"Yeah, I dared you, so if you don't do it, I win!"
— Nettlepad to Snaketooth about jumping the gorge in Code of the Clans, page 60

Nettlepad is a tom.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Nettlepad is an ancient RiverClan warrior under Troutstar's leadership. He and his other newly made warrior friends, Molewhisker, Snaketooth, and Lightningpelt, are known to do dangerous and ridiculous things almost every moon, which normally result in serious injuries for one of the warriors.
After their latest stunt, climbing one of the Great Oaks, his friend, Snaketooth, breaks his leg, and Nettlepad carries him into the camp with Lightningpelt's help. Later that night, Nettlepad and his friends come in and see Snaketooth in the medicine cat den. Nettlepad jokingly tells Snaketooth that his leg looks gross. The healthy warriors tell Snaketooth that he has to get better soon, because he had been dared to jump the gorge, and if he doesn't jump across the gorge at the full moon, Nettlepad wins the dare.
Later, he and his friends are made to sit a silent vigil guarding the camp, after their medicine cat, Meadowpelt, hears their plan and speaks with StarClan. They are all very confused about the whole thing, but do as they're told. Nettlepad hears a fox, and yowls the alarm, while Lightningpelt and Molewhisker chase it away. He is thanked by one of the queens for saving her kits, although he looks uncomfortable about being the center of attention. He admits that what he and his friends had been doing was stupid, and that his night of listening had helped him realize the importance of being a warrior, thus leading to the birth of the new addition of the warrior code: Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.



"How's your leg? It looked really gross!"
—Nettlepad to Snaketooth Code of the Clans, page 59

"We heard a fox! Creeping up on the nursery. Molewhisker and Lightningpelt have chased it away."
—Nettlepad about the fox Code of the Clans, page 64

Meadowpelt: "Sunspots is right; you saved her life and her kits'. You should be very proud."
Nettlepad: "It's because we were being quiet, like you said. We'd never have heard that fox if we'd been in our dens."
Meadowpelt: "Or jumping into the gorge. Or climbing the Great Oaks at Fourtrees. Or chasing one another through the reeds, scaring off prey."
Nettlepad: "Yeah, I guess that was pretty mouse-brained."
—Meadowpelt and Nettlepad after Nettlepad's vigil Code of the Clans, pages 64-65

Nettlepad: "She's really good, honestly. I'll do your hunting patrol for you, Lightningpelt."
Lightningpelt: "Thanks, that would be really helpful."
—Nettlepad and Lightningpelt Code of the Clans, page 65

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