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Nightcloud is a bitter, snarky, and prickly she-cat.[1] Though she is a loyal WindClan warrior, she can be hard to get along with.[2]



"If Nightcloud were a gentle, loving cat like Leafpool, or feisty and warmhearted like Squirrelflight, it would be easier to feel sorry for her. After all, Crowfeather took her as a mate to prove he was loyal to WindClan in spite of trying to run off with the ThunderClan medicine cat. But she's a difficult she-cat to like, with her short temper and her possessiveness over Crowfeather and her son, Breezepaw."
Rock on Nightcloud Cats of the Clans, page 54
Crowfeather and Nightcloud never loved each other, even as mates.[2] They disagreed on how to raise Breezepelt, and Nightcloud mostly raised him by herself.[3] This eventually caused Crowfeather and Nightcloud to become bitter toward one another, and Nightcloud told Breezepelt all the details on his father’s betrayals.[4] Things were sour between them for a while, until Crowfeather eventually apologized to Nightcloud for how he behaved. Nightcloud accepted, and they decided to respect each other as Clanmates and get along for the sake of Breezepelt.[2]


"Nightcloud had carried Breezepaw like a kit. His hind legs had dragged over the forest floor, but he was too exhausted by shock to complain. Crowfeather had padded beside his mate the whole way, offering to help, but Nightcloud kept hold of her kit as though she might lose him again at any moment. Now she lay curled around him, warming his quivering body, her breath falling and rising in time with his."
—Nightcloud after Breezepaw falls into the badger set The Sight, page 355
Nightcloud is extremely protective of her son, and is somewhat possessive of him.[3] She raised him mostly on her own, and he inherited her short temper and bitterness.[2] Her and Breezepelt have a loving relationship, and Breezepelt would do anything for Nightcloud.[5] Breezepelt loves Nightcloud much more than anything he might feel for Crowfeather.[4]

Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf

"He only has one son. Crowfeather is Breezepelt's father. No one else's!"
—Nightcloud to Leafpool Night Whispers, page 202
When Nightcloud found out about Crowfeather’s half-Clan kits, she was in denial, saying that Crowfeather only has one son, Breezepelt.[1] She felt as though Crowfeather had betrayed his mate and son, and raised Breezepelt to hate his half-siblings.[4] Because of this, Breezepelt tries to kill Jayfeather and Lionblaze multiple times.[6] Though not as extreme as her son, Nightcloud still hated Leafpool's kits, and undermined them whenever possible. Some examples of this are: supporting Dawnpelt's murder accusation on Jayfeather, questioning Hollyleaf's acceptance back into ThunderClan, and allowing Breezepelt to attack Lionblaze.[7][8][9]

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