"I'll be ShadowClan until I die!"
— Oakfur to Violetpaw in Shattered Sky, page 36

Oakfur is a small[10] light brown[16] tom.[17]

Oakfur is a ShadowClan elder under Rowanstar's, Leafstar's, and Tigerstar's leaderships in the lake territories and previously served as a warrior under Nightstar, Tigerstar, and Blackstar in the forest and the lake territories. He was apprenticed as Oakpaw to Wetfoot, and after becoming a warrior, Oakfur mentored Tawnypelt and Smokepaw. Upon arriving at the lake, he mentored Tigerstar and Ferretclaw, where he participated in many battles. Following the Great Battle, Oakfur retired to the elders' den, and when Darktail took control of ShadowClan, Oakfur joined the Kin. However, after experiencing the Kin's cruelty, he rescinded his decision and escaped to ThunderClan. He eventually joined SkyClan when Rowanstar annexed ShadowClan, and when Tigerstar became leader, he returned to the elders' den with his denmate, Ratscar.


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The Prophecies Begin

Wetfoot: "And this is my apprentice, Oakpaw."
Oakpaw: "H-hi, Fireheart."
—Wetfoot introducing his apprentice to Fireheart Fire and Ice, page 23
Oakpaw is introduced to Fireheart at a Gathering by his mentor, Wetfoot. After becoming a warrior, Oakfur takes part in the battle between TigerClan and LionClan. Later, he receives his first apprentice, Tawnypaw, after she defects from ThunderClan.

The New Prophecy

"You've got to admire him. You think Blackstar would turn down the chance to have three extra warriors for the Clan?"
―Oakfur to Rowanclaw about Firestar's acceptance of the barn cats Twilight, page 218
Oakfur receives a second apprentice, Smokepaw. Oakfur travels with the Clans on the Great Journey; however, Smokepaw falls off a cliff while they are crossing the mountains. Following ShadowClan's settlement around the lake, he serves his Clan in driving off the violent kittypets, Jacques and Susan. While on patrol, he witnesses Berrykit struggling in a fox trap, but like the rest of his Clanmates, he does nothing. He later participates in a border skirmish with ThunderClan.

Power of Three

"A blind kit saved by a one-eyed warrior. ThunderClan isn't what it used to be. Filled with kittypets and cripples and worn-out deputies."
―Oakfur taunting Brambleclaw's patrol The Sight, page 204
Oakfur is among the ShadowClan warriors encroaching on a disputed piece of ThunderClan territory, and while he participates, Oakfur injured in the skirmish that follows. He becomes increasingly frustrated with ThunderClan, berating them often. Eventually, he is given Tigerpaw as an apprentice.

Omen of the Stars

Ferretpaw is given to Oakfur as his final apprentice. During the battle against the Dark Forest, Oakfur, Snowbird, and Smokefoot arrive to help in ThunderClan. He worries for Blackstar when it is revealed he has lost a life and helps his injured Clanmate, Toadfoot.

A Vision of Shadows

"I only wish we could put everything right in ShadowClan as easily as we deal with these pesky ticks. Nothing is the same as it used to be. With Rowanstar gone, no cat treats elders with respect."
―Oakfur to Violetpaw about joining the Kin Shattered Sky, page 36
Oakfur, now as an elder, is dubious of Violetkit's place in ShadowClan. During the yellowcough plague, Oakfur falls ill, but recovers after Puddleshine acquires lungwort from WindClan. After ShadowClan is merged into the Kin, Oakfur is tended to by Violetpaw, despite the Kin's disapproval of caring for elders. When Darktail leads an ambush on RiverClan, Oakfur and his fellow elder, Ratscar, are put on the frontlines along with the kittypets, Max, Loki, and Zelda. Oakfur is badly injured; however, Violetpaw manages to sneak both elders to safety in ThunderClan, where Oakfur's wounds are treated.
Afterwards, he praises the apprentice, thankful for the risk she took to protect him and the other ShadowClan cats. When Rowanstar renounced his leadership and name, he merges the rest of his Clan with SkyClan under Leafstar, where Oakfur and Ratscar join Fallowfern in the elders' den. When Tigerheart rises as ShadowClan's new leader after Rowanclaw's death, Oakfur rejoins the newly formed ShadowClan.

The Broken Code

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In Tigerclaw's Fury, Oakpaw has difficulty adjusting when Tigerclaw takes authority in ShadowClan, complaining when his rogues become warriors without going through training. During a training session, Tigerclaw encourages Oakpaw to be violent with Rowanpaw, fighting with claws unsheathed.

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Interesting facts

  • Oakfur has served under six leaders; Nightstar,[1] Tigerstar,[9] Blackstar,[13] Rowanstar,[18] briefly Leafstar,[6] and Tigerstar.[19]


Rowanclaw: "Why do we expect him to understand the importance of being Clanborn? Firestar would fill the forest with kittypets if he could"
Oakfur: "You've got to admire him. You think Blackstar would turn down the chance to have three extra warriors for the Clan?"
—Oakfur to Rowanclaw about Firestar's acceptance of the barn cats Twilight, page 218

"Take one step over the border and you'll find out how fierce we are—deserter!"
―Oakfur angry at Stormfur Sunset, page 118

Oakfur: "A blind kit noticed us before the ThunderClan deputy knew we were here. How humiliating."
Smokefoot: "Is ThunderClan so desperate for warriors that it needs to train even its most worthless kit?"
—Oakfur and Smokefoot taunting Brambleclaw's patrol The Sight, pages 203-204

"You've certainly helped us. More than we can ever thank you for."
―Oakfur thanking Violetpaw for saving him and Ratscar Shattered Sky, page 173

"It was the Clan who turned on Rowanclaw, not the other way around."
―Oakfur defending Rowanclaw to Scorchfur Tawnypelt's Clan, page chapter 3

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