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*Although Vicky has said that Pinestar is the leader who succeeded Oakstar,<ref>Revealed on [ Vicky's Facebook]</ref> this is not possible, as Pinestar succeeded Doestar.{{r|gc|chapter 10}}
*Although Vicky has said that Pinestar is the leader who succeeded Oakstar,<ref>Revealed on [ Vicky's Facebook]</ref> this is not possible, as Pinestar succeeded [[Doestar]].{{r|gc|chapter 10}}
==Character Pixels==
==Character Pixels==

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"Have you forgotten Appledusk murdered my son and Flowerpaw? Of all cats, why did you have to choose him? You cannot possibly expect my forgiveness. You have betrayed the warrior code and lied to your Clanmates. We will not raise these kits within the walls of our camp, nor the boundaries of our territory. Take them and leave. You are no longer a warrior of ThunderClan."
— Oakstar exiling Mapleshade in Mapleshade's Vengeance, chapter 4

Oakstar is a sturdy,[6] dark[7] brown tom with amber eyes,[6] yellow teeth, and a broad face.[8]


In the Super Edition Arc

The Ultimate Guide

When it is discovered that Mapleshade bore a RiverClan warrior's kits, Oakstar and the other ThunderClan cats banish Mapleshade from their Clan.

In the Novellas

Mapleshade's Vengeance

He makes a report about ThunderClan at a Gathering, explaining that ThunderClan warriors had successfully eliminated the adders from their territory by tracking them to their nests and blocking the holes with rocks. He commends their courage as there have been no adders seen on ThunderClan territory. Mapleshade asks Appledusk of all the cats he had to kill; it had to be Oakstar’s son. During the day, Oakstar's deputy Beetail is seen by his den. Mapleshade informs Beetail that she is pregnant, and Beetail asks if Oakstar knows, to which she replies he doesn't yet.
Later, he goes into the nursery to see Mapleshade and her newly born kits. He asks if Mapleshade is receiving visitors, and Mapleshade mews to the leader to come in. Oakstar purrs to the kits hello little ones. The she-kit jumps at his voice but slithers back down. Mapleshade introduces him to her kits as their leader. The smell of a different cat is too much to resist for the kits so all three totter to Oakstar. Oakstar gently herds them back to Mapleshade and reminds her that he is not just their leader; he is also their kin, as he believes that their father is his son Birchface. He goes on to sadly remark that he wishes Birchface could see them, his eyes clouding with emotion. Mapleshade assures him that his son is watching from StarClan. Oakstar then adds that his son is a great warrior, and that they should be honored if the kits were his. Mapleshade wonders if it would be rude to ask Oakstar to leave, as his scrutiny is making her nervous.
Oakstar's daughter Frecklewish enters the den, turning to Oakstar and saying that she can see Birchface in each kit. Oakstar doesn't comment and instead asks Mapleshade what their names are. Mapleshade explains their names are Petalkit, Patchkit, and Larchkit. Oakstar says that she has chosen excellent names and also comments that the kits will grow up to be fine warriors. When the topic turns to RiverClan, Oakstar curls his lip and growls that they now have three more warriors to defend their territory. However, he later adds that the most important thing is that Mapleshade and the kits are safe. He has a grim note to his voice as he states they will be trained, and will get to avenge Birchface's death when they are ready. He turns and vanishes out into the clearing. Mapleshade thinks that when everyone is ready for the truth, Oakstar would understand once he values the kits for what they are rather than their legacy.
When Mapleshade takes her kits out to the river, Oakstar is mentioned to be out on patrol. However, when she returns, Oakstar is perched upon the Highrock and silhouetted against the trees. Beetail and Ravenwing, ThunderClan's medicine cat, are on the ground beside him. He tells Mapleshade to come over to him and asks her who fathered her kits, demanding the truth. Frecklewish interrupts, saying they know it’s Birchface, so there isn't much point in asking. Oakstar growls with a soft menace, saying that he wants Mapleshade to say it herself, as she let him believe it was Birchface. He hisses he can’t believe a warrior of his would tell such a lie.
It is then revealed that Appledusk is the kits' father. Oakstar bounds down from the Highrock and stands in front of Mapleshade, thrusting his face towards hers. He growls that of all the cats she could have chosen, she had chosen the cat that had murdered his son and Flowerpaw, and can’t possibly expect his forgiveness. He goes on to say that she has lied and betrayed the warrior code, and her Clanmates, and will not raise the kits in the camp or territory. He exiles both Mapleshade and her kits. Mapleshade protests that he can't do that, but Oakstar says he can. He explains that Ravenwing told him about the omen of the strange stream bringing reeds that don't belong into the camp, and concludes that the kits will bring nothing but danger. After being questioned by Mapleshade, Bloomheart agrees that Oakstar is right, and that he is ashamed in his former apprentice. Mapleshade thinks that they have betrayed her kits, and will regret their choice forever, vowing that her vengeance will never sleep.

Goosefeather's Curse

Oakstar is mentioned by Cloudberry to be the leader of ThunderClan when she arrived and also have Beetail as deputy.


  • Although Vicky has said that Pinestar is the leader who succeeded Oakstar,[9] this is not possible, as Pinestar succeeded Doestar.[10]

Character Pixels

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Frecklewish:[11] Deceased, residence unknown


Birchface:[11] Deceased, residence unknown


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Oakstar: "I’m not just their leader. Birchface is my son. These cats are my kin. If only Birchface could see them."
Mapleshade: "I’m sure he’s watching from StarClan."
Oakstar: "My son was a great warrior. The Clan is honored if his spirit lives on through his kits."
Mapleshade's Vengeance, page Chapter 2

"It will do no harm for RiverClan to know that they may have robbed us of two fine cats, but thanks to Birchface, there will be three more warriors ready to defend what is rightfully ours."
—Oakstar about Mapleshade's kits when he believes their father is Birchface Mapleshade's Vengeance, page Chapter 2

"The most important thing right now is that Mapleshade's kits are safe and well. We will raise them to be great warriors like their father, and let them avenge his death when they are ready."
—Oakstar about Mapleshade's kits when he believes their father is Birchface Mapleshade's Vengeance, page Chapter 2

"I want Mapleshade to tell us herself. She let me believe that my son Birchface was their father. I cannot imagine that one of my warriors would dare to tell such a lie."
—Oakstar about Mapleshade's kits Mapleshade's Vengeance, page Chapter 4

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