"No! You're not going to touch my kits!"
— Nutmeg to Leafstar and Rockshade in SkyClan's Destiny, page 449

Nutmeg is a tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat.[3]


In the Super Editions

SkyClan's Destiny

Leafstar: "We have to get these kits to safety."
Nutmeg: "No! You're not going to touch my kits!"
Leafstar: "You have to trust us. If they stay here, they'll be hurt—maybe killed."
Nutmeg: "But you're on the other side!"
Rockshade: "Kits take no sides. They are the responsibility of all of us."
—Leafstar and Rockshade convincing Nutmeg they will help her with her kits SkyClan's Destiny, page 449
Nutmeg is a queen who is hiding with her kits in the box-dens when a battle takes place between SkyClan and a group of rogues, where the SkyClan cats attack Dodge's camp.
When Leafstar is being attacked by a gray rogue, she accidentally collapses onto Nutmeg's den, thus wrecking it. Nutmeg is shocked and scared from this; she stands over her kits and hisses at Leafstar, afraid that she or her kits might be attacked by her. Leafstar tells her that Clan cats have no quarrels with kits or queens and turns away from her and continues to fight.
Later, Nutmeg begs Coal and Shorty, who are stalking toward her nest, not to hurt her kits. Leafstar orders the two toms not to attack, causing them glare at her suspiciously, thinking she was on the opponent's side. Eventually, they obey and do not harm the queen or her kits. When Leafstar tries to help get the kits to safety, Nutmeg refuses, slightly distrustful of the Clan cats, but Leafstar assures her that they won't hurt them. Rockshade, Leafstar, and Nutmeg carry the kits across a ditch. Before Leafstar can make it, a cream colored she-cat named Misha jumps out and attacks Leafstar violently without being provoked, causing her to lose one of her lives.
Nutmeg is seen standing over Leafstar after she loses her life, thanking her for what she has done for her and the kits. Leafstar asks her if the kits are okay, and Nutmeg tells her they are all safe on the other side of the ditch.

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Three unnamed kits:[2] Living (As of SkyClan's Destiny)


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