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"Haven't I always been a loyal warrior, living my life by the code and leading my Clan accordingly?"
This article contains major spoilers for the recently released book, River. Please proceed at your own discretion.
"Owlnose is right. If all the Clans are making suggestions to StarClan about how to depose a leader, then surely we should think about the decisions we'll make if we find ourselves without a leader or deputy."
— Nightsky when RiverClan is without leadership in River, page 121

Nightsky is a dark gray she-cat with blue eyes.[4]


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Nightkit and her sister, Breezekit, are the newest kits of Mintfur and Icewing of RiverClan.

Thunder and Shadow

She is now an apprentice named Nightpaw with Shimmerpelt as her mentor. At a Gathering, Leafpaw of ThunderClan calls out Nightpaw and Breezepaw's names with a purr, and hurries to join them, with Larkpaw and Honeypaw following. At another Gathering, Wavepaw's eyes are wide as she, Nightpaw, and Breezepaw look around, and she notes that it is her first Gathering to be in.

Darkest Night

At a Gathering, Nightpaw glances nervously at Breezepaw, who looks away, the wind ruffling her fur.

In The Broken Code arc

Darkness Within

Nightsky and Gorseclaw are standing guard outside the prison for Bramblestar's impostor when ThunderClan cats arrive to speak with Tigerstar about whether they should kill the imposter. Shadowsight looks warily at the guards and wonders if RiverClan also wants to harm him.

In the A Starless Clan arc


«Nightsky and Lizardtail exchanged a glance. Sunbeam thought that Nightsky in particular seemed agitated; both cats looked like they would really like to refuse but couldn't think of any way they could aruge with what Sunbeam had just said.»
—Sunbeam's thoughts about Lizardtail and Nightsky's odd behavior River (book), page 132
After Mistystar's death and Reedwhisker's disappearance, Nightsky wonders if they should be worried, but Mothwing insists it's too early to tell. She agrees with Owlnose that the changes being made to the warrior code should allow them to make their own decisions since they are without leadership. Later, she and Lizardtail are in a heated discussion when Sunbeam of ShadowClan calls over if they can help Hopwhisker since she injured her paw. Sunbeam notices how Nightsky appears especially agitated, but she and Lizardtail agree to help them. The RiverClan warriors lead them towards their camp, but they stop part way and Nightsky leaves to fetch Mothwing and Frostpaw. Sunbeam is curious about their odd behavior.

In the Super Editions

Squirrelflight's Hope

She has become a warrior named Nightsky.

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Icewing:[1] Living (As of River)


Mintfur:[blog 1] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Beetlewhisker:[5] Deceased, residence unknown
Grasspelt:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Pricklekit:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Petalfur:[5] Deceased, residence unknown
Breezeheart:[1] Living (As of River)
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Brackenpelt:[6] Living (As of River)


Jayclaw:[6] Deceased, residence unknown
Owlnose:[6] Living (As of River)


Frostpaw:[7] Living (As of River)
Mistpaw:[7] Living (As of River)


Graypaw:[7] Living (As of River)


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender unknown


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