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"We are united, Blizzardstar."
— Oakleaf standing up to her leader in Code of the Clans, page 52

Oakleaf is a she-cat with amber eyes[1] and an ancient ShadowClan queen. In Code of the Clans, she, along with another WindClan queen, Daisytail, are talking about having kits that are apprenticed at an early age. When she learns that there will be a war between ShadowClan and WindClan, she meets with Daisytail, and they talk about how they didn't want to see their kits go into battle at such a young age, knowing that they won't stand a chance against full grown warriors.

Just as the battle is about to begin, Daisytail yells out to the two Clans how their kits shouldn't be allowed to fight when they are too young. Blizzardstar asks WindClan if they are too scared to fight. Oakleaf steps up and openly supports this idea and reveals that the the three cats, including Hawkfoot, met two sunrises before the battle to discuss the issue. She tells the two Clans and a bewildered Blizzardstar, her Clan leader, how they met at a Gathering when they were expecting kits and that they remembered each other. Daisytail suggests an addition to the Warrior Code that states all kits must be six moons old in order to be apprenticed. Oakleaf says it should be the responsibility of the queens to look after the kits until they're six moons old. The two leaders agree and it is soon added to the Warrior Code.


"Daisytail came to see me with her Clanmate Hawkfoot two sunrises ago. She told me that she didn't want to let her kit go into battle when he was too small to fight his own Clanmates, and she asked me if I would let my kit die like this, too. I met Daisytail once at a Gathering, when we had both just learned we were expecting kits. She remembered me and knew I would not want my kit to fight any more than she did."
―Oakleaf explaining why she didn't want the young apprentices to fight Code of the Clans, page 51

"Until then, they must live within the camp, where the queens can be responsible for their safety."
―Oakleaf about the kits Code of the Clans, page 53

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