"Something's happening in StarClan. All the Clans will be affected. This time we cannot risk relying on anyone but ourselves."
Flametail to Rowanclaw in Night Whispers, page 103

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Chapter Number: 10 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 99-103

Chapter description

Flametail enters the ShadowClan camp. He sees Ivytail grooming herself outside of the nursery, and passes by her silently, sending himself to tell about his report to Blackstar and to his mentor. He enters the medicine cat's den, and sees Littlecloud awake and sorting through herbs. Littlecloud says that they need more supplies before the cold withers them. Flametail suggests that Littlecloud take some coltsfoot to ease his coughing, but Littlecloud insists that it is only the dust. Flametail inquires how his mentor is feeling. Littlecloud says that he is better, and asks what happened at the Moonpool. Flametail says he had fallen asleep at the hollow, but that he should've come straight back after a kind of vision he had received. Littlecloud leans forward, and Flametail says that StarClan had warned him of a trouble that is coming. He says that the reason behind it is vague, but that it is serious, and that Raggedstar forewarned war. Flametail goes on to say that allegiances must be forgotten, and that the Clans must stand alone, and that even the medicine cats must stay away from each other. Littlecloud is confused, and rushes to tell Blackstar.
Blackstar was outside, and had joined Rowanclaw at the head of the clearing. Littlecloud catches the leader's eye. Blackstar calls to Crowfrost, and tells him to organize patrols while he speaks with the medicine cats. He retreats to his den alongside Rowanclaw, with Littlecloud and Flametail following behind. He asks Flametail about his dream. Flametail explains that war is coming, and that all allegiances must be broken. Littlecloud asks Flametail if he's sure that is what the dream meant, and Flametail is sure that the ominous warning reigns true. Littlecloud says that the dream should be interpreted carefully. He says that StarClan has warned them, but the action of destroying friendships with other Clans is unnecessary. Blackstar trusts his medicine cat's judgement, and tells him to go rest.
Rowanclaw approaches Flametail, and tells him to go rest as well. Flametail snorts, and looks away, which causes the concern to rise from his father. Flametail growls that he knows what he saw at the Moonpool, and that Littlecloud was too attached to ThunderClan. Rowanclaw defends Littlecloud, saying that he has been a medicine cat for longer, and has deeper relations with those from other Clans. Flametail argues that it has clouded his reason, and that Blackstar and Littlecloud need to see that the pressing evil will cause a struggle for survival. Rowanclaw says not underestimate Blackstar, and Flametail defends himself saying that the leader wasn't listening to him. Rowanclaw says that ShadowClan has always stood alone. Flametail goes on to say that the warriors maybe had, but this time around, they cannot risk to rely on anyone but themselves.





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