. A thick branch that was holding back rocks shifted. Shards of woods exploded from it as it began to split."
―Squirrelflight as she and Leafpool search for Moonlight's kit as the cave collapses Squirrelflight's Hope, page 331
Squirrelflight and Leafpool experience nightmares of kits dying and they realize Moonlight and her unborn kits are in danger. They discover Moonlight in the middle of giving birth and Leafpool notes one of the kits is stuck. After successfully helping Moonlight give birth to her three kits, the Clans arrive to chase the Sisters from their territory. Squirrelflight urges Tempest and Snow to take Moonlight and her kits to hide from the battle. The Clan cats chase after the retreating Sisters to a cave formed by large boulders, branches and rubble. Tigerstar orders Cloverfoot and Scorchfur to disturb the loose dirt at the top of the cave to flush the Sisters out, but Moonlight and the others attack instead, intent on protecting their territory. A branch gives away and causes the roof to collapse. Squirrelflight rushes inside to evacuate Leafpool and the kits, and together with Hawk, they manage to rescue the kits. However, the cave collapses before the two sisters can escape.
Leafpool's and Squirrelflight's bodies recover in ThunderClan's camp while their spirits walk in StarClan, though eventually Squirrelflight chooses to return to ThunderClan while Leafpool decides to stay in StarClan. Moonlight dies from her injuries sustained in the battle. SkyClan eventually moves into the Sisters' former territory, and the Sisters name two of Moonlight's kits Leaf and Squirrel after Leafpool and Squirrelflight.

Graystripe's Vow

"The moon floated above the peaks, seeming almost close enough to touch. The mountains looked beautiful under the flood of silver light, but Graystripe's heart ached at the thought of the deadly hazards beneath the beauty."
―Graystripe's thoughts as he and others attempt to free Flipclaw Graystripe's Vow, page 138
While staying in the mountains, Pine That Clings to Rock accidentally dislodges a rock while in pursuit of a rabbit and sends a cascade of soil, grit and pebbles down on Flipclaw and Feather of Flying Hawk, burying them. Crest of Snowy Mountain rushes to the cavern for help, and Stoneteller leads a rescue patrol. Feather manages to slip free of the debris, and the patrol scraps through the dirt to free Flipclaw. They reach Flipclaw's body but are careful to only remove small portions at a time to prevent the soil from reburying him. They unearth Flipclaw but he is responsive, and Stoneteller manages to resuscitate him. Flipclaw's leg is dislocated, and Stoneteller puts it back in place. Flipclaw rests for a few days so his leg can heal properly, and he decides that he wants to return to ThunderClan following his adventure in the mountains.
While attempting to communicate with Firestar at the Moonstone, lightning strikes the Moonstone and shatters it. Graystripe believes it to mean he received StarClan's anger and has failed his quest to help his Clanmates. Barley wonders if it could just be a coincidence, but Graystripe comes to realize that he is still a Clan cat.

In the Novellas

Mapleshade's Vengeance

"A faint mew came from somewhere beside her. Mapleshade lifted her head and peered through the waves. Larchkit was clinging to a branch that hung into the river. Gripping Patchkit in her jaws, Mapleshade battled her way over to the tree. She tried to boost Patchkit out of the water but he was too heavy and he slipped out of her grasp."
―Mapleshade as she tries to save her kits in the flood Mapleshade's Vengeance, pages 45-46
During a battle over Sunningrocks, the RiverClan warrior Appledusk strikes Birchface off the rocks and into the swollen river. His apprentice Flowerpaw tries to save him, but the strong current sweeps both of them away and they drown. Their deaths further the strain between ThunderClan and RiverClan, and when Oakstar, Birchface's father, discovers that Appledusk is the father of Mapleshade's kits—Patchkit, Larchkit, and Petalkit—he does not hesitate to banish them in a storm.
As Mapleshade leads her kits over the stepping stones, the wind begins to pick up and water laps at the stones. While they cross the stones, a flash flood sweeps them away. Appledusk rescues Mapleshade and despite Eeltail, Splashfoot and Appledusk's best efforts, the kits drown. Darkstar allows Appledusk to stay in RiverClan, but refuses for Mapleshade to seek refuge. In her vengeance, Mapleshade slaughters those who wronged her, and sought to punish Appledusk's kin beyond her death.

Pinestar's Choice

"We will catch more tomorrow. And the day after, and the day after that. ThunderClan does not have to starve anymore."
―Pineheart's thoughts following the Great Hunger
At the end of the Great Hunger, Pineheart, the deputy of ThunderClan, brings in a fresh squirrel, one of the first signs of prey in moons. He recalls how terrified he was watching his Clanmates starve after Goosefeather's idea to preserve prey failed. Pineheart is hopeful with the weather finally turning warmer, and brings the squirrel to Doestar. The small fresh-kill pile has vanished as his Clanmates finally enjoy a good meal, and Pineheart has to remind himself that they will catch more prey tomorrow. He stops a fight between Moonpaw and Rabbitpaw over rabbit ears, and reminds them that there is plenty of prey for every cat. Doestar dies from a sickness that finally claims her, and Pineheart succeeds her as leader.

Goosefeather's Curse

"There is no such thing as bad luck. Only destiny. I knew this was coming. But everything I did just made is worse."
―Goosefeather to Cloudberry about the Great Hunger Goosefeather's Curse, page 179
At the beginning of leaf-bare, Harepounce, Larksong and Rainfur give birth to litters of kits, and Doestar wonders how the Clan will feed them all. Goosefeather experiences a vision of a terrible hunger that reduces his Clanmates to skin and bone and others collapsing dead in the clearing. He alerts Doestar, Pineheart and Cloudberry and they brainstorm an idea to preserve prey in the frozen ground. A few days after they bury several stacks of prey, a heavy rainstorm follows and Pineheart wonders if they have to evacuate the camp. However, Goosefeather realizes in horror that their stored prey is rotting and ThunderClan's warriors uncover the buried prey filled with maggots.
ThunderClan suffers through a mass starvation as the coming cold and snow makes hunting difficult. Harepounce, Flashnose, Stagleap, Hollypelt, and Nettlebreeze die from starvation, and Goosefeather wonders what use his gift is if he cannot protect his Clanmates. The hunger fades as new-leaf arrives, and Doestar names Moonflower, Rabbitleap, Poppydawn and Heronwing warriors for their courage before she eventually succumbs to a sickness. Cloudberry also dies from the illness, and Goosefeather takes Pineheart to the Moonstone, though the journey takes them longer than usual due to them still being frail from the Great Hunger.

Tigerclaw's Fury

"Tigerclaw realized he was trembling. Thank you, StarClan, for sparing my son. He drew back into the ferns and glowered at Fireheart, who had made it to the rest of his Clanmates and was being fawned over like he saved the entire forest on his own. You may have saved my son, but this changes nothing, Tigerclaw growled under his breath. I will still kill you when I have the chance.'"
―Tigerclaw after Fireheart saves Bramblekit from the fire Tigerclaw's Fury, page 88
A quarter-moon after Tigerclaw and his companions have stayed in ShadowClan's camp and helped on patrols, Clawface alerts Tigerclaw to a fire in ThunderClan's territory. Tigerclaw immediately rushes to the Thunderpath and witnesses glimpses of fire between the trees. He tells Nightwhisper he's going to take a look, and watches in horror as a fire heads for his former camp as Twolegs attempting to quench the blaze. While Tigerclaw reassures Mapleshade that he wants the satisfaction of destroying his former Clanmates himself, he internally doesn't want them to be burned alive. He spots ThunderClan evacuate the camp and is relieved when he sees Goldenflower and Tawnykit among them. However, Tigerclaw is horrified when he hears that Bramblekit is missing, and grimly watches Fireheart rescue his son, helpless to save his son without falling into the flames himself. While pleased Fireheart saved Bramblekit, Tigerclaw vows to himself that he will still kill his enemy one day. Afterwards, Tigerclaw ordered patrols alone the Thunderpath to watch the Twolegs put out the fire, and he wonders how the fire will effect his former Clan.

Hollyleaf's Story

"Thunder crashed, louder than anything Hollyleaf had heard before. There was a ripple overhead and a strange cracking sound. The sky is falling! And then it was all around her, sharper and harder than Hollyleaf expected, throwing her to the ground and crushing her bones. I can't breathe! She struggled frantically, feeling her claws rip, but the sky was too heavy, too cold, and she let the endless dark sweep her away."
―Hollyleaf as she is buried in the rockslide Hollyleaf's Story, page 15
After running into the tunnels, Hollyleaf is buried when the tunnels collapse behind her and she passes out. She remembers the fire that led to Squirrelflight's confession. When Hollyleaf wakes up, she thrashes free of the loose debris but her leg is pinned underneath a large stone. Panicked, she cries for help, but realizes she is alone. Hollyleaf pulls herself free of the rocks and drags herself through the tunnels, her claws torn and blood trailing behind her. She faints, but Fallen Leaves finds her and treats her wounds. Her leg heals after a moon, and Hollyleaf stays with Fallen Leaves in the tunnels until she later returns to ThunderClan.

Tree's Roots

"Blundering forward, his paws struck something soft and warm. "Stream?" Earth asked, bending to nose at the huddled shape. It was Stream, but with something strange beneath his scent. His body was as hot as fire. His soft fur was standing on end. Earth stiffened, his stomach heavy with dread. Stream smelled like burning. He smelled like fire and pain. Earth gasped and staggered back a step, mud squelching beneath his paws. Stream was dead."
―Earth when Stream is killed by lightning in a storm Tree's Roots, page 111
The night Chestnut and Snail leave for their wander, the Sisters' camp is flooded during a severe thunderstorm. Earth is woken by his mother's yowl to gather the rest of the Sisters. Earth and Stream try to look for her in the darkness, and Stream bolts to look towards a hill despite Earth's warnings. Moonlight finds them and guides the kits to stay near a rock while she finds the others. Earth hears Stream's cries for help and rushes to save his friend. He reaches the tom-kit at the top of the hill and as the two kits make their way down the muddy slope, and Stream is struck and killed by lightning. Earth locates Stream's body as it rolls down the hill, his friend's body warm and burnt.
Two days after the flash flood, the Sisters' camp is still in havoc. Haze had drowned in the flood waters, Tempest had sprained her paw trying to free Ice from the mud, Furze was covered in scratches from a thornbush, and the rest of the Sisters are covered in bruises. While the Sisters sing for Haze, Earth questions why they do not sing for Stream. Moonlight responds it is because Stream is a tom and he is destined to return to the earth, but Earth struggles to accept that answer.

Tawnypelt's Clan

"Shadowkit was sent here for a reason. Even though I don't quite understand either, I think we need to listen to him. We must leave the cave."
―Stoneteller about Shadowkit's urgent warning Tawnypelt's Clan, page 174
Shadowkit experiences a violent vision of a large tree falling over a waterfall and destroying cats behind a cave, and Tawnypelt recognizes it as the Tribe of Rushing Water. Tawnypelt, Dovewing and Shadowkit journey to the mountains, and Stoneteller believes Shadowkit's warnings, but notes that the only trees in their territory are small thorn bushes. That night, a storm blows in and Shadowkit wakes up in a panic that every cat must evacuate immediately. Stoneteller rallies his cats to leave the cave and up to the riverbank. Shadowkit orders every cat to shove large rocks into the river to stop the tree from falling, and just as they finish, lightning strikes further upstream and sends a large tree down the river. The rocks catch the tree as it dangles over the waterfall, and the Tribe cats thank Shadowkit for saving their home, but he passes out. As they descend into the cave, the tree begins to creak and the Tribe cats panic, but Stoneteller reassures everyone that they aren't in danger if Shadowkit is still asleep. Just as the tree falls over the water, lightning destroys the tree and Shadowkit wakes up.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

The Lost Warrior

While trapped as a kittypet, Graystripe has a nightmare of escaping flames with Firestar.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

Shattered Peace

"The air is horrible as we dig, filled with the stench of dogs and burning wood...roaring flames...the metal is so hot that it starts to burn my paws, but we don't give up. And finally...it starts to come loose."
―Ravenpaw as he and Barley free the dogs Ravenpaw's Path (book), page 46
After an argument with Barley, Ravenpaw falls asleep in his nest in the barn. Unbeknownst to him, a fire originates from a faulty electrical wire and ignites the hay. Barley's yowls save Ravenpaw from injury, and the two flee the barn. The flames burst through the roof as the male Twoleg ushers his animals away and the female Twoleg phones for help. Part of the flaming barn roof collapses near the dogs who are chained, and Ravenpaw and Barley free them. Firefighters arrive and extinguish the blaze, but the barn's roof is ruined. The smoke results in scarce prey, but the Twolegs eventually repair the roof.

In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

Beyond the Code

"Cats, dazed and bedraggled, make their way back into what's left of our camp. I don't even recognize the forest below the gorge now. So many trees are just...gone."
―Leafstar after the flood SkyClan and the Stranger (book), page 162
A drought results in the river being low in SkyClan's camp and in scarce prey. Tensions rise between the regular warriors and the daylight-warriors as the former believes the daylight-warriors waste prey when they are provided a readily available supply of food with their Twolegs. SkyClan attempts to hunt at night to avoid the heat, but they are attacked by badgers. Instead, Leafstar and Sharpclaw decide to send hunting patrols in groups of eight. However, they catch little prey due to the number of cats.
After Sol interrupts SkyClan's Gathering, a strong thunderstorm brings heavy rains that drive the cats to their dens. Sharpclaw visits Leafstar to question whether they should evacuate every cat to the warriors' den as large puddles are already forming at the bottom of the gorge, but he is interrupted when a flash flood sweeps through the gorge. Leafstar orders her Clanmates to seek higher ground as the flood angrily rises. After the flood waters lower, Lichenfur is discovered to have drowned, Echosong's herb supply is washed away, and SkyClan has to repair their camp.

After the Flood

"But our mourning for Lichenfur had to be regrettably brief. Because the destruction to our camp has left us vulnerable...open to attacks from rats...foxes...rogue cats...even Twolegs. Not that outside threats are our only troubles. Just as dangerous to the Clan is a lack of clean water to drink. A lot of care must be taken as we rebuild our camp. It requires a lot of thought...but even more than thought right now, it needs a lot of hard work and muscle."
―Leafstar as SkyClan rebuilds their camp SkyClan and the Stranger (book), pages 172-173
SkyClan continues to rebuild their camp, removing Twoleg debris and tree branches. The Clan is vulnerable to rogues, foxes, rats and Twolegs, and their drinking water is tainted. However, Petalnose, Patchfoot, and Fallowfern have doubts of repairing the camp and wonder if SkyClan should live elsewhere. Spottedleaf speaks to Leafstar in her dreams, and reassures her the flood was not a punishment from StarClan. Billystorm discovers silverthorn in their camp, and properly disposes of it. However, he worries for the safety of his kits and wonders that they might be better of as kittypets. It takes SkyClan several days to repair their camp and for the river to clear up, and they emerged stronger than ever.

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

RiverClan is mentioned to use a Twoleg bridge to get to the Gathering when the river is flooded. While giving a tour of RiverClan's camp in the forest, Feathertail recalls how Mistyfoot's kits were swept away from the nursery in a flood, but now the nursery walls are stronger. Silverstream is on a night watch when the river rises, but Crookedstar opts to wait in case the river lowers. However, the river continues to rise the next day, and the RiverClan cats move the kits, medicine supplies, and several cats try to hold back the water with barriers of earth and reeds. Mistyfoot's kits go missing and Fireheart and Graystripe later return them.
Snowfur recounts Mosskit's death from cold and notes how several cats have died and gone to StarClan from the harsh leaf-bare. The StarClan cats argue about Bluefur's decision to lead her kits out into the cold, but Snowfur disrupts the arguments by volunteering to care for Mosskit. The others agree, and Snowfur guides Mosskit to StarClan, promising they'll be warm soon.
Dustpelt explains how a falling tree struck by lightning that resulted in Mudclaw's death provided the Clans a way to get to the island for Gatherings.

Cats of the Clans

On Bluestar's page, Rock talks about how Mosskit had died from the cold on her way to RiverClan.
Rock recalls that Cinderpelt had received the fire and tiger omen in a forest fire on ThunderClan territory.
Rock mentions that Mudclaw was killed by a falling tree.

Code of the Clans

"[Finchstar] was a mouse-length away when the sky burst open again, filling the air with blazing white light and letting out a roar that sounded like every tree in the forest was falling at once. Finchstar crashed down onto the rock and pressed his paws into his ears, trying to block the explosion of noise that bounced around the hollow. He heard a thin, terrified wail as Ripplestar lost his grip and plunged to the ground."
―Finchstar as StarClan kills Ripplestar Enter the Clans, page 275
ShadowClan warriors under the leadership of Brindlestar have begun to hunt in ThunderClan territory during a harsh leaf-bare. Brindlestar argues with Whitestar, the ThunderClan leader, that they need the prey but Whitestar refuses as ThunderClan needs it as well. A tree branch falls between the two Clans as the argument gets more heated. The Clan cats believe it to be a sign from StarClan that trespassing on the territory of other Clans is forbidden and this creates the second law of the warrior code.
When Beechstar of SkyClan dies, he appoints his son, Mothpelt, as leader. Despite the storm, Mothpelt wants to honor his father's dying wish by attacking on RiverClan. However, the river is swollen twice its normal size, and Robinwing fears they will all drown. Mothpelt yowls for SkyClan to attack, but Robinwing attempts to stop him. However, Mothpelt breaks free and leads half of his warriors into the river, but they are quickly overwhelmed. Robinwing and Maplewhisker, the Clan deputy, organize a rescue patrol and he asks Maplewhisker to lead the Clan. Later, an eight addition to the warrior code is added, deputies will replace the leader after lost their ninth life.
Ripplestar of ShadowClan launches an attack on the other Clans during a Gathering in the middle of leaf-bare. Finchstar stares in horror at the battle below the Great Rock. Ripplestar confronts him, but StarClan sends lightning and clouds to cover the moon. Both Ripplestar and Finchstar are left in a daze, and Finchstar attempts to save Ripplestar from falling off the Great Rock when StarClan sends another bolt. Ripplestar falls to his death, and Finchstar explains that StarClan killed him. The Clans ask for forgiveness and Finchstar suggests a new addition to the warrior code: a truce shall be kept at the Gathering.
After several days of rain, Graywing notices the river is swollen from flood. While chatting with Foxwhisker and Brindleclaw, the three spot three WindClan kits clinging on their side of the gorge. They watch helplessly as the kits fall into the waterfall. Brindleclaw spots them resurface, but Graywing prevents her Clanmate from risking her life to save them. In her dream, Graywing is greeted by the adult spirits of the kits, Smallstar, Wolfheart and Runningstorm, and they explain kits are precious to every Clan and must be protected. Graywing wakes up and takes Foxwhisker and Brindleclaw to retrieve the kits' bodies to return them to WindClan, and a new addition is added to the warrior code.
Leafpool explains a few rules that were not added to the warrior code, such as from Featherstar of WindClan who suggested that only cats with pure warrior blood could be apart of the Clan. She blamed her Clan's hunger during a harsh leaf-bare on those who were not gifted to run swiftly. Later, Hawkstar of SkyClan suggested that the Clans should only catch prey specific to them. But this would've left the Clans open to starvation if their choice of prey fell victim to illness as the Clans are used to catching whatever prey they can find during harsh leaf-bares.


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