"I'll remember. I'll protect my Clan, whatever it takes."
Flametail to himself in Night Whispers, page 87
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Chapter Number: 8 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 83-87

Chapter description

Flametail is noted to be tired as he clumsily hauls himself over the hollow and follows the rocky path to the Moonpool, having not slept for two days. Flametail flops like a battered warrior at the pool, his paws numb. Closing his eyes, Flametail allows the tip of his nose to touch the Moonpool, causing flames to suddenly burst around him. Jumping to his paws and spinning in panic, Flametail realizes that the escape is blocked and he blindly dashes for the pool. A yowl makes him halt and a gray tabby cat appears, ignoring him despite Flametail asking him who he is, growling for him to stay away from the pool.
Sagewhisker gently tells Flametail to not be afraid, as Palefoot only wants to help. After Flametail asks Sagewhisker a few questions, he surveys the hollow for a few moments, draining his fear. After Flametail identifies some ShadowClan ancestors, Sagewhisker asks him who he sees, in which the medicine cat lists them off. He asks Sagewhisker if ShadowClan is going to die in a fire, but Sagewhisker shakes her head, stating that the message is not that simple. Flametail continues to ask several questions, causing Raggedstar to jump down from a large stone to greet him. Raggedstar declares that the battle against ThunderClan was unfair and unjust, nodding respectfully at Russetfur, who had died because of it.
Sagewhisker tells Flametail that something terrible is coming, but when she and Raggedstar debate if they should reveal more to him, they choose not to tell him. Flametail asks Raggedstar what he can tell him, in which Raggedstar states that from the time forward, ShadowClan has no allies and that Flametail must burn as bright as fire to protect his Clan. With Raggedstar's reply echoing in his ears, Flametail awakens, shivering, the scent of StarClan still wreathing around him. He promises silently that he will protect his Clan with whatever it takes.





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