"And it's hard to trust new cats. After Darktail."
— Nettlesplash to Hawkwing in Darkest Night, page 169

Nettlesplash is a pale brown tom.[8]

Nettlesplash is a SkyClan warrior under Leafstar's leadership in the gorge and in the lake territories. He is born as Nettlekit to Waspwhisker and Fallowfern, along with his siblings Plumwillow, Creekfeather and Rabbitleap. He becomes an apprentice named Nettlepaw, and later on, a warrior named Nettlesplash. He and several other SkyClan cats try taking Twoleg food from an elderly Twoleg, though Leafstar catches them and reprimands them. Nettlesplash later becomes Rileypool's mentor, and becomes Mintfur's mate, fathering Gravelnose, Nectarsong, Palesky and Fringewhisker with her. In the aftermath of the battle of the gorge, Nettlesplash and Mintfur opt to become loners as their young kits won't be able to handle the long trek to find ThunderClan.

As he and Mintfur raise their kits, Nettlesplash becomes worried when Darktail and his band of rogues remain in the gorge, but when Dragonfly, a cat of Darktail's, falls sick near their den, Nettlesplash feels pity over the she-cat and helps nurse her back to health. Moons later, a SkyClan patrol led by Hawkwing finds Nettlesplash and his family again, and the family rejoins SkyClan once again, returning to SkyClan's new home.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I'm taking you back to my den. We're going to help you."
—Nettlesplash to Dragonfly Hawkwing's Journey, pages 9-11
After the rest of SkyClan left the gorge, Nettlesplash and Mintfur have been training their kits, Gravelkit, Palekit, Nectarkit, and Fringekit in the life of a warrior, and remain wary of the rogues at the gorge. Nettlesplash discovers a sick cat of Darktail's named Dragonfly and takes pity on her and helps nurse her back to health. This is discovered by Darktail, who recognizes Nettlesplash and wants to kill him until Nettlesplash lies that his mate and kits had died, and Dragonfly, grateful to Nettlesplash and his family for helping her, helps convince Darktail to let Nettlesplash go.
Moons later, a SkyClan patrol led by Hawkwing goes back to the gorge to find their missing Clanmates. Nettlesplash is happy to see his old friends and is content to learn that they found the Clans, joining the patrol back to Clan territory with his family and reuniting with the rest of his old Clanmates.

Super Editions

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"Yes, rip their pelts off!"
—Nettlesplash about attacking the rogues Hawkwing's Journey, page 214
In SkyClan's Destiny, Nettlekit is one of the kits of Waspwhisker and Fallowfern, while he and his littermates enjoy themselves, they often cause trouble. Nettlekit and his siblings are shown to have a good relationship with both their parents.
In Hawkwing's Journey, he and Mintfur are now mates and have four kits, and Nettlesplash wonders on the vagueness of StarClan's prophecies. He fights in the fight for the gorge, and when SkyClan loses and decides to look for ThunderClan, Nettlesplash and Mintfur decide to become loners instead of traveling with their Clan, their kits' well being in mind.

SkyClan and the Stranger

Sandypaw: "Oh just-just in the woods, ah, trying to follow the fox-scent."
Nettlesplash: "Yeah, the fox-scent, but we didn't, uh, didn't ever find anything."
—Sandypaw and Nettlesplash to Leafstar After the Flood, page 30
Leafstar grows suspicious of Nettlesplash and some of his Clanmates after they often come back with no prey, yet feeling full. She discovers they were taking food from an elderly twoleg, and she reprimands him, Sandypaw and Honeypaw for doing so. Nettlesplash apologizes and becomes distrustful of Sol, the cat owned by the twoleg he was taking food from.


Interesting facts

  • Nettlesplash has kittypet blood through Waspwhisker,[8] and loner blood through Fallowfern.[8]

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"I'll teach you to push me into the river!"
—Nettlekit to Plumkit SkyClan's Destiny, page 16

"Nettlekit, Plumkit, I don't want to hear another squeak from either of you."
—Fallowfern scolding Nettlekit and Plumkit SkyClan's Destiny, page 24

Echosong: "It’s true that I had the vision on the same day that the fire happened, but—"
Nettlesplash: "Was StarClan predicting the fire?"
—Nettlesplash and Echosong about the vision Hawkwing's Journey, page 38

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Sagenose: "But they'll be back!"
Nettlesplash: "Yes, how long can we keep fighting?"
—SkyClan about the rogues Hawkwing's Journey, page 162

Dragonfly: "Go ahead. Whatever you're going to do, I can't stop you."
Nettlesplash: "I'm not going to do anything. I'm not like Darktail's rogues. I wouldn't attack a helpless cat."
Dragonfly: "I haven't...I joined Darktail after the cats who used to live in the gorge were gone. I was never going to attack you. I don't want to hurt other cats either."
Nettlesplash: "If you stay with Darktail, you'll have to... What's your name."
Dragonfly: "Dragonfly. I met Rain in the forest, and he convinced me to join Darktail's group. He said it would be safer than living as a loner."
Nettlesplash: "And is it?"
Dragonfly: "At first, it seemed better. I had other cats to help me. But once I got sick...Darktail doesn't like sick cats. When I wasn't strong enough to hold my own against the other cats, I wasn't allowed to eat. I got pushed out of the best sleeping places, and I've gotten sicker."
Nettlesplash: "Did you try tansy for your cough?"
Dragonfly: "I haven't seen any. One of the other cats told me that catmint could help a cough, and we went to find some, but Darktail took it away from us. He said he'd give helpful herbs to cats who deserve the, He doesn't think I deserve them...Following him was the wrong choice. I've made a lot of bad decisions. Maybe this'll be my last one."
Nettlesplash: "Don't fall asleep! Tell me why you're here now."
Dragonfly: "I...wanted to find more herbs. But I didn't see anything that looked right. And... I tried to hunt but I was too weak. The longer I went without catching anything...the weaker I got."
Nettlesplash: "Stay awake! Can you get up if I help you?"
Dragonfly: "What? Where are we going?"
Nettlesplash: "I'm taking you back to my den. We're going to help you."
—Dragonfly and Nettlesplash Darkest Night: Bonus Scene, pages 9-11

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