Official Sites are those created by the creators of the Warriors Series. This includes sites based off the series, the publishers, and the authors.

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Warrior Cats website

Warrior Cats(dot)com

Official Sites

Website Link: [18]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Series Website, Official Warriors website
Description: The primary website devoted to the Warriors Series[1] that is maintained by official forces.

This website includes many features for viewers, trivia, and games which include:

  • Articles about Clan rankings, life, and special articles written by the Erins.[2]
  • Galleries for characters and other content relating to the books, including a gallery series called Warrior of the Week which features a character in an art gallery.[3]
  • Polls and quizzes fans can complete.[4]
  • A games tab where fans can play various games. These include asking questions from the Moonpool, taking a test to find which character you are, and a custom cat mini-maker.[5]
  • A section dedicated to the Clans and Clan cats, including a family tree.[6]
  • A merchandise store containing items such as clothing, keychains, and plushies for sale.[7]
  • Sections for other Erin Hunter books, such as Survivors, Seekers, and Bravelands.[8]


The books section includes every book in the Warriors series. A discover button below gives a brief overview of the arc being viewed. When a book is clicked on, the blurb of the book is given, along with a quote and purchase option. Audiobooks and box sets are also present, and when clicked on, also give info and purchase options. Some books of the Bravelands series are available to purchase as audiobooks.[9]

Erin Hunter

This section gives you an article about the Erin Hunter team, and provides profiles for Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Clarissa Hutton. Some articles written by the Erins are also available to read.[10]


Official Sites

Warrior Cats(dot)de
Website Link: [19]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Official website in German language; in the form of a wiki.
Description: German language official site, maintained by Verlagsgruppe Beltz (publishers of the German translations).[11]


The site has it's own forums on news, Warrior Cats, and off-topic forums, similar to this Wiki's.[12]
There are different forums for different topics; which have moderators, and sometimes sub-forums. The different topics are on:
  • News
  • Warrior Cats
    • Discuss Warrior Cats Books (German Versions)
    • Discuss Warrior Cats Books (English Versions)
    • Discuss Characters
    • Fourtrees
    • Polls to give your opinions on the series
    • Videos; fan videos made by the Warriors Community


This site has a list of the Warriors books that have been published in German so far. [13]
Each book has the following information listed:
  • Title
  • Link to sample
  • Page count
  • The book's blurb
  • Reader's reviews


This site has biographies on the four authors of the Warriors series, including: [14]
  • Kate Cary
  • Victoria Holmes
  • Cherith Baldry
  • Tui Sutherland
  • Gillian Philip
  • Inbali Iserles


This site includes a form to sign up for a Warriors newsletter.[15]


This site includes a Frequently Asked Questions section, which is regularly updated. It had an email listed that can be used to ask a question to Beltz. This also contains a form for readers to report mistakes they found in the books. [16]


This site is a wiki with articles that are created and edited by fans. [17]

Games and quiz

  • A quiz about herbs
  • A warrior cats memory game on the site which scenes from covers of the German Warriors books
  • A quiz in which you have to assign the shown cat to their clan
  • A quiz about The Prophecies Begin arc
  • A quiz in which a quote from the books is shown and you have to say which cat and book the quote comes from
  • A game in which you are asked questions and which tells you afterwards if you would be a warrior or a medicine cat [18]


  • Ideas and tips for people who want to present a warrior cats book at their book presentation in school.[19]
  • Ideas and work sheets for teachers who want to use Into the Wild in their lessons.[20]


This site has a downloads section, in which the following items can be downloaded:[21]
  • Folder for collectible warrior cats cards
  • Posters
  • Picture frame
  • Clan ID card
  • Wallpapers

(Defunct) The Official Erin Hunter Message Boards

Official Sites

(Defunct) The Official Erin Hunter Message Boards
Website Link: [20]
Website Abbreviation: WCF (Warrior Cats Forums)
Website Category: Forum
Description: Now defunct, the WCF used to be the community hub for all books released under the pseudonym Erin Hunter.

(Defunct) Reading Warriors(dot)com

Official Sites

(Defunct) Reading Warriors(dot)com
Website Link: [21]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Unknown
Description: A site devoted to getting kids to read, and getting kids to help younger kids learn to read. A few features are two short stories, Spottedleaf's Honest Answer, and one about Tigerstar, and what a great warrior he was.[22] It also has crosswords, word searches, and other small things. It includes a "reading challenge" to become a "reading warrior."[23] However, the site is currently shut down and redirects to the Harper Collins website.

The games and activities the site includes are:

  • The Reading Challenge[24]
  • Create your own Warrior cat cards[25]
  • A fun, outdoor activity[26]
  • Help a Medicine Cat[27]
  • Word Puzzle[28]
  • Create your own family tree[29]
  • Challenge a friend[30]
  • The Prophecy Quest Game[31]
  • The New Warriors Game[32]
  • Consult StarClan for Your Warriors Name[33]
  • Consult StarClan to find your Clan[34]
  • Decorate a sign to mark your territory[35]
  • Create your own reading warrior journal[36]

The Reading Challenge

The reading challenge is a summer warriors reading challenge about the legends and adventures of the Warriors Series.[37] The requirements to take the challenge are:
  • You have to be at least 96 moons (8 years) old.[38]
  • You have to "hunt" and follow the "path" of reading warriors.[39]
  • You have to read at least 10 books in summer.[40]
  • You have to pledge to follow "The Reading Warrior Code."[41]

Create Your Own Warrior Clan Cards

The cards are used to play games. Visit here to print out the cards and use them.

Outdoor Fun

This includes various outdoor activities. Visit here to download and print out the instructions to the activities.[42]

Help a Medicine Cat

This activity which involves you matching the name of a herb used in the Warriors series with the description of the herb. Visit here to download and print the activity sheet.[43]

Word Puzzle

In this activity, there is a word search puzzle where you have to find all of the herbs from the previous game.[44] Visit here to download and print the word search.

Make Your Own Family Tree

In this activity, you create a basic, family tree. Visit here for instructions, and to download the file.

Challenge Your Friends

This isn't an activity, but for this, you send an email to a friend to invite them to take the reading warrior challenge.[45]

The New Prophecy Quest

The New Prophecy Quest is a free, online game, where you choose a character, and explore the Lake Territories. Here's the link to the game.[46]

The New Warriors Game

This is an online game, where it involves you to pick a warrior out of four cats, and with your character, you go hunt in each Clan territory.[47] Go here to play the game.

Consult StarClan for your Warrior Name

This is a warrior name generator of the official website of the warriors series.[48]

Consult StarClan to find your Warrior Clan

This activity is similar to Consult StarClan for your Warrior Name, except that you take a quiz, and the answers will result in the warriors "clan" where you would belong in.[49] The possible clans that you can be in are ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, or RiverClan.[50] Go here to take the quiz!

Decorate a Sign to Mark Your Territory

In this activity, you choose a certain place where you will read in peace and comfort.
When you've chosen the spot, you print out a reading warrior sign, from here, and once you've printed it out, you can decorate it. Then you can hang up the sign in your "special territory", so others know that you're a reading warrior.

Create Your Own Reading Warriors Journal

Print out a Warriors reading journal template here, and then color it in and personalize it.

Publisher's Websites

Harper Collins Publishers

Official Sites

Harper Collins Publishers
Website Link: [22]
Website Abbreviation: Unknown
Website Category: Publishers' Website
Description: The primary publisher of the Warrior Series, grown up version of the site.[51] It includes browse insides for each of the Warriors books,[52] and a brief summary of each one.[53]

Harper Collins Children

Official Sites

Harper Collins Children
Website Link: [23]
Website Abbreviation: Unknown
Website Category: Publishers' Website
Description: A more colorful version of the official Harper Collins site; for children.[54] This is the place to go to find First Look offers and suchlike for the Warriors Series, along with summaries and browse insides of most of the books.[55]

Browse Insides

Author Tracker

Author Tracker, where you can sign up to receive updates on Erin Hunter's Authorial activities.[56]

Author's Websites

Kate Cary

Official Sites

Kate Cary
Website Link: [24]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Author's Website
Description: Previously named The Guttersnipe, this is the online home of Kate. Features a section devoted to warriors that includes things like Frequently Asked Questions, and the Occasionally Asked Questions (which update weekly).[57] Kate Cary calls the Warriors part of her site "BlogClan."[58]

The Warriors section of her site includes polls,[59] her blog (BlogClan),[60] a short bio about Kate,[61] and fanfiction.[62] People may leave comments on her website. She now calls herself Cakestar there because of what a fan posted.

Tuibooks (Tui Sutherland)

Official Sites

Website Link: Unknown
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Author's Website
Description: The official site and blog of Tui Sutherland. Includes her own written biography, books, as well as her blog.

Illustrator's Websites

Bettina Kurkoski's Personal Website

Official Sites

Dream World Studio
Website Link: [25]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Illustrator's Website
Description: The personal website of Bettina Kurkoski. It features the work she's done, includes her biography, and some facts about her, such as her likings.[63]

Wayne McLoughlin's Personal Website

Official Sites

Blue Loon Fine Arts
Website Link: [26]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Illustrator's Website
Description: The website of Wayne McLoughlin. It features some of the work he's done, includes his biography, some facts about him, such as where he's lived, worked, and likes to do.[64]

James Barry's Website

Official Sites

James L. Barry Illustration
Website Link: [27]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Illustrator's Website
Description: The website of James Barry. It features the work he's done, his biography, some facts about him, and who his clients are. .[65]

Allen Douglas' Website

Official Sites

Cryptid Visions
Website Link: [28]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Illustrator's Website
Description: The website of Allen Douglas. It features the some of the work he's done, his biography, and who his past clients are. .[66]

Ray Shappell's Website

Official Sites

Ray Shappell
Website Link: [29]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Illustrator's Website
Description: The website of Ray Shappell. It features the the work he's done, his biography, and who his past clients are. .[67]

Hilary Zarycky's Website

Official Sites

Hilary Zarycky
Website Link: [30]
Website Abbreviation: N/A
Website Category: Illustrator's Website
Description: The website of Hilary Zarycky. It features the the work she's done in her career. [68]

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