"I am still a warrior inside. I have the same spirit, the same loyalty to my Clan. I hope that one day I will find new ways to prove this, besides warrior duties."
— Nightpelt to Yellowfang in Yellowfang's Secret, page 420

Nightstar is a small,[13] lean,[14] battered,[2] black tom[15] with a long tail[16] and a short,[13] glossy pelt.[14] He has yellow-green eyes.[17]

Nightstar was a former leader of ShadowClan in the forest territories and the brother to Clawface. As an apprentice, Nightpaw was mentored by Foxheart and began to develop fierce coughing fits that progressed through the rest of his life. As a warrior, Nightpelt mentored Brokenpaw who was a troublesome apprentice and often disobeyed him. He developed a close friendship with Yellowfang while staying in the medicine cats' den and later retired to the elders' den early due to his chronic illness. When Brokenstar became leader, he exiled him and the other elders. With the help of a ThunderClan patrol and Yellowfang, Nightpelt and the other elders helped drive out Brokenstar, and without a deputy, Nightpelt stepped up as leader as Nightstar with Cinderfur as his deputy. However, StarClan refused to recognize his leadership due to Brokentail still living as a prisoner in ThunderClan. With only one life, Nightstar died due to an illness, leaving his Clan vulnerable for Tigerclaw to reign. After his death, he ascended to StarClan and picked Tawnypelt to go on the journey to find Midnight.


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The Prophecies Begin

"You helped ShadowClan rid itself of a brutal and dangerous leader, and we are grateful. But it is time you left our camp and returned to your own. I promise your hunting grounds will be free of ShadowClan warriors for as long as we can find enough food in our own territory."
—Nightpelt showing his gratitude to ThunderClan Into the Wild, page 264
Nightpelt is an elder of ShadowClan. He and the other elders are exiled from ShadowClan by Brokenstar, the Clan leader. Together with other ShadowClan elders and queens, Nightpelt helps a ThunderClan patrol in the battle against Brokenstar. After Brokenstar is exiled, Nightpelt steps up as the new leader of ShadowClan. StarClan refused to grant him nine lives because Brokenstar was still alive, something Runningnose and Nightstar hide from their Clan, and he takes the name Nightstar, appointing Cinderfur as his deputy. He leads ShadowClan into several battles with WindClan and ThunderClan, but eventually dies from a mysterious disease from the Carrionplace before he can appoint a new deputy to replace Cinderfur, who also succumbed to the illness, leaving his Clan vulnerable for Tigerclaw to commandeer.

Super Editions

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"[Yellowfang] felt a rush of relief, too, that Cedarstar had chosen Nightpelt as [Brokenpaw's] mentor. Nightpelt was sensible and wise, and would teach Brokenpaw that there was more to the warrior code than fighting."
—Yellowfang's thoughts about Nightpelt Yellowfang's Secret, page chapter 29
In Yellowfang's Secret, he and his brother, Clawpaw, are ShadowClan apprentices. Nightpaw is mentored by Foxheart. He is shown to be smaller than the other apprentices, and midway through his training, he begins to have coughing fits. Yellowfang fails to find a cure for his ailment, and worries about his capability to keep up with day-to-day warrior duties. Despite that, he becomes a loyal and well-respected warrior named Nightpelt.
He is given Brokenpaw by Cedarstar to mentor intentionally, hoping Nightpelt's calm demeanor would teach the apprentice patience. However, all attempts to reign in the unruly apprentice fail. Brokenpaw grows rebellious, and views his mentor as weak and incapable. Brokenpaw instead seeks training from his father, Raggedpelt. Nightpelt becomes an elder earlier than most, and he leaves the safety of the Clan camp with the other elders when Brokenstar banishes them.


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"This Clan belongs to me now, Nightstar. Watch how I make it strong again, feared and respected throughout the forest."
—Tigerclaw's thoughts during Nightstar's vigil Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 8
In Tigerclaw's Fury, Tigerclaw and his rogues provide prey for ShadowClan with most of their warriors sick and the Clan starving. Nightstar is very grateful for the former ThunderClan cat and their former ShadowClan Clanmates providing food. Runningnose notes Nightstar is struggling to recover from the sickness, and that he has not appointed a deputy to replace Cinderfur. During the night, Nightstar succumbs to his illness, and Runningnose invites Tigerclaw and the former ShadowClan cats to join the Clan. They attend Nightstar's vigil, and the Clan frets what they'll do without a leader. Runningnose finds an omen dictating Tigerclaw as the rightful leader.



  • In Fire and Ice, he is mistakenly called Nightpelt despite already receiving his leader name.[18]
  • In Into the Wild, he is listed as a warrior in the allegiances,[15] but in Yellowfang's Secret, he is already an elder.[19]

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Leader info
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Cinderfur Fire and Ice Rising Storm
Medicine cats
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Runningnose Fire and Ice Rising Storm



"[Nightpelt] had been made a warrior two sunrises before, and Yellowfang could see his pride by the way he walked and held his head high. But he was still coughing. I've tried everything: herbs, honey, planning his choice of fresh-kill so he never eats anything with feathers. But nothing works. But every time the young warrior exerted himself, he would start coughing and gasping for breath. Yellowfang could see his frustration as he came up to her, coughing again as he tried to speak. He looks so tired and thin, when he should be young and strong like his littermate.'"
—Narrator about Nightpelt's sickness Yellowfang's Secret, page chapter 28

Yellowfang: "I've mentioned you to Hawkheart at the recent half-moon Gathering. He said that a WindClan cat had the same symptoms—coughing after running around—but without any signs of a fever or sickness. Hawkheart didn't have a name for it; it was just something the cat had to live with."
Nightpelt: "And what happened to the cat?"
Yellowfang: "He was unable to do all his warrior duties, and had to retire to the elders' den early."
Nightpelt: "I'll never do that! I want to be a warrior! ShadowClan deserves that!"
—Yellowfang and Nightpelt about his sickness Yellowfang's Secret, page chapter 28

Brokenpaw: "But I want to! Why can't I?"
Nightpelt: "Because we've done enough for one day, touring the whole territory. We—"
Brokenpaw: "But I want to learn battle moves!"
Nightpelt: "Training will begin tomorrow. We'll start with hunting practice. Don't you want to catch your own prey?"
Brokenpaw: "I want to fight. Look how strong I am! I'm bigger than the other apprentices. They can do the hunting and the boring stuff around the camp. Let me do battle with the other warriors!"
Nightpelt: "There are no battles to fight at the moment, Brokenpaw. You'll have a chance to learn everything, but you need to go at the right pace. Don't be impatient!"
Brokenpaw: "Coughing old fool!"
—Nightpelt and Brokenpaw arguing Yellowfang's Secret, page chapter 29

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Yellowfang: "You should stop them. Tanglepaw will be okay, but one day there could be a real accident."
Nightpelt: "Oh, you should know better than to think that Brokenpaw would listen to me. I'm sorry for being so tired and crabby."
Yellowfang: "I'll send Runningpaw out to find more honey for your throat. It must hurt from all the coughing."
Nightpelt: "Only two more moons and I won't have to worry about being a mentor anymore. I can't wait."
Yellowfang: "No cat could do his duty better."
—Yellowfang and Nightpelt about Brokenpaw Yellowfang's Secret, page chapter 30

"It's not your fault. I know you tried. I just wish StarClan would tell me why they made this my destiny. I wanted to be a great warrior!"
—Nightpelt about his turmoil to join the elders' den Yellowfang's Secret, page chapter 31

"I know, but Brokenstar is our leader. StarClan gave him nine lives. They have done nothing to stop him so far. This must be their will as well as his."
—Nightpelt to Yellowfang about Brokenstar's decision to exile the elders Yellowfang's Secret, page chapter 37

Nightpelt: "I, Nightpelt, have taken over the leadership of ShadowClan. Our former leader, Brokenstar, broke the warrior code and we were forced to chase him out."
Graystripe: "No mention of the fact we helped them do it."
Nightpelt: "The spirits of our ancestors have spoken to Runningnose and chosen me as leader. I have not yet traveled to Mothermouth to receive StarClan’s gift of nine lives, but I will make this journey tomorrow night while the moon is still full. After my vigil at the Moonstone, I shall be known as Nightstar."
—Nightpelt speaking of his new leadership role at a Gathering Fire and Ice, page 25

"After the rogue cats had been discovered, he'd thought Nightstar could be trusted. Now, it seemed the ShadowClan leader had broken the warrior code after all by uniting with RiverClan to drive WindClan from their home yet again."
—Fireheart's thoughts on Nightstar Fire and Ice, pages 299-300

"We'll even give you an escort, just to make sure you get to Fourtrees safely. We wouldn't want ThunderClan to be scared off by an angry mouse, would we?"
—Nightstar after catching ThunderClan on ShadowClan territory Forest of Secrets, page 185

Flintfang: "I don't know what Nightstar would say about this."
Dawncloud: "He'd say, ‘Pride won't stock the fresh-kill pile!’"
—Flintfang and Dawncloud after Tigerclaw and his group offer prey Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 4

"That's where the danger lies. I see one cat, hungry for power that is not deserved..."
—Nightstar predicting Hawkfrost's betrayal Starlight, page 4

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