"Don't think this is over. I'm going to tell Lionstar I caught SkyClan cats hanging around the border yet again, and I wouldn't want to be in your pelts if he thinks you're planning an attack."
— Oatwhisker threatening Poppycloud and Mottlepaw in Code of the Clans, page 102

Oatwhisker is a broad-shouldered brown tom.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Oatwhisker is an ancient ThunderClan warrior under the leadership of Lionstar.
Mottlepaw, a SkyClan apprentice, accidentally crosses the scent marker while he is out training with his mentor, Poppycloud. Oatwhisker finds them and challenges them on what they are doing in ThunderClan's territory. Poppycloud retorts that nothing is wrong, and that they have every right to go anywhere inside their territory, not knowing that Mottlepaw stumbled across the ThunderClan border.
A little later, he and the ThunderClan deputy, Greeneyes, question if it's so horrible to live in SkyClan that they want to live in ThunderClan's land instead. He expresses contempt for SkyClan's prey, saying that feathers are disgusting. He then threatens that if they don't stay away from the border Lionstar will have something to say if he thinks that SkyClan is planning a raid.



"What a surprise! SkyClan cats lurking on the border again. What's wrong with your own territory?"
―Oatwhisker Code of the Clans, page 101

Mottlepaw: "I can't smell birds anywhere!"
Oatwhisker: "That's because you're in ThunderClan territory!"
—Oatwhisker to Mottlepaw Code of the Clans, page 101

"Oh, and feathers are so much tastier, are they?"
―Oatwhisker about SkyClan's prey Code of the Clans, page 102

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