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Needletail is a rebellious, careless, and risk-taking young she-cat.[1] She does care for some cats, and eventually forms a close friendship with Violetkit when the kit was brought to ShadowClan by Rowanstar.[1] She ultimately sacrifices herself to save Violetpaw from Darktail, Roach, and Sleekwhisker.[2]



Needletail: "All this that's happening to me . . . it's not your fault, Violetpaw. All the mistakes we made were mine."
Violetpaw: "That doesn't matter now. Don't worry about anything. I'm going to get you out of here."
Needletail: "Don't take risks for me, Violetpaw. You have to survive, any way you can."
—Needletail and Violetpaw Shattered Sky, page 169
At first, Needletail ignores Violetshine when she is a kit in ShadowClan.[3] But after some convincing from Alderheart, she decides that ‘it might be cool to have a kit following her around’, and pays more attention to Violetshine.[3] Violetshine begins to rely on Needletail as her only friend in ShadowClan, and follows her when she defects from ShadowClan to join Darktail’s rogues.[3] Needletail sacrifices herself to save Violetshine from Sleekwhisker and Darktail,[2] and later appears as a ghost and guides Violetshine to Tree before finally joining StarClan.[4] Violetshine later names one of her kits, Needlepaw, after her.[5]


Needletail: "Hi there."
Alderheart: "Needletail! You made it to StarClan!"
Needletail: "Yes. Once we had delivered our message, we were able to move on to StarClan."
Alderheart: "And are you okay?"
Needletail: "Oh, yes. It's great here. But I still worry about Twigpaw and Violetshine. You will keep an eye on them, won't you?"
Alderheart: "You know that Violetshine is in SkyClan now, and she has her father and her kin to look after her. But I'll certainly take care of Twigpaw. You can trust me."
Needletail: "Let me down, and I'll come over to ThunderClan and claw your ears off!"
Alderheart: "Needletail, I need to ask you something important. Do you know where the missing ShadowClan cats are?"
Needletail: "The shadows are approaching and must not be dispelled."
—Needletail and Alderheart River of Fire, pages 99-100
Alderheart and Needletail are an unusual pair of friends. Alderheart is shy and quiet,[6] and Needletail is outspoken and rebellious. However, that’s what Alderheart likes about Needletail, and he enjoys her company.[7] Needletail is amused by Alderheart’s worries.[1]


Needletail looks up to Darktail and deeply respects him, desiring to be as tough and powerful as he is.[8] She joins his Kin and is cruel to the weaker cats in it, like he did.[8] However, she later realizes the full extent of Darktail’s bloody ways, and ultimately sacrifices herself to help stop him, admitting she should never have followed him.[2]


Part of the reason Needletail joined the Kin was because she loved Rain.[3] She took care of him after Darktail cut out his eye.[3] When Darktail murdered Rain, she realized her mistake, and was killed by Darktail shortly afterward.[8]


As an apprentice, Needletail is caught by an owl and dropped far away from her home. There, she meets Tree, and she thinks he is weird. Tree helps her get back to ShadowClan, and opens up to her about how his mother and sister abandoned him. When they arrive in ShadowClan, Needletail asks if Tree can join the Clan, but her Clanmates are strongly against it. Needletail doesn’t understand why they have to treat outsiders this way, but Tree explains that he’s fine being a loner.[9]

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