"What? Has even StarClan given up on us? I remember when Cloudstar led us away from the forest. He said we should never look to the spirits of our warrior ancestors again, and he was right. We should never have listened to StarClan. They have done nothing for us!"
— Oakstep doubting StarClan in SkyClan's Destiny, page 8

Oakstep is a gray tabby tom.[7]

He is first seen as an apprentice of SkyClan, known as Oakpaw. Oakpaw appears later on as an elder, by the name of Oakstep. He is shocked when he sees Fallensnow and Sunpelt dead after the battle with the rats, and comes to the conclusion that StarClan has given up on SkyClan. He stays behind with a few other cats, and after a little while, dies and goes to StarClan.


In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Oakpaw is an ancient SkyClan apprentice when SkyClan is driven out of the forest because of Twolegs.
During a flashback, he is called to join a hunting patrol, revealing that his mentor is Mousefang.

SkyClan's Destiny

Oakstep is now an elder of ancient SkyClan during the time of a rat attack.
When the battle patrol against the rats comes back to camp, he is shocked when he hears about Sunpelt and Fallensnow's deaths, and asks where the bodies are. When Swallowflight tells him they couldn't bring them back, he protests, saying it was wrong to leave them behind. Oakstep hobbles away, grief-stricken, to go retrieve the bodies himself, but Spiderstar stops him. Oakstep does not want to give up, and is horrified when Spiderstar says StarClan has given up on SkyClan. Spiderstar decides that Cloudstar was right when he told them to never look to StarClan again.
Oakstep decides to stay behind with the other two elders, Nightfur, Mousefang, Spiderstar, and Brackenheart.

In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

After the tree falls, Oakpaw and his mentor, Nightfur, ask if they should prepare to leave the forest. During Petalfall's vigil, Nightfur and Oakpaw return from hunting with Mousefang before them, yowling for Fawnstep, the medicine cat. Nightfur is guiding Oakpaw, who is unsteady on his paws, and is obviously hurt, wincing with nearly every step. Cloudstar demands to know what happened, and Nightfur explains that Oakpaw was chasing a squirrel but he chased it where the Twolegs were working and fell into one of their ditches they dug. Fawnstep examines him quickly and comments that he is lucky, and leads him into the medicine den. Buzzardtail growls that Fawnstep is right; he was lucky he didn't break his neck, and Cloudstar announces that no cat should hunt over there from now on.

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"But if you had brought them back we could have buried them! Where is the honor in leaving them to be picked over by the rats? Sunpelt and Fallensnow should never be crow-food!"
—Oakstep about the bodies of his Clanmates SkyClan's Destiny, page 3

"It's not like we have much time left."
—Oakstep to Spiderstar SkyClan's Destiny, page 8

"Oakpaw was lucky to get off so lightly. He could have broken his neck!"
—Buzzardtail about Oakpaw Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 7

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