Bramblestar's impostor.Template.png "I won't be thwarted. You saved my life, and because of that, you have ensured my success. Because once I'm back to full health, I'll be able to bend any cat to my will..."

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"Not every cat has to be the same."
— Needlepaw to Turtlepaw in Lost Stars, page 19

Needleclaw is a black-and-white she-cat[1] with a black chest,[5] and bright eyes.[6]

Needleclaw is a SkyClan warrior under Leafstar's leadership in the lake territories. Needlekit was born to Violetshine and Tree, with her sibling Rootkit. As an apprentice, Needlepaw protected her brother Rootpaw from Kitepaw and Turtlepaw, who were constantly mocking him. She participated in several training sessions with her mentor, Reedclaw, and when Bramblestar started accusing the codebreakers, she strongly believed that if things got worse, she would leave SkyClan. She also has pride in her father, Tree, because he is the "best at settling quarrels". She later earned her warrior name of Needleclaw and went on a journey with Spotfur, Bristlefrost, and Rootspring to find the Sisters.


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The Broken Code

"It would be fun to train with Needlepaw. She could be annoying because she was faster than him and liked to rub it in, but she was his sister, after all, and she might show him a new move. It would be better than worrying about ghosts."
―Rootpaw's thoughts about his sister. The Silent Thaw, page 14
Needlekit and her brother, Rootkit, are the kits of Violetshine and Tree, SkyClan's mediator. She is later apprenticed to Reedclaw and renamed Needlepaw. While Rootpaw falls behind in his training, Needlepaw excels in hers and Rootpaw feels guilty that he is not on the same level as his sister. She encourages him not to listen to the teasing of Turtlepaw and Kitepaw. Needlepaw later earns her warrior name of Needleclaw and continues to support her brother as he helps the rebels and SkyClan expose Bramblestar's impostor. After the impostor is revealed to be Ashfur, Needleclaw goes on a journey with Rootspring, Bristlefrost, and Spotfur to ask the Sisters for help with the ghost cats and Bramblestar.

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Needleclaw's warrior ceremony
Leafstar: Then I, Leafstar, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to you as a warrior in turn. Needlepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?
Needlepaw: I do.
Leafstar: Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Needlepaw, from this moment on you will be known as Needleclaw. StarClan honors your skill and your patience, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SkyClan.
Everyone: Needleclaw! Needleclaw!
Reference: Veil of Shadows, chapter 3


Needleclaw's parents are Tree and Violetshine, and her brother is Rootspring. For more of Needleclaw's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • Needleclaw has Sister blood through Tree.[7]
  • Since her father,[8] brother,[9] and grandmother are able to see spirits, it is possible that she can too.[8]

Author statements


Needlepaw: "I have the same father. But I just tell the other apprentices to keep their paws out of my business, and they leave me alone. They only tease you because you let them see it bothers you."
Rootpaw: "I know, but—"
Needlepaw: "You should try not to worry what your Clanmates think. If you're true to yourself, you’ll prove them all wrong. I'm sure of it."
—Needlepaw comforting Rootpaw Lost Stars, page 65

Needlepaw: "What's wrong with you? You're acting weird again."
Rootpaw: "Am I? I guess I'm just worried about my assessment."
Needlepaw: "You don't even know when it is. Why bother—I understand now. You want to talk to Bristlefrost. I'll leave you in peace. But don't let Leafstar see. She doesn't approve of cats having mates in other Clans."
Rootpaw: "She's not my mate!"
—Needlepaw and Rootpaw at a Gathering The Silent Thaw, pages 41-42

"Who are you, and what have you done with Tigerstar?"
―Needleclaw joking to Rootspring Veil of Shadows, page 288

Needleclaw: "You're thinking about her, aren't you? [...] I knew it! You have to get over her. You two can never happen."
Rootspring: "We're just friends."
Needleclaw: "Friends don't keep staring at each other like moonstruck rabbits. I should never have let you stand guard together last night. Did anything happen?"
Rootspring: "No. I told you, we're just friends."
Needleclaw: "When we get home, find a friend in your own Clan. If you keep trying to hang out with Bristlefrost, you'll both end up in trouble."
Rootspring: "But there's no cat like her. She's so strong, and she's been through so much. Besides, the warrior code might change. The Clans are working together more and more now. You never know, one day-"
Needleclaw: "You're fooling yourself and her if you think the Clans are ever going to allow you and Bristlefrost to be together."
Rootspring: "You don't know that."
—Needleclaw and Rootspring discussing the latter's relationship with Bristlefrost Darkness Within, pages 143-144

Needleclaw: "A true warrior is loyal to their Clan above all things. Even love."
Snow: "But why?"
Bristlefrost: "How can we protect our Clanmates if our hearts lie in another Clan?"
Needleclaw: "Each Clan has its own borders. We couldn't defend them properly if cats we loved were on the other side."
Hawk: "So you are only allowed to love what's inside your borders?"
Snow: "Who made such a rule?"
Needleclaw: "It's part of the warrior code. It's part of what binds a Clan together and keeps it safe."
Tempest: "It sounds like it must make life harder, not easier."
Needleclaw: "The warrior code isn't there to make life easier! It's to help us be the best warriors we can be. I don't know why you're being so superior. The Sisters have rules too. You don't allow toms to live with you at all!"
Snow: "It's true. Toms don't live with us, but we would never tell a Sister who she can love. If one of us wants to leave and travel with a tom, we don't stop her. Sunrise had another littermate besides Tree, called Ice. But she left us to travel with her mate. We miss her, of course, but we're not angry she chose him over us, and if she ever wants to return, we will welcome her without question. You make it sound like loving a tom is betraying your Clan."
Needleclaw: "That's because it is!"
Bristlefrost: "Ice still had to leave the group to be with her mate. You wouldn't allow her to stay once she'd made her choice."
Needleclaw: "Exactly! There's no real difference between our rule and yours."
Snow: "Except that we don't shame one another for what's in our hearts."
—Needleclaw and Bristlefrost arguing with the Sisters about love Darkness Within, pages 202-203

Needleclaw: "Rules are rules! They are there for a reason. If we all broke them, there'd be no Clans left and no warriors."
Rootspring: "Careful, Needleclaw. You'll be yowling about codebreakers next, like Ashfur."
Needleclaw: "I'm not suggesting any cat be exiled. I'm just saying Finleap and Dovewing caused a lot of trouble that could have been avoided."
—Needleclaw continues to yell about the code Darkness Within, pages 204-205

Needleclaw: "Do you see why you need to make a new friend when you get back to the Clans?"
Rootspring: "You don't understand."
Needleclaw: "I understand more than you. Can't you see that she's only loyal to her Clan? She wants us to take the Sisters there even if it means breaking the rules the other Clans have made."
Rootspring: "Isn't being loyal to your Clan a good thing?"
Needleclaw: "Not when I can see how much you like her. You're going to get hurt if you carry on thinking about her. She'll always choose her Clan over you."
—Needleclaw and Rootspring discussing the latter's relationship with Bristlefrost again Darkness Within, page 225

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